This is for all the other quests. Quests that end the day and quests that don't end the day will be separated.

Day end questsEdit

Bewitchy Women (Level 15)Edit

You can meet the Water Nymph only on a rainy day, but you can complete the rest of the quest any time you want.

Search the world for rumors:

  • Northmarket Slums, the west-most pub (the one called "Wench's Gash Pub"), talk to the sailor moving around at random.
  • Eastfort, talk to the man in the church (not the priest).
  • Southport Docks District, on a day when it is NOT raining, talk to a schoolgirl walking around[1].
  • Lumberhill after completing Night of the Raping Dead, talk to a woman in the south-east part of the village.

Talking to all four will get you clues to find the event. You do not need the clues, once you know how to find her you can do so on any rainy day.

There is a forest on the World Map, southeast of the Ice Castle, north of the river. On a rainy day, walk around the forest near the river; one of the tiles will take you to a river nymph. She will tell you to enter the ice castle and kill the ice queen. The castle is fairly straightforward, just kill everything you see and search each room. The second floor has some stairs down in the southeast corner, leading to a treasure room. To engage in combat with the Ice Queen, you need to obtain a key which can be found in a room at the second floor and after doing so free Mickele from the prison at the first floor. Once you kill the Ice Queen you get an H-scene with the river nymph.


  • When you are on the Ice Bridge don't rush to go inside. Before you enter the actual Ice Palace there's a buried treasure you can dig up.
  • On the second floor there's a hidden room. You can find it by exploring everything or by using the Seeker Stone. If you have Gargan in your party he will give you a clue when you are close to it. (Turns out, you dont even need to have him in May v3 Release to trigger the conversation)

Same day questsEdit

Tournament FighterEdit

The tournament arena is at the northern part of Westcastle. You have to fight 7 opponents to win . You can talk to a mage in the locker room to heal you after every fight, the towel boy will give you a hint for 100 sil about your next opponent.

It's not that hard at the beginning, The basic technique is, Bring mid-potions, good equipment, and level up a bit. Your enemies are as follows:

  • Clumsy martial artist: Nothing special. she's gonna trip and fall after a few turns, when you hit her then, it's a critical hit!
  • Hooligan (he looks kinda funny lol): Nothing special also, just attack.
  • Veteran Guardsman: He can increase his DEF with shield wall, you can either use magic or guard until you use assault twice then it's an easy win.
  • Paladin demonhunter: He can use smite and his normal attack is good so guarding until you use assault twice will also work good here too.
  • Drunken master: His attack is quite powerful and he has a chance to daze you (cancel it by guarding), so the above technique will work best here.
  • Orc thug: His attack isn't that strong but he can attack twice in one turn so plan ahead.
  • Determined knight: He hits hard and he can hit even harder after he uses focus (which wastes a turn of his) you can guard the turn after focus so you wont suffer as much damage.

You win the Talisman of Truth, a trophy (Dill Memorial) and 2 fame.

Tournament Fighter 2 Edit

Go to the tournament area again in Westcastle. Once again you’re set as rank 8 of 8 and will have to fight through the other 7 to win! The magic healing woman is still there, and the towel boy now charges 500 Sil for a tip. Just collect the towel each round and use/ignore the rest as desired. The enemies you’ll face include the following.

  • Douchebag Mentalist: Domination, Mind Glare, Devour Will.
  • Foreign Demonologist: (He’s a so-so battle mage, but he can summon a pile of demon hipster chicks to help him out. They all use fire magic, so you should use a Potion of Resist Fire in the first, it will help you). Use Spells like Rupture, Burning Hands, Summons Hipster Succubus (missed what the game called it), Fireball, Bloodletting.
  • Knife-Wielding Teen: Ready Aim.
  • Vegan Battlemage: Acid Arrow.
  • Subspace Ninja: Slash Between Worlds (just Guard when he uses it), Sneak Attack.
  • Twin Dragon Monk: Twin Split (he makes a copy of himself) Twin Dragon Monk B.
  • Cool Actor: Brutal Attack, he also summons a stunt double.

