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A sorceress skilled in acid-type and cold-type magic. She's the only person to have that feat, ever.

She is Kyrie the Burning Blizzard, a Squire from the Eastfort Adventurer's Guild and she is a force to be reckoned with. She has a playful, no-nonsense personality and she tries to seduce the Hero during their first meeting. Kyrie is secretly a spy who works for the Queen of the Middle Kingdom.


You can meet her in the Northmarket Adventure Guild when you first go there after the beginning quest. Later on, you can temporarilly recruit her during Ain't No Party Like a Search Party. She eventually joins the harem and becomes a permanent party member after completing Research Materials (you have to get the Journeyman rank to start it).


Spells given by Level: 

  • Level 1
    • Ray of Frost: Costs 8 Mana, single enemy, Damage, Cold.
    • Acid Arrow: Costs 8 Mana, single enemy, Damage, Acid.
    • Focus: Costs 100 Momentum, Self, Restores Mana based on the user's Magic, Resist and Luck stats.
  • Level 10
    • Cone of Cold: Costs 20 Mana, all enemies, Damage, Cold.
    • Corrosive Rain: Costs 20 Mana, all enemies, Damage, Acid.
    • Ice Armor: Costs 5 Mana, the user, increases DEF and adds Cold resistance. (Persists after battle)
    • Mana Overcharge: Costs 5 Mana, one ally deals damage and greatly increases MAT for 6 turns.
  • Level 19
    • Coldsnap: Costs 15 Mana. Makes an enemy vulnerable to cold.
  • Level 26
    • Burning Blizzard: Cost 40 Mana, all enemies, Damage-type, Acid + Cold.

Spells given by Equipment[1].

  • Magical Handbook -
    • Magic Missile: Spell. Costs 8 Mana. Attacks single enemy with Force. Damage-Type.
  • Necronomicon -
    • Dark Blast: Spell. Costs 8 Mana, Attacks single enemy with Necrotic. Damage-Type.
  • Energy Principals I -
    • Smouldering Ash: Spell. Costs 8 Mana. Attacks single enemy with Fire. Control-Type.
    • Hoarfrost: Spell. Costs 8 Mana. Attacks single enemy with Cold. Control-Type.
  • Doctor Weird Vol. 2 -
    • Strobe Edge: Spell. Costs 8 Mana, Single enemy, Control, Radiant.
  • Doctor Weird Vol. 3 -
    • Chain Lightning: Spell. Costs 20 Mana. Attacks all enemies with Lightning. Damage-Type.
    • Hyde Formula: Spell. Costs 5 Mana. Buff. Boosts Attack for one ally.
  • Tactical Spells I -
    • Crushing Ego: Spell. Costs 8 Mana. All-out psychic assault damages the mind. Damage-Type.
    • Spell Penetration: Spell. Costs 5 Mana. Debuff. Trash someone's resistance to make way for death.
  • Dark and Stormy Knight -
    • Lightning Bolt: Spell. Costs 8 Mana, Single enemy, MP damage, Lightning damage.
    • Void Orb: Spell. Costs 20 Mana, All enemies, Necrotic damage, Inflict Attack debuff for 2 turns.

From Unity force:

  • Twin Spell: Costs 12 mana. Does sizable damage on all enemies, gives them a defense debuff, and gives both Hero and Kyrie Ice Armor.


Weapon: Wands

Off Hand: Magical Handbook (Starting)

Headgear: Ladies' Feather Cap (Starting)

Body: Silk Robe (Starting)

Accessory: Cute Shoes (Starting)


She is epitome of the magic damager. As she joins the party when the game has advanced notably, she has various AoE spells that can be useful in pretty much all the situations. In any case, it's not a bad idea to equip her with the appropriate tomes to increase her lethality against enemies with resistances to both Acid & Cold.

She is the only caster with the ability to cast acid magic which is very powerful in the current late-game quests. It's very effective against (list not complete):

Even if acid magic is not very effective, it will always lower its target's defensive statt by one level, making melee or range attacks more effective. Since you'll always have at least the main hero as a melee attacker, this is always beneficial.

