Items in the game fall under four broad categories; Items, Weapons, Armor, and Key Items. Please be aware that items are in your inventory in order they were coded, not alphabetical.


Weapons help you hurt people. For the most part they are not bought but instead upgraded with crafting components found from bosses and mini-bosses. See the Weapons page for more details.

Armor (and Accessories)Edit

These are your non-weapon equippable items. Each party member generally has an Off-hand, Headgear, Bodygear, and Accessory slot. See the Equipment page for more details.


"Items" is a catch-all for several kinds of items:

Consumables comes in several varieties: Potions, Foods, and Brews. 
Crafting Items, any item that is required to upgrade a character's weapon.
Combat Items, comprised of Spell Scrolls, Bombs, and Misc.
Reagents, for Alchemy.
Gifts Items, for bribing enticing the girls to like you.
Vendor Trash, useless junk that can be worth a bit of money if you can sell it.

Key ItemsEdit

Crafting Items to make new weapons, keys, notes, your adventurer's card, and other items the game needs to recognize you as having that you don't need to use often. The exception is the shovel which is found here.

Selling ItemsEdit

Sometimes you outgrow old equipment or can buy better. Sometimes you don't feel like keeping that Suspicious Brew in your bag of Holding. There are two places for you to unload your unwanted goods for cold-hard Sil. 

  • Northmarket Item Shop once Florine gets it up and running.
  • Eastfort Item Shop once you purchase it and get Serade to get it running for you.

The sad fact is stores won't buy items for full price, offering you half the value of the item so they can turn a profit. 

Some of the vendor trash can be sold at a better price if you're willing to find buyers, but the question is how lazy are you?