The May 2014 release of the game introduced weather. There's 25% chance that it will be raining on a new day.

There's a shrine in Northmarket Slums where you can make an offering of 100 gold to guarantee that it will be raining on the next new day.

Differences between rainy and normal days:

  • The Corrupt Mycon at the Abandoned Farm is there only if it is raining.
  • The unconscious guy near the church in Eastfort is there only if it is raining.
  • The river nymph from the Bewitchy Women quest can be encountered only on rainy days.
  • The guy with green Mohawk can be seen at the outside of the Southport University Department of Thaumaturgy and inside the building at the library reading a book. [?]
  • A number of NPCs are missing if it is raining:
    • The little Flower Girl in Northmarket wealthy district.
    • The clown in front of the Delish Co. Candy Factory in Northmarket wealthy district (he's inside the shop).
    • All the NPCs at the slave market in Northmarket wealthy district (so you can't buy any slaves there or get new slave collars).
    • The little girl near the docks in Northmarket Slums, and a few other NPCs in the same area, such as the dogs and the sausage lady.
    • The woman selling fish at the Southport Docks.
    • The guy selling Meat Buns outside the arena in Westcastle, as well as the girl and cloaked guy that can be seen there before you start the Virgin Gynocides quest.
    • Any and all NPCs at the different farms, so you can't get Penelope or "invest" in the turnip farm on a rainy day.
    • The schoolgirl and a guy walking around the docks in the Southport Docks District.
    • The magic school student walking around the Southport University District (She is in the school if there is rain).