Hello, I just created this account.

This is my second time playing harem collector march version and I want to show my playthrough.

My goal is to get every investment, getting nice RP with every harem girl and kill that stupid rat!!!! (I couldn't do it in my first run). By the way, I don't care a lot about xp.

You are free to comment and giving me some tips (specially tips on how to kill the rat).

Other playthroughs could be found here.

Day 1 Edit


I'll just stick to Ferdinand, I'm not that creative to think of a new name.


You know, with that money you can't even buy Chimey, but considering that he got it only killing rats, I'm wondering how many years did he spent amassing that money.

Well, anyways let's start the party.

Our hero is drinking a lot, and finally he "fell asleep".

Party Finish

Gargan, what the hell did you do to our hero, that "Hehehe" is really bizarre and disturbing, like that old man who wanted to touch my butt brrrrrr.


I want to fight barehanded, it's just a rat.

Out of the sewer

We are finally out of the sewer, all safe and sound, now let's start getting the mansion, with this 100000 sil you got for a rat tail (if I remember right, in final fantasy I you get class changed for that, if not someone correct me, well only if someone is actually going to see my playthrough, considering is already may, and this is the march version).

Enough ranting, let's go to the estate broker.

I didn't took a picture of the deal but I think everyone knows that Alina's dad will make me rescue her daughter and son.


I have a hard time beliving (I don't know how to write that word), that our hero didn't catch his sister love.

The reason I'm in the bakery is not to get her from behind, just to take a lunch.


Tempting words, but I want to finish Harem Collector so I won't ask for that scene.

Now let's go to Shally.


Nice, Ferdinand. A lot of people from the real world should follow that dedication.

Now that our hero has a hint of where are his prizes, let's go to the bitch's six tits.

Therese 1

Therese is really asking for the hero to do "things", well now that I have Therese, let's penetrate the inner sanctum.

Therese heal

And that's how I lost some mp, saint Therese, hey I just understand the name of Therese, it's is the name of a saint. Now let's go to the bitch's six tits for real.


Nomoshing, are you really going to use him?

Now I'm to lazy to explain everything I do in this dungeon so I'll just take pictures of the important scenes.

Therse Alina

Foreshadowing, Therese-Alina, you'll know the meaning when you RP with Therese is high enough.


Now you got Alina, and, this is an illegal slave right?

Now I'll just finish day 1 and start day 2.

Day 2 Edit

Day 2

We start the day with Alina's nagging, and this is where the most complicated part of my playthrough starts.

I'm going to do a lot of non time advancing stuff.


Firstmost, we'll get our healbot


I'm actually feeling bad about him, and this time I'm planning to play like a relatively good guy so I'll return his name and even going to give him daily gifts.

Now I'm going to get the loan, buy the gifts, obviously give the gifts, start blacksmith and Florine quest, doing the pusher lament and everyday I'm smuggling and killing every animal there.

Stab the bankert

Nice persuasion skills, now to eastfort and get Doll


Again, I'm not creative, so I'll just stick to Doll. Now that we are at Eastfoirt, let's start pusher lament.


Gross, why the heck do you have that furuit, but oh well, at least I finished this quest with a little extra money.

I almost forgot to buy the shovel and getting every buried treasures, so now doll is equipping the best armor and let's go to kill animals and orcs and getting the smuggler chest.


You know, this orc is really weak if you have Doll with you.


Now that I have lots of money let's invest to the slavers, by the way I forgot to kill the bandits in the slums so I'll just do it now.


I was just going to westcastle to get Borgen payment and voilá, Bronwyn scene get.

This fight was a little difficult for those counters, but I won anyways, doll is really broken at early start.


Now I'm curious about this play, Nomoshing should start a quest to represent this play that even our hero enjoyed.

Not Alina

The sprite is already different so this text should change, just a random complain of this awesome game, so nomoshing can just ignore this, it's not a problem anyways.

Now let's go to southport to kick Elvo's ass and huntervale on the way to sell those animal skins. By the way who in the world buried those old bones?

Easter egg

Some random easter egg before atacking Elvo Is this directed to nekochan? Considering that is directed to Mrs. NoMoshing, I'm ranting again.

I forgot to heal my party at the mansion after fighting those royal guards, but it shouldn't be a big problem, right?


Nice kitchem and nice basement, if you had the money to make this, you should have payed your loan.


Is this granny related to Elaiya somewhat? I remember bertram being one of her husband friends. This granny is scary by the way.

Now that I have already killed Elvo, I'm going to sell those slime bottle to the freak kid.

Important note: talk to the banker but not to Kevin (blacksmith) or the day will end.

Now my final stuff for the day is to "save" Florine, but before that, I'm going to get the lucky hat.

Lucky hat

For those who doesn't know how to get it, just roam outh from eastfort until you are here.

Orc battle

Now the fight to save Florine, really easy anyways, but those orcs, they really need to talk less and fight more, they are orcs, Ferdinand well said.

After killing them and have fun with Florine, let's grab the money, I invest in the tulip guy, meisa delle and apple kid (I screwed up, because I had to invest in her before rescuing Florine to grab an extra lead bar).

The rest 30 sil save it at the bank (I don't know if the money I got differ from playthrough to playthrough).

Now let's finish day 2 and start day 3.


I finally catched that bug.

Day 3 Edit

Amazing Old Man

Let's start the day getting the amazing old man. I prefer him and not the kung fu master.

Daily quest-0

My first daily quest is foreigners. I hope I survive this, the reward is high.

It wasn't that difficult, but Ferdinand ended up dying with a headshot.

PD: I forgot to say that in day 2 I also invested in the southport pub and to clear any misunderstanding, the 30 sil was used to pay the loan, It's just that in my vocabulary, bank and save go together.

Now, let's pay the debt, no I'm lying, i'm going to have 19 sil debt because that amount doesn't increase the interest. Yay 19 sil more, yeah I know I'm a cheapstake that's why it hurts a lot to lose the 2 lead bar of the first day, well enough ranting and doing the routine, gifting your girls + felix and getting the amazing old man invention.

Now for this day I'm going to do the first part of Larelle quest and I'll try to do the huntervale quest for some extra money (don't talk to the nun after saving the priest or you won't be able to take the money of It came from below the equator without advancing the day).

Day 3

It's currently raining, I'm not stupid enough to try and kill the corrupted mycon at day 3, so I'll just start the bewitchy woman quest and grab a dark seed at eastfort. Also, How is that butterfly flying?! it's raining! the animals in this world are strong as hell.

Southport port

I don't know why. but it's raing inside the church, maybe they don't have enough money to repair the ceiling, nah just kidding, I know that nomoshing has just recently changed this part and I'm hoping he'll put more houses here, I feel a little lonely when I enter to this port.

Anyways I talked to the nun to start the quest, I'm planning to get the free buff of the church, kill the zombies and go to huntervale fast to kill the werewolf with the blessing buff.


Here I am, at Lumberhill, I'll be a bad guy and let that zombie destroy the inn, I want 3000 sil, money is money.


Go Zombie Go!! Destroy that door **** the people inside and open that door with 3000 sil. Yeah I'm a little sadist.

Dancing zombies

Yay dancing zombies hashahahahah.

About the fight, even though I had that cross beside my characters, I was actually hitting very little, doll was hitting 97, and this is my theory, while I was editing this I run out of the buff, it's just maybe.

Well anyways, After killing them I went to my mansion to heal my party

Day 3 healed

After I'm healed I lost my church buff, too bad but I'll still going to challenge the huntervale townspeople.

By the way in the way to the mansion I went to the forest to meet the nymph, sorry I forgot to take the snapshot.

Huntervile house 1

Finally at huntervale, and yeah that cell is creepy.

Huntervile house 2

No, this house is creepier.

Huntervile house 3

Why there is that much blood?

Huntervile house 4

Yay free stuff

Huntervile house 5

With who are you talking to?

Huntervile mayor house

Now our hero is in deep shit.

The reason I took so many shots were to show how empty and creepy this town was, trying to make a story with pictures, I hope it wasn't tiring this many images.

Huntervile moon moon

Now we are alone with Moon Moon, by the way, the hero's party is tied, I think nomoshing said that he'll correct the scene in future updates.

Huntervile moon moon dead

Poor Moon Moon, he wasn't a sucker, just a honest, very trusting, slow thinker, inocent, idiot, stupid and retarded guy.

Huntervile fun

Time to have a little fun, I'm not that fan of animal ears, tail, but it seems Ferdinand do have that fetish.

Huntervile treasures

A difficult fight, but I get all those treasures yay.

Huntervile boss
Huntervile boss fight

Now is the boss fight, I don't know who I'll kill first, is really difficult with only 3 characters, but looking at the bright side, this is a quest for lv 8 and now I'm at lv 10 or 11 I forgot and can't check my stats in the middle of a fight, man I wish I could do that to see check who in my party will atack first seeing ther agility, well I have to man up and start this fight.

I actually lost this fight so I'm doing this quest again, I think it was a bad idea to start killing the druid first.

Huntervile ends well

This time I won. I killed first the shaman wolf, then the silverpret wolf, then the melee wolf, after that the druid and at last the alpha wolf.

Now that was a sitcom happy ending, I also wish I were a werewolf, that way I wouldn't go to the hospital that frequently for a broken bone, meh following with the playthrough, I won't talk to the nun for the reason I said before.

Huntervile maid

Lol. Werewolf maid power!!!

Now that I'm free I'll sell the bearskin here in hutervale and everyone now is nice to Ferdinand yay!

Going to the mansion to heal.

Hey something is wrong in the house.

Old man bug
Alina bug

I don't know what caused those bugs, alina in my room doesn't talk and the amazing old man crouching is saying the same stuff as when Therese invaded the manor. I certainly don't use the timeturner, nor opened the cheat chest, maybe it's because I mixed the huntervale quest with Larelle's,?

As I said before, I had to reset this day because I lost against the wolfs, so the stuff I did this time were:

1 Accept the huntervale quest and talked to the nun.

2 Accept the lumberhill quest and killed the zombies.

3. Summoned the amazing old man and getting encourage.

4. Killing the werewolfs and returning to my mansion.

Hm I think this should go to the bug report section, but this way I can show images as proof and the thing I had done this far as well.

Continuing with the playthrough, as long as it doesn't cause any glitch I'll just ignore it and is cool to see 2 amazing old man in the same room.

Now I'm going to the lumberhill forest to get Larelle, but before.

Lumberhill 3000

It's nice to being a bad guy, considering I got this 3000 free sil hehehehehe. And in retrospective, it's not that I'm the bad guy, it's Ferdinand the bad one I'm just controling him.

Now that I got this sil, I'm going to Florine's and sell the junk which it isn't that much anyways and almost everything from my inventary, which includes non permanent stat boost potions, healing potions, food and useless 25 sil equipment, the leather jacket and the booze.

I wanted to get the zombies quest 5000 sil reward, but it seems that I can't do that until Ferdinand go to the forest and "save" Larelle so my current money:

Day 3 Money

Even with this I can't recruit Chimmey, so for now I'll invest in every bussiness I can except curios, and the cannery (I'm planning to be nice to the children this time) which I'll leave it at the end considering that I need 50 days to get my money back and is still imposible at the current update and penelope's farm because that will advance a day.

If only it wasn't raining I could have invested in everything.


Bitch six tits before


Bitch six tits after

I just wanted to show this. Poor guy passed out.

I'm pretty sure that I was able to get the 5000 sil reward before getting Larelle but now I can't even invest in the shoe store at lumberhill, werid, maybe it's because of the bug or my memory sucks.

Anyways let's stop ranting and go to the forest.

Lumberhill forest

Hey poor Mickele, now I'm not going to show every fight, just Larelle's. Before forgetting I'm going to dig the dark seed in the forest.

Lumberhill boss fight

Hey fighting against Larelle, my strategy here is directly defeat Larelle, spaming magic missile because her atk debuff is really annoying, then go to the meatshields, at the end of that the spctre won't have any mana remeaing.

The strategy worked nicely, well I'm a bit overleveled thanks to the huntervale quest, now:

Lumberhill Larelle choice

Which choice, which choice, it should be obvious, COLLAR NOW!!!! nah just kidding, As I said, I'm a little sadist and one of the objective of this guide is to have a high RP with the girls + followers so I'll chose Dungeon.

PD: Before entering the forest I saved the money at the bank to get the 1% dividend.

Day 4 Edit

Day 4

Rise and shine, it's morning now and the first thing to do is use those +5 sastifaction gained while playing with Larelle and upgrading the dungeon so Ferdinand, no me, Ferdinand can get some fun times with Larelle.

First thing first, the routine, get the lead bar, the random quest and gifting/torture the girls + felix.

And the daily quest this time is:

Daily quest 4

Some thugs, what deception, I wanted to kill slimes or kellos for the money, oh well is better than the demons and I'll seriously redo a day if the daily quest are demons, I simply don't like them, at least the thugs gives me leather jackets and low potions which I can sell.

Well after doing the routine, ops almost forgot to talk to the amazing old man, Since today isn't raining let's start with the investment. Now I have invested in everything except orange kid, jewerly, eastfort manor and shop.