When you win all 7 fights you get the Chalice of Light, a trophy (Dux Classic) and 3 fame.

Super Tournament Fighter II :Edit

The simplest way to do this is to buy the best equipment (I used a blue ring also) and stock up on mid-potions and a few high-potions. I'm using a normal assault not the improved but it's still doable without assault all together.

It's very important to plan ahead since most of your opponents' agility will be higher than yours and might kill you before you use a potion.

List of fighters:

  •  Guy with wings and his pet bird: Obviously kill the bird first, you can't hit the guy when he's flying so you have to keep guarding or charging assault until he lands (3-4 turns) then strike with all your momentum (you'll know he landed when his status no longer says "is flying around "or when it says "is coming in for a landing" when his turn ends, or when he uses smash landing even though it says afterwards "is flying around" you can actually hit him).
  • Crimson Witch: Hex bolt (MDEF and luck decrease) Telekinetic blast and Devour Will, but not alot of HP though.
  • Marvelous captain : She has a chance of making you dazed (which you can eliminate by guarding) and she can fly (check the first entry).
  • Mercurial Sprinter : Died from one attack lol.
  • Elf Sniper : A weaker version of Bronwyn, he also uses Ready aim.
  • Super Patriot: A simple soldier that can also hide behind his shield to increase defense
  • Tempest Cleric: He uses Electric rod to weaken your electric resistance then charges his weapon with electricity then attacks so his damage output is high but takes time to charge. One more thing, he can fly (check first entry).
  • Dark Widow: She can bleed or poison you and use momentum drive to charge her high kicks.
  • Ant Man: He can poison you or cover you in sticky acid.
  • Machine of war and his shoulder cannon (i dunno how he's allowed to use a cannon): Kill the cannon first, its HP is much lower than the knight. The knight can use Repulsor beam which inflicts stagger (prevents you from dodging his next attacks) but nothing else special.
  • Hulking Ogre: He can use stagger and shatter punch to lower your defense and shockwave to lower agility.
  • Power armor punk: He can use Repulsor beam and he can fly (check first entry)
  • Visionary wizard: Uses Telekinetic blast and crushing ego to lower resistance and he also can fly. He can also use Phased out of reality, you can't hit him then either but this will be over in 3 turns.
  • Catboy prince: Much like Yamamaya, he has high attack and defense. He will use Rage after a few turns then his attack will shoot through the roof.
  • Arachnomancer: Uses Stagger, Counter, and Pin.

For winning you get the Crown of Life and 4 fame.

Cannery Can-CanEdit

  1. Invest in Cannery
  2. Look through the Ledger[2] and then speak to Alina and you will get this quest.
  3. Go talk to Cannery operator. You can accept the current 2% payout or demand he exploit the starving children for every last Sil. If you do that income increases to 10% and the children will cry in suffering.

The Pusher's LamentEdit

There is a drug pusher at a back ally in the top left corner of Eastfort. He will cut you in on his daily take if you can deal with a guard captain that is harassing him. Note that there are missable items in this mission if you take the second way.

First way[3]:

  1. Ask drug dealer for a joint venture.
  2. Go to the barracks, bribe the two guards with 500 Sil to enter.
  3. Loot the entire place for 28 Sil, some consumables, Rakia Awiiabu, a Steel armor (no longer available), a Porno Mag, a Dark Seed, and blackmail material (bad fanfic, formerly fur suit: It's in the lower row, the single room to the left of the door, lower half of the bed). If you wish to, you could bribe the janitor with (250 sil, formerly another 500 Sil) to find out which room belongs to the captain, but you somehow know it, so its unnecessary.
  4. Go speak to captain in pub.
  5. Speak to drug dealer to end quest. This does not advance time.

Second way:

  1. Ask drug dealer for a joint venture.
  2. Go speak to captain in pub. Pay him 1500 Sil.
  3. Speak to drug dealer to end quest. This does not advance time.

