Slightly updated for October 2015 Public Release. This is not a full walkthrough, just a highly optimized (but not yet perfect) start for the OCD perfectionists like myself. You could find other useful guides here.

Before anything else, do yourself a favor and download cheat engine. target game.exe and set the speedhack to 2.0 and hit apply.

This guide assumes you have some knowledge of the game. This also assumes you are not exploiting the money making game. If you are, just disregard this entirely as the whole point of this guide is to maximize your money so you can invest in as much as possible and reap the benefits later.

  1. Talk to all the people in the bar to get through the introductory part. Read the adventurers guide in the back of the guild for 5 xp
  2. Talk to the bones. Get your sword. Kill the rat. Leave.
  3. Go to Meline's bakery and talk to her (or the replacement clerk) for the sister's love lunch, (and again after any time you use it to get another) then grab the porno mag from the upperleftmost stack of bags. Go to the broker to get your quest. Remember to get the porno mag at the broker in the shelves.
  4.  Go to shally and ask for gambling dens.
  5.  Go to the bar. Talk to the bartender. Talk to the orc. Save game, and enter.
  6.  Go through the very easy dungeon looting: 2 Lo-Potion, Leather Cap, Porno Mag, and 100,000 sil (front counter to the right of the paperwork). Remember to remove Therese's equipment after you kill the boss (it's no longer possible in the March 2015 Public Release V1, probably to avoid a bug).
  7.  Remove Alina's equipment and go to your manor.
  8.   Red book on the table: Personal Upgrades > Encourage. Grab the dark seed from your basement. (It's the doors to right of the stairs in the front hall.) (Read the shelves in the west wing library for xp, collectively there is 20 xp)
  9. Walk outside. Get Healbot. Go to the bank, talk to the loan guy get the 10k loan
  10. Go to the tool shop and buy a shovel. Go to your mansion but instead of entering, walk past the smithy to the upper left corner and dig underneath the gargoyle statue for a knight helm.
  11. Head to eastfort. head up, dig in the cross shaped area beneath the bush for porno mag. Find the drug dealer (northwest corner), joint venture, then find the building with 2 guards outside and try to enter it. (bribe them and enter) loot: Mid potion, Awful Fanfic, tin dog brew, scroll of stormroar, porno mag, dark seed, and 28 sil, then exit (dont bribe the janitor). go to the pub, tell the captain, then go back to the drug dealer and tell him for quest complete. go into the clockwork shop, find the left most clock and get an elxiir if you know your old school rpgs.
  12. Go to the Giant's Path and avoiding all enemies bee line straight for the ogre. With some lucky magic missile knockdowns he should go down. not a very difficult fight even at level 3. Once you've beaten him, loot the cave and collect the 4 notes and keys, then open the chest in the merchant's area.
  13. Stop by lumberhill and invest in the shoe shop. Use the Shovel beneath the well.
  14. You can also find a fortified cloak by digging in the flower patch in Southport. (upper left corner, 1 right, 1 down. Invest in the book store while you're there. Go into the house with the 2 arguing lovers, and check the bookshelf for an erotic novel. read it til he throws it away. Go upstairs, do candle puzzle for dark seed.
  15.  Invest in: the little flower girl, (near slave pen) gift shop recettear, (northwest corner of wealthy district), the dress shop, sausage lady (then talk to her again), Cunning Hat shop (left of the old man in front of a fire), the bitch's sixth tit, exit then re enter.  Talk to the bartender again. Invest in the prosperous farm , spend whatever you have left on [1] <-- click. then pay back whatever you have left to the loan officer.
  16.  Go to the distant farm and search the well for a dark seed (it's missable if you don't get it before you invest here. Don't invest yet.)
  17. Go to the guild, get the quest paper, then talk to neibin in the bottom left corner and ask the encampment location. go to the pink banana(formerly bitch's sixth tit) and talk to the orc,
  18. then go to the lightning struck single tile on the world map. Walk like a boss through this(we bought Encourage, remember?) while looting bottled smoke x2, porno mag, chain mail, suspicious brew, and potion of barksin, dig up the unmarked grave for dark seed, kill boss
  19. Sell a bunch of your junk to Florine.  The exotic spices are worth 15k. Pay off your loan then go invest in the slave market.
  20. Go to the smithy west of Meline's shop. Go to the loan officer. Go to eastfort, pick up Doll.
  21. Go back to your room, Read red book, instant gratification, Recruit Amazing Old Man. It takes a little while for him to pay off but you get an item worth 5k on the 4th or 5th day along with lots of "instant battle victory" items. Go into your study and take note of the enemy type they ask you to kill. Recruit Doll before you do it.
  22. At this point, you have plenty of cash and income. And it's still only the 2nd day.

Saving up the 60k to buy Chimei should be your next goal. Have fun now that the annoying part is over.

Note Extra Boost*

If you want to boost you start even can repeat this buy using new Game+. Deposit Gold in bank before and your inventory carries over. Note save before you attempt.