Ser Brigandine de Mont-Fleur is a human swordswoman. She can be found in her house, in the Westcastle - Noble District behind Westcastle Manor. She uses a greatsword just like Hero, and can therefore teach him new techniques, for a fee.

Story Information Edit

She cannot be found until after Hero has gained access to Westcastle - Noble District.

She can also be seen during the quest Honey Trapper attending Doralice's birthday party.

Techniques Taught Edit

When she goes to teach The Hero the first move she gives the name "Faucher de Fou" in her native tongue, which the hero thinks sound stupid so he renames it to the Meteor Smash. After that Brigandine decides to translate the moves in advance although she admits that his name keeps the spirit of the original, which is roughly Crazy Swing.


Level Requirement Sil cost Effect Momentum Cost
Meteor Smash none 10.000 Does extra damage, but halves your DEF for 2 turns 10
Twice-Cutting Wind 20 20.000 Damages an enemy twice 15
Eternal Crescent 28 40.000 Attacks two random enemies 12
Razor Falling Rain 35 80.000 Damages all enemies 20
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