Note: The second way is more expensive and you miss out on some loot, see the missable page for more details.

Every Day I'm Smugglin'Edit

The quest starts at Giant's Path when you find a Smuggler Note or Key. Your goal is to find the four keys to open a chest. All directions will be from the first screen of the area.

  1. Go north one screen and east one screen. There is a chest hidden behind a tree, that is the goal of the quest. Interact with it to get a key and a note.
  2. Go north two screens and check the skeleton for a key and a note.
  3. Go north two screens and east one (past Evie if you are doing the quest Ain't Party like a Search Party). Check the skeleton for a note. Then go back one west and one south and near the lake should be a bag, check for a key (might need to read note first).
  4. Go north one, and into the cave to the west. Go up two floors and defeat the Ogre. Behind him, on a skeleton is a key, plus other treasure.
  5. Now go back to the chest and open it for 5 Exotic Spices (3,000 Sil each), 10 Purse of Kellos Crowns (90 Sil each), and 2 Scrolls of Stormroar. Quest complete.

NOTE: As of v.0.34.4, this quest can sometime not be marked complete, even when it is.

Elf Improvement Edit

To start this quest, first recruit Meline, then get access to the Elven village (this is done via Stuck in the Middle). With Meline in the party, travel to the elf village and enter the Northwestern most house with an open door, talk to the baker to have Meline learn how to make waybread. End the day and go to the Northmarket bakery to buy some of Meline's waybread then eat it to begin the quest.

  1. Head back to the Elven baker to suggest building a watermill, you will need to get a carpenter since none of the elves know how to
  2. Head to Lumberhill, enter the Northwestern most house where the lumberjacks stay, take to the bald guy with a headband near the top center part of the screen and he'll offer to do it for 4,000 sil, pay him and he'll head to the Elven village the next day
  3. If you talk to him once he's at the Elven village he'll say that he needs 6 more days to finish building the mill. If you enter the elven village before those six days are up he'll tell you how many are left
  4. Once the watermill is finished return to the Elven village and talk to the baker again to start receiving 200 sil everyday from Elven waybread sales

The Missing LinkEdit

This quest start at the cave below the Kellos fortress during the It's pronounced "Sabotage" quest. Your objective is to find three shaped-triangles objects, look for them in the metallic chests, but you will eventually find four: Red, Blue, Green and Purple. The right combination is:

  • The third one, counting from the top: Red, Blue and Green.

Reward: High Lion Shield.

Mister PostmanEdit

To get this quest you must first gain access to the guardhouse in Coastburg via 'Can't Handle It Cove'. In there you can find a passcard on one of the shelves which gives you access to the other buildings in Coastburg. In the church there is a toolbox with various items in it next to the paladin, search it to get a letter addressed to a 'Mitzi'.

You will find Mitzi outside the entrance of the Paladin Fortress just to the East of Westcastle, she'll be standing outside the tombs. Give her the letter to receive your reward, which will be a sex scene but is currently a placeholder.

Fairyest Of Them All Edit

(Level 5 quest) You start this quest by traveling to Innsbrook which is a town in a forest Southeast of Northmarket before you reach the Abandoned Border Fort. It is important to note that a difficult battle for low level players can be avoided in this area if you have a bouquet of flowers before entering. (The bouquet can be bought from the flower girl in the Noble district of Northmarket for a small amount of sil) When you enter you will find a merchant on top of a tower who says he has been trapped by the local fairy's and begs you to help him which begins the quest.

One thing to keep in mind about this area is that the random fairy enemies (Mischievous Pixie, Clever Fairy and Naughty Nixie) drop Mushrooms and Magic Mushrooms. The Magic Mushrooms are a food type item that will restore 150 MP! The only downside is that they can cause a hallucinating ailment but that can be cured or waited out easily enough. This mushroom is the best way I have found to restore my parties MP early on in the game when traveling through dungeons! The enemies respawn every day so stock up! (Note: The regular Mushrooms will only inflict the hallucinating ailment on you so sell them.)

  1. After entering the area and getting the quest head west to find an Inn. Before entering travel North directly behind it and you should see a small patch of dirt patch. Use the shovel to dig up that spot and you will find a Crystal Goblet, Blue Magic Crystals and Stolen Silverware. This is vendor trash that can be sold for 1715 Sil. After getting the items head back and enter the Inn.
  2. When you enter you will find a fairy guarding the interior. When you speak to her select the option where you claim to have an invitation to be allowed to pass. In the building you will find a fairy shop keeper who will sell you Fairy Wine at the ridiculous price of 100000 Sil. (Fairy Wine is an item that is dropped by enemies in the fog dungeon next to the Elf Village so don't be a sucker and pay this absurd price.)
  3. Head to the back of the building and speak to the Fairy sitting in the chair and she will claim to be fairy queen Mikey. The main character will ask for the key to the tower to let the merchant leave and the fairy well ask you for a bouquet of flowers in return. You have two options at this point. You can give her the flowers to get the tower key or fight the fairy's. The flowers can be gotten by collecting the yellow flower patch in the area. The fairy's might be a bit tough for new players because you will be fighting 8 of them at once. If you win you will get 246 exp, the tower key as well as a few mushrooms and magic mushrooms. Keep in mind fighting will make it so you can't use the fairy vendor in the future.
  4. Travel back to the tower and enter to use the key on the gate in front of you. When you go up the stairs you will meet the vendor and the quest will end with a couple of rewards. He will give you the "Champion Armour Shard" and tell you that, "The man I purchased that from said it's a very rare shard of a powerful, enchanted suit of armour."  He then claims that "something will happen if you manage to collect them all..." This is one of five pieces of armor shards and will activate the "Champion Armour Shard" quest. In addition to the shard the merchant will also give you +2 to fame and tell you about some buried valuables that you should have already dug up earlier.

Spirits and Wine Edit

For this quest, you need to enter the campsite around Larry's and Holly's caravan. The caravan will randomly be near Northmarket, Eastfort, Westcastle, Southport, Lumberhill or the Elf Village on the worldmap.

To start this quest, talk to Holly (the wolf girl) with an apple in your inventory. She will ask if she can have it and Larry will tell you he's a trader looking for profitable goods. Right now, he's interested in brews and drinks and he offers you to pay you for every different kind of drink you bring to him.

You can do this quest over the course of multiple days, so you can give him a few drinks, then return on another day and give him some more. To complete the quest, you need to hand in every drink available in the game.

Important: You can only hand in drinks if you have more than one in your inventory. If you only have one, Larry won't take it!

Most of the drinks you will get from drops, but you can buy most of them on different locations later in the game as well. Be aware that you have to invest into some of the Inns and Pubs first. You will get paid for each drink you bring. Once you have delivered all types of drinks you can choose your reward: Money gives you a daily income of 500 sil, Rare Item gives you a 'Flesh to Goo' Scroll, Holly gives you a (currently text only) sex scene with the wolfgirl.

Trivia: You can learn a bit more about Holly if you talk to her during the quest. You get some extra text if you completed "All's Were That Ends Were" before speaking to her.

Here's a list of all the drinks you need and where to get them:

Drink Location
Plain old Brew Eastfort, Slanting Soldier Saloon
Suspicious Brew Random Loot drop from multiple enemies
Tin Dog Brew Northmarket Slums, Tin Dog Tavern
Power Brew Eastfort, Slanting Soldier Saloon
Small Cider Lumberhill Inn
Brandy Lumberhill Inn
Appletini Northmarket Slums, The Pink Banana
The Kraken Upgraded care-packages from Alina
Enchanced Brew Southport, Page of Cups Tavern
Cryobrew Southport, Page of Cups Tavern
Tequila Loverise Westcastle, Cure Maid Bar
Fausters Brew Chests in 'It came from below the Equator'-Quest
Cheap Wine Northmarket Slums, Wench's Gash Pub
Rum Chests in 'It came from below the Equator'-Quest
Blue Ribbin Brew Northmarket Slums, Wench's Gash Pub
Troll's Sweat Brew Northmarket Slums, Wench's Gash Pub
Orcish Moonshine Eastfort Nonhuman District, The Tipsy Maiden
Fairy Wine Fairy Vendor in Southern Feywoods

(she's still around even after you finish the quest)

Pryobrew Southport, Page of Cups Tavern
Expensive Wine Winery north of Westcastle
Hurricane Rum Vacation Island, Bar at the beach

Match Maker Edit

Visit the Orctown and speak to the Orc in the Northeast corner. He is the Orc that you saved during Elf Half Empty quest. He will say he is concerned about the Elf girl that he had received as an award. He will hand you a letter to deliver to the elf girl.

Go the Elf Village and enter the house on the right side of the elf merchant, above the farm. Speak to the Elf girl and she will hand you a reply to the Orc's letter. Deliver the letter to the orc.

He will you ask you to deliver a letter, asking the elf to move in with him, along with some flowers to the Elven girl. Buy Flowers from the little girl in Northmarket Wealthy District and visit the elf girl. She will accept the proposal.

Wait for a day and visit the Orc again to complete the quest.

Da Orcest Dungeon Edit

After completing the Are You Afraid of the Dark quest, speak to Jakuhl in the Elf Village. He will ask you to investigate further by visiting the Orctown and speaking to the chief Orc in order to find a way to the Underlurk.

Visit Orctown and speak to the Chief. He will ask you to provide a proof about the Elves' request. Bring Bronwyn along to prove it to the Chief. He will inform you that they have found a way to get to Underlurk.

Go left from the Chief to the waterfall and jump in to find a path in the middle of the lake. You will enter a new area.

Go down and then right to trigger a small cutscene where the hero comes to know that the crystals are explosive. Follow the path and interact with any crystal that you might find. Hero will pick up a crystal fragment which will come to use later. Go all the way south and hop on the rock in the river on your left. Go south from here and you will enter a new area.

Hero will set up a camp here. There is a save point here. From here, you just have to explore all three directions of your camp.

Head east. You will have to hop on the rocks in the river. Keep going east, jump on the rock. On this platform, you will notice that the next rock to jump on is blocked by crystals. Interact with the crystal and the hero will hurl a crystal fragment to cause an explosion, clearing the path in the process. Explore the area. There are no items to gain here, except a Ruby on the Southwestern Isle (marked by a glowing star). Also, a bunch of Magic Mushrooms and Truffles are on the floor that can be picked up. Head back to the Camp area.

Now Head west. There is nothing of interest here except the Topaz, hidden behind a crystal, in the Northeast corner of the area. Explore the area, get some dialogue while trying to cross the area in the far west and head back to the Camp.

Pick up a Crystal Fragment and head south from the Camp. Straight ahead, you will see a bridge blocked by the crystals. You got it right! Clear the crystals with an explosion and head south. Explore the Area. On the Southwest platform, there is a setup for bridge construction. Interact with it and head north back to the camp.

A boss (Teogumin) awaits Near the Camp!

The roof will collapse due to the boss fight and the Orcs will lower a ladder for you to climb up. Quest Complete.

Random QuestsEdit

Every day you can perform exactly 1 random quest plus you have the option of revisiting unlocked dungeons, those are useful source of XP, Sil, consumables, and gifts. Performing a random quest does NOT advance time. They are always given out in your manor's study room. See the page about the random daily quests for more details.

Secret quests Edit

Corrupted Mycon Edit

To the north of Westcastle there is a farm surrounded by desert, in this farm there's nothing living or moving with the most recent sign of life having visited being the strange note left on the wall... Most of the time. If you visit this farm while it is raining you will find out why this farm is a 'dangerous area', for it houses one of the two super bosses of the game, the corrupted Mycon! This thing is no ordinary weed mind you, as it attack several times a turn causing hallucinations and poison with it's physical attacks or hit your entire party with magic for attack down. With 20,000 HP to start with, blessing of the bone able to raise it above that, revitalize to help it heal, and a whole bunch of status resistances you're in for one tough fight. For strategy tips and further information please expand the box below. Your reward for beating this sucker will be 3 dark seeds and a ton of experience, your choice if that's worth the headache this boss has given many players.


Starting on the second turn and every 5th turn after that (7th, 12th, 17th, etc.) the corrupted Mycon will use 'Blessing of the Bone', this will inflict about 1,000 damage on it every-time. It's suggested that you bring characters with either magic missile or stock up on marbles to knock it down before turns that it won't use blessing of the bone (it has a 50% stun resistance so knockdown is better). After that, Meline can help reduce the turns that it's not knocked down with daze and heretical censure, but be warned that it has a 50% daze resistance so you might not daze it successfully every time. Once it hits half health it may heal itself so it's not a bad idea to burn it if you get the opportunity. If you have her Bronwyn could inflict bleed, burning pitch, or acid but the mycon is immune to poison to skip that one. Aside from statuses don't even bother attacking, your damage will be pitiful compared to what it inflicts on itself so you're better off guarding or healing with anyone who doesn't have anything better to do.

Rattus Maximus Edit

Ever wonder why we got paid 100k in the very beginning of the game for an ordinary rat's tail? Well, aside from being a reference, the answer to this can be found out once a player has gained a total of 150 satisfaction in their game! Remember that you can check the amount of satisfaction at the red journal in the Northmarket manor. It's important to remember that dehydrated orgasms DO NOT COUNT for the purposes of this secret quest! Now, once you've achieved 150 total satisfaction (barring debug tools) Hero's life will apparently be good enough that he won't mind reminiscing about his past adventures in the sewers, and it here that we'll encounter one hell of a Rat... Rattus Maximus to be precise. If you thought the last secret boss had too much HP you should see this guy with 120,000 HP! Not only that but he regenerates 6,000 HP every turn, and only takes 50% damage from physical attacks! He also gets to attack twice a turn (some of which will be multi-attacks) and has a chance to counter any physical attacks coming his way! Don't even get me started on his arsenal of attacks, to put it simply he's got over two pages of skills, you've really got your work cut out for this one! A strategy for him is below. If you manage to somehow defeat this iron wall of a rat you'll be treated to a hefty 1,999 xp per character (coupled with Ratard's 1 for an even 2,000!) and another Rat's Tail, which can be sold at your item shop for 100k silver!


The first major hurdle with this boss is that insane regeneration, even if you burn him I have a hard time believing that many non-cheating parties can consistently push out over 3,000 damage per turn especially with the 50% physical resistance, and that's not even factoring in how much healing you'll have to do. Quite simply speaking, you can't take on Rattus through conventional damage means, the absolute best way to damage this mofo is with Bronwyn's DoTs, they each do 5% of an enemies maximum health per turn, and with someone like this that's 6,000 damage a turn. It might take awhile but at least that allows the rest of your party to get to work on surviving instead of having to try to somehow balance damage and survival. Now between the counter attacks and that ALL of Rattus' attacks are physical, the best way to survive is to daze the sucker, daze makes it so that enemies can't counter at all and gives them a 60% miss rate on attacks, given that Bronwyn's skills are physical attacks the counters could have easily killed her if left unchecked, and luckily Rattus has no resistance to daze so Meline can daze him in one turn every time,however due to some weird stuff it seems that burn will get rid of bleed and poison from Rattus if you burn him, so have Meline daze Rattus on every odd turn (1, 3, 5, 7, etc.) and heal/guard on all the even turns, that has been solved as of version 0.32.4. As for your third party member, it's really up to you, you could bring a tank to try to draw off the aggro, or you could bring a spell caster to inflict attack down (make sure they do it EVERY turn or else it'll wear off), or you could bring in a healer to help with healing, choose whatever fits your style the best, Bronwyn and Meline are the most important party choices here. It's also important to remember to use the "strange lifeform" item which will inflict the probed status, thus dealing between 3000 and 9000 magical damage at the end of the turn.

