Sunnyshore Map

Map of Sunnyshore Island

Context Edit

The Vacation is an optional end-of-day event where you have 4 extra days in a region called Sunnyshore Island. This is located south of Coastburg and east of Southport.

Prerequisites Edit

The prerequisite to the Vacation are the five introductory quests. This includes:

  • Lord of the Manor
  • One of the Loneliest Party
  • Na Na Why Don’t You Get A Job
  • A Forge Too Far
  • Maid to Order

Activation Edit

To go on Vacation, look for the Travel Agent in the Southport Docks District. It should be west of the Shipwrights Guild. The payment occurs as a function of participants and previous vacations. This is the Formula: Payment = (Participants)*2000 + (Vacations)*4000 Participants refers to the number of people going on vacation. Vacations refers to how many vacations you have previously attended on the same save.

Participants Edit

The following members are enforced through the introductory quests (16000 Sil):

The following members will come if recruited (0-38000 Sil):

The following members are exempted:

Note: Eulania technically also comes to the vacation but is treated as equipment (free).

Vacation Time Edit

Over the vacation, you will have 4 day-ends and 10 day segments. This is split as [2, 3, 3, 2] segments over the 4 days. Any activity will end a segment. All day ends will reset the dungeons (mobs only). Activities can be repeated but rewards will only be given once.

Vacation Activities Edit

There are three main categories for activities:

  • H Scenes
  • Dungeons
  • Other

As of update 0.27.4, not all H scenes are complete, and other activities are not implemented. It has been hinted that some of these activities may be time sensitive (for example, X can only be done when it is morning, or on Day 3 of vacation).

H Scenes Edit

All party members (excluding Kevin and Ino) can be talked to to trigger. The first time nets +1 Satisfaction, but repeats only pass time.

  • Due to being a work in progress, only the following members currently can have H:
  • Alina
  • Bronwyn
  • Chimei (requires you to H her before)
  • Doll
  • Elaiya
  • Kyrie
  • Larelle
  • Lilac
  • Meline
  • Nerys
  • Penelope
  • Renfeld
  • Serade
  • Therese
  • Violet
  • Yamamaya (requires you to H her before)
  • Randi
  • Orange Kid

Dungeons Edit

There are three dungeons in this map. This includes (with level recommendation):

  • Seaside Caverns (Level 10)
  • Volcanic Crater (Level 20)
  • Pirate Ship (Level 30)

Each offer their own static loot and experience. Dungeon mobs refresh after every new day, excluding bosses. Therefore, repeats will only offer more experience. The details on drops and loot can be found on the relevant section in the Sheet.

Other Edit

Currently Unimplemented. What is planned is Ino’s Shell Hunting Event, so look for that in future releases.

Locations Edit

The following are all locations visitable:

  • Hotel Hana Ma’i
  • The Beach
  • Seatown
  • Tapu Temple
  • Seaside Caverns
  • Volcanic Crater
  • Pirate Ship

Hotel Hana Ma’iEdit

This place is where you start and end each day segment. Half of the girls reside in this area, whether it is inside or outside the hotel. There are various shells also scattered here including one buried in the volleyball courts. Most of the rooms are unused however, which only Room 13 (Strange Note), Room 15 (Larelle) and Bridal Suite (Your Room, 2 Crystal Goblets, Expensive Wine) are worth noting in the current version.

The BeachEdit

The other half of where the girls reside. It is located north of the hotel, and has several shells. It also hosts two shops, which sell overpriced food and brews. It is recommended to avoid buying here.

Beach Snack Bar

Name Price Market Markup
Tasty Sausage 35 10 +250%
Meat-on-a-Stick 145 40 +262%
Fried Fish 155 40 +288%
Bag o' Clams 275 95 +189%
Plain Ol' Brew 85 25 +240%
Appletini 225 60 +275%
Blue Ribbon Brew 45 5 +800%
Cyrobrew 330 95 +247%

Beach Pub

Name Price Market Markup
Plain Ol' Brew 75 25 +200%
Appletini 180 60 +200%
Cyrobrew 275 95 +189%
Cheap Wine 180 60 +200%
Hurricane Rum 1050 350 +200%


Seatown is the official town of the island, populated by N/A NPCs. It has a few shells scattered across the town (all visible, but partially hidden). It hosts a Bank for you to get delicious interest and money out of. It also hosts a Pub where you can buy market-priced food and brews. Most of the buildings remained unused regardless due to development priorities.

