What is it? Edit

Party banter is used to develop characters further and as a form of easing tension. These are triggered by having specific party members in your party when you walk over a banter hotspot. Despite there being multiple banter hotspots, banter can occur between only once per day even if the party composition and/or spot used is changed.

Who can trigger it? Edit

Member 1 Member 2  Number of times Content
Therese Chimei 4
Therese Elaiya 4 Conversation about adapting to Harem life and the Hero being trustworthy(?).
Therese Felix 3 Therese asks about who Felix worships and tries to get Felix to stand up for himself.
Therese Gargan 1 Gargan mentions that Therese would be a good Adventurer.
Therese Larelle 3 Therese explains why she hates Larelle.
Therese Meline 1 Therese try to find out why Meline got choosen by the Angel of Love.
Therese Kyrie 4
Therese Diadira 3
Bronwyn Doll 1
Bronwyn Elaiya 1
Bronwyn Gargan 2
Bronwyn Kyrie 3 Kyrie attempts to talk to Bronwyn about elfin magic. Bronwyn is a ranger. It then devolves into a conversation about pranks.
Bronwyn Larelle 3 Bronwyn engages with Larelle about albinism, genetic diversity, and personal strength.
Bronwyn Yamamaya 3
Bronwyn Chimei 4
Gargan Felix 1
Gargan Raina 2 Raina has fun with Gargan over the changes to his body.
Elaiya Doll 3 Elaiya expresses her concern over Doll's behaviour and tries to talk about their pasts.
Yamamaya Chimei 1 Chimei tries to talk to Yamamaya and ends up confusing her.
Yamamaya Larelle 3 Larelle doesn't like Yamamaya very much and shows it. Third conversation is quite amusing.
Yamamaya Yeon 3
Doll Larelle 3
Larelle Chimei 3
Larelle Felix 1
Larelle Kyrie 2
Larelle Yeon 2
Raina Yeon 3 Conversation about the Hero's childhood.
Raina Meline 3
Felix Kyrie 1
Meline Chimei 3 Chimei want a bun with fish in it and how it taste?
Meline Kyrie 1
Kyrie Chimei 3

Where can it trigger? Edit

Currently this is the (non-exhaustive) list of places where it can trigger. Since these are general areas, try to walk around the area if it doesn't trigger.

  • Northmarket Slums - Left of the Sausage Lady, right of the Tin Dog Tavern.
  • Northmarket Wealthy District - The area in front of the Bank entrance
  • Westcastle - On the road between the Meatbun seller and the Adventurer Guild.
  • Westcastle Nobles District - The area south of the small lake and the statues.
  • Southport University District - None at this time
  • Southport Docks - To the right of the Adventurer's guild, above the fish lady.
  • Eastfort - Just head east after entering town. The location is north of the player's Condo.
  • Eastfort Nonhuman District - Between the Tipsy Maiden bar and the well east of it.
  • Huntervale - North of the Trading Post, between the two houses

No other locations at this time.

Party Banters:Edit

this is made for those who can't wait to read all the party banters ingame :

( if someone knows what chimei is saying feel free to type it in the photo's caption ,,, if we missed a photo somewhere don't hesitate to comment about it )

  • Therese and Chimei:
  • Therese and Elayia:
  • Therese and Felix:
  • Therese and Gargan:
  • Therese and Larelle:
  • Therese and Meline:
  • Therese and Kyrie:
  • Therese and Diadira:
  • Bronwyn and Doll:
  • Bronwyn and Elaiya:
  • Bronwyn and Gargan:
  • Bronwyn and Kyrie:
  • Bronwyn and Larelle:
  • Bronwyn and Yamamaya:
  • Bronwyn and Chimei:
  • Gargan and Felix:
  • Gargan and Raina:
  • Elaiya and Doll:
  • Yamamaya and Chimei:
  • Yamamaya and Larelle:
  • Yamamaya and Yeon:
  • Doll and Larelle:
  • Larelle and Chimei:
  • Larelle and Felix:
  • Larelle and Kyrie:
  • Larelle and Yeon:
  • Raina and Yeon:
  • Raina and Meline:
  • Felix and Kyrie:
  • Meline and Chimei:
  • Meline and Kyrie:
  • Kyrie and Chimei: