Story Information Edit

The former slave and fangirl of Count Corgen . She addresses the Hero as 'New Master', and seems obsessed with the idea of draining life from another - which, luckily for the Hero, she can do just fine by swallowing.

Recruitment Edit

She can be recruited by triggering her H-Scene at any point following the Count's boss battle in the Looking for the Cure quest.

Skills Edit

Not in Party.

Equipment Edit

Not in Party.

Tactics Edit

Not in Party.

Relationship Edit


  • +4: Monster Fang
  • +2: Lovely Flowers, Pearl Necklace, Berry Gera, Clockworke Amusemente, Porcelain Doll, Box of Chocolates, Slice of Cake, Shiny Bits
  • -2: Sweet Perfume, Rock Candy


  • Initial Relationship


  • +5 Resist for Hero

Love / Respect Quest(Not Implemented Yet)

  • Bonus

Conversation & Sex Edit


  • Chat
  • Gift
  • Nothing

Sex scenes:

  • Devouring Master's Seed - After completing the Count's boss battle in Looking for the Cure quest.
  • Better on the Outside - Vacation scene
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