Slenderman Edit

There are a number of strange, creepy notes scattered throughout the land (they look exactly the same as the ads in the Adventurer's guild but they're located in strange places).

If you go to the Northmarket Wealthy District, on the first floor of the townhouse on the southern road, you will find a diary. The author is being haunted by a strange stalking figure, and warns you to not gather the notes. Collecting even one of them, will attract the its attention, and you can sometimes see him following you around.

The are eight notes you have to gather before the figure will come after you. The first seven are scattered throughout the land:
  • In a hovel in the Northmarket Slums District
  • In the Theater Office during the quest Virgin Gynocides
  • In a Mausoleum during the quest Looking for a Cure
  • Behind the mirror in room 13 during your Vacation to Sunnyshore Island
  • On a building in the Bitter Marsh repeatable dungeon
  • In a dead end within the Darkness Gate maze during the quest Are You Afraid of the Dark
  • Near the abandoned campsite in the Feywoods repeatable dungeon, West side

Once you have the first seven, return to the room with the diary in the Northmarket Townhouse to find the eighth and final note hanging on the wall. Save your game before taking it and be ready; this is by far the toughest battle in the entire game.  


Slenderman doesn't actually have that much health. The issue is that you have to deal damage very quickly. Each time he attacks, he erases one of your party members (Yes, he doesn't kill them, he completely erases them from reality; don't worry, they will be back once the fight is over). Since he attacks once per turn, and you have four party members, you have four turns to bring him down.  

First a couple of things about this boss: He's immune to sleep, paralysis, stun... basically anything that would make him miss an attack. He can be censured or deafened, but his attacks are not magical, so that doesn't do anything. He IS vulnerable however to other status that affect the body (burn, bleed...).  

Characters: The most important character for this battle is Larelle (since this boss is weak against both psychic and necrotic, making "Eternal Nightmare" the ultimate combo). Other party members are up to you, just keep in mind the following: 

  • This battle is very quick. Buffs, debuffs, techniques that require a set up... forget about those; there's no time.  
  • You always start with minimum momentum. 
  • Healing and resurrection are useless.  
  • Tanky characters who deal very little damage are not recommended (I assume I don't have to explain why) 
  • Chimei, although powerful, needs some time to build momentum for her evocations, so she's also not recommended. 

Items: buy a few Potions of Greyskull for your physical fighters (including the Hero, of course), a few Potions of Supercharge for your mages, and a Contact Poison. Give each character two of the appropriate potions, and apply the poison to your Hero's weapon.

If you are going to bring any physical fighters other than the Hero, get some Cursed Oil (for necrotic damage) or some Oil of Instability (for Psychic damage) and apply those to their weapons. A bottle of KRAKEN (or a few) makes this battle easier, but it's not necessary.

Evidently, all of this needs to be applied BEFORE the fight. Once you're fighting there's no time.

Equipment: the Aggart Warhorn and the Pirate Queen Earrings both have a chance to give you an extra action, so they're extremely useful. Any item that increases the attack of your fighters or the magic of your mages is also useful.

And that's pretty much it. Hit him hard and fast... then wonder why you are going through all of this trouble to get the Slenderskin Suit (I mean it's cool, but this should have a better reward, amarite?)

(If you load a save that takes place before collecting the final note a glitch can occur that will crash the game)

  1. Her starting location is near the Southport Adventurer's Guild
  2. There is a book in the room with the cheat code lever (right side of the house) that tell you how much you are getting daily with each investment, the hero than realize he is getting only 12 sil from the cannery.
  3. Since the October 2015 version, this way it's not as profitable as it was.