Status effects are non-basic effects, unlike those created from Haste, Encourage, Dark Blast, and similar skills that give a visual up or down arrow to a stat. Statuses that linger will not end after combat, many will expire after a set number of steps.

Negative StatusesEdit

Since these can ruin your day if used against you, let's look at them first

Name Effects Common Source Lingers?
Blind -60% to attack accuracy Bottled Smoke, Suspicious Brew NO
Burned 50% reduction in healing received Fire attacks NO
Censured Locks Spells, Prayers, Evocations, Rituals; Take 125% increase in Fire, Cold, Radiant, Thunder, Lightning damage taken Heretical Censure NO
Confusion Attacks at random NO
Daze -60% to accuracy, prevents counter-attacks Radiant, Stunning Blows, or by Drunks NO
Deafened Locks Spells, Prayers, Evocations, and Rituals Thunder NO
Hallucinating Attacks randomly but regen 10% mana/turn Mushrooms YES
Knockdown Lose exactly one turn Force NO
Nausea -20% ATK, MAT, AGI Drinking too much YES


Can't act for 3-5 turns, -100% evasion

Lightning NO
Pin reduces Evade and Critical resistance to 0, 95%, reduction to Agility ,+20% vulnerability to Knockdown, Stun and Stagger , lasts for 2-3 turns Arrows or any grab web or rooted attack NO
Poison -10% HP/turn Poison, poisonous creatures YES
Sleep Can't act until damage is taken, -100% evasion Cogsmage NO
Stun Lose 1-2 turns Stunning Strikes, various enemies NO
Bleed -5% HP/turn Bleeding skills

(The ones that has barbed)

Bane -7% Hp/turn, -25% ATK Bane Arrows NO

Positive/Neutral EffectsEdit

Either things you want or positive effects with a cost

Name Effects Common Source Lingers?
Blessed 20% increase to DF & MDF, 50% Crit, All attacks will deal Radiant damage Priest in the church[1] YES[2]
Cover Take blows for those with less HP Doll, Enemies NO
Drunk Attack enemies randomly, 60% Daze chance Alcohol hurp durp YES
Provoke 1000% Threat rating Therese NO
Stealth -90% Threat rating Elaiya NO
Stunning Blows 50% Daze chance on physical attacks Potion of Brutality NO
Sugar Rushed 50% chance to negate a Crit, raises AGI and evasion Honey, Candy, Watching Wreck-It-Ralph YES
Weapon, Flaming Standard attack deals Fire damage and chance to burn Alchemist's Fire NO
Weapon, Icy Standard attack deals Cold damage and chance to Chilled (-50% AGI) Bottle of Instant Frost NO
Weapon, Perplexing Standard attack deals psychic damage and chance to cause Ascarit (-50% MDF) Oil of Instability NO
Weapon, Poisoned Standard attack deals poison damage and chance to Poison Contact Poison NO

Status RemovalEdit

Below are the skills and items that can remove status effects


  • Cleanse Body (Felix) - Burned, Poison (can be removed inside and outside of battle), Paralysis, Stun, Webbed
  • Dispel Mind (Felix) - Confused, Daze, Drunk, Hallucinating, Sleep
  • Improved Encourage (Hero) - Burned, Confused, Daze, Deafened, Nausea, Poison, Paralysis, Stun, Pin
  • Shake it Off (Doll) - Confusion, Daze, Stun (as well as MAT buff and MDF debuff), Pin
  • Guard - Stun, Pin, Stagger, Daze, Knockdown, and Shaken


  • Antidote - Poison
  • Dispel Herb - Blind, Confused, Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Stun
  • Kingsfoil - Blind, Burned, Nausea, Paralysis, Poison, Sleep
  • Sobering Drink - Drunk


  1. It usually costs 100 Sil for each Hero's level, Hero's level=10->Cost 1000 Sil.
  2. Blessing lasts for 2,000 steps, and as a result will never run out in battle.