Name Price Market Markup
Rum 150 150 0%
Hurricane Rum 350 350 0%
Fried Fish 40 40 0%
Tasty Sausage 10 10 0%

Tapu TempleEdit

The temple of the island. It worships the guardian spirits known as Tapus. Their own blessing is interesting as it is different from regular blessings. It Increases Resist, Hit Rate and turns all basic attacks into Lightning Element. It has a few shells and an unused shop(?) outside.


The Dungeons all have their own sets of loot, monsters and bosses. Details of such are in the Dungeon Details section. They also have their own shops:

Seaside Cavern Gift Shop Edit

Name Price Market Markup
Bag o' Clams 235 95 +147%
Boiled Egg 25 10 +150%
Fried Fish 100 40 +150%
Driftwood Knickknack 75 10 +650%

Volcanic Crater Snack Bar Edit

Name Price Market Markup
Potion of Resist Fire 375 100 +275%
Beef Jerky 250 100 +150%
Wedge of Cheese 150 60 +150%
Fried Fish 120 40 +200%
Meat-on-a-Stick 100 40 +150%
Plain Ol' Brew 86 25 +244%
Apple 40 15


Pirate Ship Gift Shop Edit

Name Price Market Markup
Rum 450 150 +200%
Pirate T-Shirt 750 250 +200%
Pirate Hat 1500 900 +67%
Pirate Eyepatch 450 50 +800%

Dungeon DetailsEdit

Here's a table of details for the dungeon monsters. This does not include their fighting ability however.

Vacation Table

All vacation dungeons have a riddle or a puzzle game, that you need to solve to fight their respective bosses.

  • Seaside Caverns (Level 10) - find two sticks (one copper and one silver) in the dungeon and put them into the mechanisms next to the boss room. Then Activate them.
  • Volcanic Crater (Level 20) - before entering the dungeon buy 6 Apples. In the dungeon search for six statues and give them apples. After that fight the boss.
  • Pirate Ship (Level 30) - next to boss room you can see gold bowl. In the dungeon you can find three items, that you can place in the bowl. When you find these three items and check bowl, you must select second option (or whichever option where you see the word "Gold", Cap). Fight with boss.

Character Locations Edit

Name Location
Alina Hotel Lobby
Bronwyn Beach
Chimei Beach
Clementine Hotel Lobby
Diadira Beach
Doll Hotel Hana Ma’i
Elaiya Hotel Lobby
Florine Hotel Hana Ma’i
Gargan Hotel Lobby
Jonagold Beach
Kevin ?????
Kyrie Beach
Ino Hotel Hana Ma’i
Larelle Room 15
Lilac Beach
Meline Beach
Nerys Hotel Hana Ma’i
Penelope Beach
Raina Hotel Hana Ma’i
Randi Beach
Renfeld Hotel Lobby
Serade Beach
Therese Hotel Lobby
Violet Beach
Yamamaya Hotel Hana Ma’i
Yeon Hotel Hana Ma’i

Vacation Day EndEdit

All vacation dungeons have their monsters refreshed. This does not include loot or bosses.

  • Monetary Investments are gained.
  • Money in bank and loans are compounded.
  • Skills from tomes and orbs can be learnt.
  • Manual Investments cannot be collected. These include:
    • Alina’s package.
    • Randi’s package.
    • Serade's package
    • Nerys's package
    • Penelope's Cake
    • Old Man
    • Apple Kid’s investments
    • Orange Kid's investments
    • Alchemy items.
  • Gifting cannot occur for anyone (no exception). This includes Eulania’s Relationship gain (exception: last day).
  • Daily Quests cannot occur.