These are dungeons which re-spawn enemies daily. While some are available from the start of the game others require beating certain quests or other criteria in order to access.

Unlocked areas Edit

There are 6 locations on the World Map marked Dangerous that can be freely entered and left, which are:

  • The entrance to the Giant's Path on the world map. Located north of Eastfort.
  • Dark Mine on the world map. Located north of Northmarket.
  • Coastburg on the world map. Located south of Eastfort.
  • Innsbrook on the world map. Located north of Huntervale
  • Bitter Marsh on the world map. Located north of Southport
  • Abandoned Farm on the world map. Located north of Westcastle
  • Abandoned Border Fort on the world map. Located northeast of Huntervale
  • The Golden Tomb on the world map. Located north of Westcastle
  • Southern Feywoods on the world map. Located next to the Hidden Elf Village
  • Wind Shrine on the world map. Located north of Northmarket
  • Giant's Path: all animal encounters in the Giant's Pass will re-spawn daily (not the Ogre or any Kellos soldiers). Since it is available immediately and bear pelts sell pretty well it's a good way to get experience and money early on. It provides 329 EXP per visit. The Vendor Trash (if you sell the skins in Huntervale) will net you 1895 Sil.
  • Dark Mine[1]: at the Northeast of Northmarket there's a little mountain cropping surrounding by plains with a mineshaft in the front. Once players reach level 10 the guard blocking the entrance seems to have wandered inside, and players can follow suit for some extra daily experience and money! There is no completed quest that deals with The Dark Mine currently though. It provides 264 EXP and 960 Sil.
  • Coastburg: to the south of Eastfort players will find a little town well, near the coast. Something strange has happened to this town as all the player will find are some fishy looking zombies! Do be careful as something tells me that these guys aren't vulnerable to many status ailments and might even have some sort of regeneration effect to boot! They will respawn daily, and while players can take on the foes in Coastburg immediately it is advised that you hold off since these fights are tougher than the Dark Mine battles. After Can't Handle it Cove has been completed, there will no longer be any respawns. It provides 855 EXP and 645 Sil.
  • Innsbrook: Northeast of Huntervale you will find a smal town populated by fairies. It provides 54 EXP and 275 Sil (only if you sell the mushrooms).
  • Bitter Marsh: Northeast of Southport you will find a marsh populated with different creatures. It provides 693 EXP
  • Abandoned Farm: it only contain a strong enemy (not respawnable) that only appears on rainy days.

Areas linked with specific quests Edit

  • Abandoned Border Fort - One is the Loneliest Party. [2]You have to follow basically the same route that in Elaiya's recruimnet quest, plus a little more of the dungeon is available[3]. It gives you 60 XP to every party member, plus about 800 Sil in Vendor Trash[4].
  • Wind Shrine[5]: Blow Job. After completing the quest, they can return to shrine for daily grinding. It gives you 1500 EXP each visit and some trophies, mostly Monster Fangs
  • The Golden Tomb - The Phantom Breaker battleground. Since the December 2015 Release this zone is revisitable. You can roam freely for the whole dungeon. It gives you 1609 XP to every party member, and some Alchemical Reagent and Shiny Bits.
  • Southern Feywoods - A Manxome Foe. Revisitable dungeon. Players will be able to return to the Feywoods for some more daily training. It provides 2090 EXP

Notes. Edit

  1. There is a guard outside that prevents access until the Hero has reached level 10.
  2. Since the October 2015 V1 Release this zone is revisitable.
  3. Included the stairs and the roof upside, when you can find a Dark Seed once.
  4. If you sell it to the Glass Guy in the Magical Creatures Pens, Southport university district
  5. A bug currently exist which effectively doubles the EXP and drops from fights.