Her second magic school of cold magic is also very effective against a multitude of enemies, including bosses. If Kyrie encounters enemies with resistances, she has the ability to make them vulnerable to cold magic with the spell Cold Snap. Against multiple enemies, this requires one turn of setup for every enemy, so this tactic is mostly beneficial in fights against bosses or single, strong monsters.

That said, Kyrie can learn every school of magic except sonic and venom magic by equiping tomes (see list above). This makes her the most versatile damage caster in the game.

Kyrie is especially powerful in conjunction with other party members such as:

  • Felix or Yeon: As dedicated healers for Kyrie as a glass cannon and to buff her magic with spells like Mana Overcharge or Caster's Spark. When no healing is required, both can learn Hoarfrost as ice magic from Energy Principles I which also benefits from Kyrie's Cold Snap spell or learn additional magic schools for more versatility.
  • Larelle to lower enemy magic defense with psychic magic or Spell Penetration and to lower enemy attack with necrotic magic so your glass cannon Kyrie takes less damage from non-magical hits. Larelle can also learn Hoarfrost as ice magic from Energy Principles I to benefit from Kyrie's Cold Snap spell or other schools of magic for versatility
  • Meline to lower enemy resistance against elemental magic with her Heretical Censure prayer. Meline can also learn sonic magic with Book of Love and Passion or Librum Caseum and cover one of Kyrie's gaps in coverage. With the right selection of prayers, Melina also offers buffs, debuffs and healing next to her radiant and fire magic.
  • Any physical damage dealer with Kyrie to debuff enemy defense with acid magic and enemy agility with cold magic.

With Kyrie being a pure spellcaster, she also has some disadvantages. In the current late-game, enemies with high magic evasion rates like the Transport Golems in the quest Golem To Be Awesome will be difficult to hit and take down. Multiple enemies, including bosses, have the ability to naturally reflect magic damage, causing Kyrie to deal considerable damage to herself, especially if buffed magic stat. Boses with magic reflection can be found in Westcastle Manor during the quest Looking for a Cure and in Southport during the quest Hall Monitor from Hell. Regular enemies that reflect magic damage appear in the forgotten tomb in the quest The Phantom Breaker Battle Ground and in the forgotten facility during the quest Golem To Be Awesome.

While any spellcaster can take Kyrie's spot as a damage caster, it's her high magic stats, high versatility and the fact that acid magic is very effective against a high number of different enemies in nearly all dungeons that makes Kyrie one of your most powerful and useful party members.



  • +4: Pearl Necklace.
  • +2: Lovely Flowers, Sweet Perfume, Clockworke Amusemente, Box of Chocolates, Slice of Cake, Rock Candy, Pocket Tome, Monster Fang, Shiny Bits
  • -2: Berry Gera, Porcelain Doll


  • Initial relationship: 61


  • Kyrie gains +5 Resist

Love / Respect Quest (Not Implemented Yet)

  • Bonus

Conversation & SexEdit


  • Chat
  • Gift
  • Research - The Hero ask Kyrie to help sorting the various magical items. After a brief pause, she will give you an Item: Encyclopedia. It will list all your magical artifacts with pretty detailed info.

Sex scenes:

Hidden stats Edit

The following are a list of stats/traits that are not made readily apparent about Hero on the status menu. Be warned that some of these might reveal spoilers about the character!

  • Takes 200% damage from anti-human attacks (becomes 150% after a certain achievement)
  • Has a natural 95% hit chance as a Warlord, and a 90% hit chance as a Phantom Knight
  • Has a natural 5% magic evasion chance
  • Has a natural 90% threat generation rate


If you are stuck with Kyrie in your party (she has a star in her portrait), follow the next steps:

  1. Get the Book of Hax (you could find it in the cheating chest, outside the Manor near Florine's shop).
  2. Use it at least once. Doesn’t matter if you’re full up on HP or whatever.
  3. Press the “q” key.
  4. Enter the code “ur5″ without quotations (of course).

References Edit

  1. Learned after having item equipped for 5 in-game days.
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