Meiriona is the Elder and leader of the Elven Village, and Bronwyn's mother. She is old enough to remember some of her people's past glories, and tasks the Hero with helping with some of their current plights. She also serves as a skill trainer for Yamamaya.

Story Information Edit

She is met when the Hero visits the Elven Village during Stuck in the Middle with You, where she immediately asks for assistance in rescuing some elves from suspicious slavers in their woods.

After becoming a journeyman, she will offer the Hero a converted shrine (with included priestess) in exchange for hunting down a dangerous monster.

Later, the Hero confronts her about her suspiciously generous offers of Elven slave girls, and gets the story behind her peoples plight. Helping them out with their issue will lead to several other threats, but with some major rewards.

Techniques Taught Edit

After completing the quest Is the Elf Half Empty, speak to Meiriona with Yamamaya in your party and she'll offer to teach Yamamaya some of her old battle axe techniques, as long as you're willing to pay a bit for the upkeep of the Elven Village.


Sil cost Effect Momentum Cost
Taunt 10.000 Increases Yamamaya's threat generation by 150% 5
Shield Buster 15.000 Damages an enemy and removes cover (Cover, Stonewall, Guardian, Wing Shield, Shieldwall) 12
Eternal Crescent 25.000 Attacks an enemy. If that enemies dies, attacks a second target. 5
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