Story InformationEdit

Nerys Rainbreeze was an elven priestess – until the Elf Elder relieved her of her duties as priestess and ordered her to become the Hero's slave instead. She takes care of the Hero's home in the Elf Village – a task she is familiar with as the home used to be the shrine she was taking care of previously.

By order of the Elf Elder she wears a Slave Collar even though it has no effect on her and she is supposed to take care of all of Hero's needs.


Complete A Manxome Foe. She is the house keeper of your elf home.


Not in Party. (except for during her love quest Also Sprach Nerys)

Evocations given by level

  • level 1
    • Ball of Lightning: Costs12 MP and TP. Attacks two random targets with Lightning. Control-Type.
    • Transfer Essence: Costs 15 Mana. User generates 15 Momentum.
    • Barkskin: Costs 5 MP and TP. Increases Resist and Defense for one Ally. Buff.
    • Revitalize: Costs 7 MP and TP. Heals one Ally (Magic*6+Luck +/-20). Healing.
    • Hailfrost: Costs12 MP and TP. Attacks two random targets with Cold, and add AGI debuff. Control-Type.
    • Channel Ley Line: Costs 5 MP and TP. Increases Magic and Agility for one Ally. Buff.
    • Lightning Rod: Costs 10 MP and TP. Makes an enemy vulnerable to Lightning. Debuff.

Evocations given by Equipment

  • You are unable to change her Equipment

From Unity force:

  • Life Kiss: 8 Mana/momentum. Heals the target for however much health Nerys is missing (max HP - current HP). If she kisses another girl or Hero, Hero will become aroused (gains an additional 10 momentum), if she kisses Felix, Gargan, or other such non-female characters Hero gets angry (5% additional attack and 5 momentum), if she kisses herself nothing happens.


Only in Party during Also Sprach Nerys. You cannot change her Equipment

Weapon: Throwing Darts

Off Hand: Moonstone Orb (Starting)

Headgear: Ladies' Feather Cap (Starting)

Body: Druidic Robes (Starting)

Accessory: Earth Spirit Charm(Starting)


Only in Party during Also Sprach Nerys

She is Basically just a weaker form of Chimei.



  • +4: Pocket Tome
  • +2: Lovely Flowers, Sweet Perfume, Pearl Necklace, Berry Gera, Clockworke Amusemente, Porcelain Doll, Rock Candy, Monster Fang, Shiny Bits
  • -2: Box of Chocolates, Slice of Cake


  • Initial relationship: 41


  • Hero: Luck +8


  • Daily talismans

Love Quest- Also Sprach Nerys

  • Moonstone Orb, an Off-Hand equipment item for mage party members

Conversation & SexEdit


  • Chat
  • Gift
  • Sex
    • Be Nice (H-Scene)
    • Be Rough (H-Scene)
    • Enforce Discipline (H-Scene)
    • Tribute to the Spirits (H-Scene)
  • Nothing

Sex scenes:

  • In the Village, the Peaceful Village - When you receive your new elf home after completing A Manxome Foe
  • Scrawny Girls Need Protein - A random scene you can get when completing some quests
  • Defiling the Sacred Place - Complete Also Sprach Nerys
  • A Nice Little Stroll - Vacation scene
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