Story Information Edit

A daughter of a rich knightly family who have fallen heavily into debt (So much so that they are looking for work), Florine hires her for your shop in Westcastle. At first reluctant with getting collared, until the Hero says that he will get Florine to help her pay off her family's debt.

Recruitment Edit

After unlocking the Westcastle Noble District, buy the Westcastle item shop for 2,500 sils, talk to Florine, then enter the shop and make her your slave. (Remember to keep a slave collar spare, this also activates a H-scene ending the day) (She appears in version 0.33.1 and after)

Skills Edit

Not in Party

Equipment Edit

Not in Party

Tactics Edit

Not in Party

Relationship Edit


  • +4: Berry gera
  • +2: Lovely Flowers, Sweet Perfume, Pearl Necklace, Porcelain Doll, Box of Chocolates, Slice of Cake, Rock Candy, Monster Fang, Shiny Bits
  • -2: Clockworke Amusement, Pocket Tome


  • Initial relationship: 41


  • 10% more income like other shop girls. Apparently she was being overly charitable with some of the profits. Probably explaining why her family is in debt. The Hero puts a stop to that.


  • Another 10% increase to the shops profits. Apparently guys have been hitting on Natya giving her gifts and stuff. The Hero is jealous at first then allows his more fiscal side to shine through telling her to take the gifts then sell them in the store.

Love/Respect Quest (Not Implemented Yet)

  • Bonus

Conversation & Sex Edit


  • Shop
  • Chat
  • Gift
  • Sell All Vendor Trash

Sex Scenes:

  • Tea and Cream - Scene gotten when first recruiting
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