Satisfaction is a currency you receive from either having sex or consuming certain items (like Porno Mags). You can spend Satisfaction at the red book in your bedroom at the Northmarket Manor.

Satisfaction Reward DescriptionsEdit

Personal UpgradesEdit

Upgrade Description Cost
Improved Assault Assault now grants party members extra Momentum. The hero does not benefit from the extra momentum 25
Learn Encourage Combat ability that raises one character's DEF and restores some HP. Costs 20 Momentum to activate. 5
Learn Blazing Aura Combat ability that restores Mana to party members. Costs 40 Momentum to activate. 15
Learn Unity Force Adds the Unity Force state to one party member of your choice, increasing all their stats by 10%, and two stats specific to them by another 20%. Female party members also receive a new team-attack skill. Lasts the entire battle. Costs 50 Momentum to activate. 30
Improved Encourage Encourage now restores more HP and cures states like Poison, Webbed, or Paralysis. 20
Improved Blazing Aura Blazing Aura now restores more Mana and buffs Magic ATK. 40
Improved Unity Force Unity Force now requires 20% less Momentum to use (reduces the cost of Unity Force from 50 to 35 Momentum). 50

Estate UpgradesEdit

Upgrade Description Cost
Upgrade Dungeon Doubles the available options when you have someone in your dungeon. Required for +3 tortures. 5
Convert Shed Converts garden shed into a stable and grants a horse for fast travel. 15

Item Shop UpgradesEdit

Upgrade Description Cost
Potion Upgrade 1 Improves Florine's item shop potion selection. Add: Red Ether and Cleanser 10
Potion Upgrade 2 Further improves shop potion selection. Add: Mid Potion, Reinvigoration, Dispeller 15
Potion Upgrade 3 Further improves shop potion selection. Add: Hi Potion, Blue Ether, Exociser 20
Potion Upgrade 4 Fully upgrades shop potion selection. Add: Resurrection, Purple Ether 25
Scrolls Upgrade 1 Improves Florine's item shop scroll selection. Add: Healing 10
Scrolls Upgrade 2 Further improves shop scroll selection Add: Lesser Quickness and Sleep 15
Scrolls Upgrade 3 Further improves shop scroll selection Add: Fortitude and Treasure Finding 20
Scrolls Upgrade 4 Fully upgrades shop scroll selection. Add: Greater Quickness 25
Coatings Upgrade 1 Add: Contact Poison 10
Coatings Upgrade 2 Add: Bottle of Instant Fire, Caustic Oil, Alchemist Fire 15
Coatings Upgrade 3 Add: Cursed Oil and Anointing Oil 20
Coatings Upgrade 4 Add: Resonant Oil, Oil of Instability and Sparking Oil 25
Incense Upgrade 1 Add: Potion of Resist Poison 10
Incense Upgrade 2 Add: Potion of Warding, Potion of Greyskull, Potion of Resist Fire, Potion of Resist Cold 15
Incense Upgrade 3 Add: Potion of Supercharge, Potion of Resist Lightning, Potion of Brutality 20
Incense Upgrade 4 Add: Potion of Resist Psychic, Potion of Resist Sonic, Potion of Resist Necrotic, Potion of Resist Radiant 25

Instant GratificationEdit

Upgrade Description Cost
Biotic Amp According to the packaging, it's a Savant Mark X. 10
Foxhead Medallion Ocassionally goes cold to the touch. 15
Twin Dragon Rings

Gives the accessories -

Red Dragon Ring: Makes the user wilder.

Blue Dragon Ring: Makes the user kinder.

Knit Cap Perfect to those who aim to misbehave. 25
Recruit Amazing Old Man Summons a time traveller to work in your Alchemy Lab. 20
Receive Mysterious Package

Delivers a box to your manor with an item that contains "Seeker's Stone", which helps you locate hidden items in the game.

You can activate it in your inventory. If hidden items are nearby, it will highlight their location.

Z-Googles Helps you with the z-buffering 1

Removed Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Cost
Upgrade Alchemy Lab Increases the output of your Alchemy lab. 20
Item Shop Upgrade I Improves Florine's item shop selection. Adds Lo-Potion, Cleanser, and Reinvigoration Potion. 10
Item Shop Upgrade II Further improves shop selection. Adds Mid-Potion, Blue Ether, Potion of Celerity, Happy Fortune Tea, and Potion of Super Charge. 20
Item Shop Upgrade III Fully upgrades shop selection. Adds Hi-Potion, Dispeller, Potion of Greyskull, Potion of Barkskin, and Potion of Warding 30