Now let's check the flower girl to see if she has lovely flowers.

Flower girl

Heh Lucky me she is selling it!

How much should I buy, I usually buy only 1 gift per person a day, but those flowers doesn't always appear, mmm let's see if I remember correctly, Penelope and Chimei start with 41 RP and Chimei has a scene which gives her 5 more and I'm planning to congratulate Penelope for protecting the kitchen, so is +5 for to her to, hm 101-41=60 60/3=20 20-5=15. So they need 15 flower each. Hey little girl I'll buy you 30 flowers.

Now I'll go to Lumberhill to get my little reward which I forgot in the church.

Dark seed

And I got another dark seed, yay. But what the heck are those? They are cursed seeing how you get some of them like in this case. Maybe in future updates, the one who buys you the dark seeds is a secret boss or will summon a secret boss who fights against you when you recollected every dark seed in the world.

Hey the strange bug in the mannor is fixed, now I'll go to the guild to get the zombies reward and I'm going to start the clock quest for real, because there is no more reason to talk to Raina in the guild so I can safely complete this quest without advancing time while getting the trash of those fanatics.

Check my Package exit town

Crazy bastards, it's not even a rolex!

Check my Package boss fight

This girl is offering Ferdinand the robot and you choose the money!, come on you can get more by selling the robot, and you can't **** the clock to you know...


Anyway easy fight at this lv.

Clock finish

You are the creepier of them all, who are you Frodo?

Now that I delivered this I'm going to sell the junk obtained but don't talk to Raina so I don't have to pass the day.

I almost sold the ancient money and the animal skins to Florine uff.

Well from now on, the days will be more relaxed, considereing I did almost every non time wasting stuff and I'm still angry that it took me a day more to invest in 4 shops for the rain and 2 for a mistake of mine, I should invested first in the shoe shop at Lumberhill then acepted the quest and invested in lead girl before rescuing Florine. Haaaah.

Now I'll save my money at the bank and go to recruit Penelope, making sure to grab the dark seed at her farm.

Penelope get

Hey Ferdinand, don't you think that Penelope is such a nice girl and I'm not just talking about her breast.

well that's how the day 4 ends.

Day 5 Edit

Day 5
Hey my income is 2130, if I were cruel it would be 2190, but I really hate seeing crying kids.

Now the routine.

Todays daily quest will be:

Day 5 quest

Yay animals, I think I can get around 900 sil with those.

And is raining again.

PD: The animals gave me 980 sil yay

Now with the bothersome stuff gone, let's go getting Elaiya, but first, let's save the money.

Day 5 money

This is my money so far, not that bad, considering those mistakes, I'll just stop talking about them from now.

First thing first, let's go to the church and try to get Therese in the party, only to get rejected by that nun.

Therese cloistered

Impure thoughts ehhh, I'm not drooling just imagining what kind of impure thoughts Therese will have. Well well now, we'll follow the nun's instruction like a good kid and go find a "partner" at the tin dog.

Elaiya first encounter

And there she is, with a mistery aura around her.

Now let's go to the fort and save Elaiya.

Elaiya rescue

I reached the fort and look, the fireplace it´s not yet cold. I don't know a lot of camping, I never camped in a rainy season so I don't know if the fireplace would still be warm under the water, oh well, let's just enter, by the way, there is a strange note in the wall of this place.

Elaiya rescue part 1

It seems true that our hero has only fighted rats, orcs and chickens, because he doesn't know what a slime is, maybe they are a special type of slimes, different from the one at Elvo's house.

Elaiya rescue part 2

This is our hero smart phrases, now let's kick this guy's ass which will be really easy considering the lv I'm right now, I only have to protect Elaiya with Doll anyways.

Elaiya rescue part 3

Yeah, Ferdinand just rescued you, and now you'll be one of his harem girl, aren't you happy?

Elaiya rescue part 4

Hmm more mysteries for her, and I'm thinking what right do Shally have to give Elaiya's freedom to Ferdinand, We are happy with that development, but seriously how has she gained that right?

Now we'll end day 5 and start day 6.

Day 6 Edit

Day 6

The start of day 6, and I think that the slaver guild should come here now, but before that, let's do the routine.

Oh crap, I just realized how bad at math I am, it wasn't 15 flower each, but 18 flowers, oh well, the flower girl would most likely sell the lovely flowers again.

Now lets see today random quest:

Day 6 quest

Hell yeah!! Slimes, lots of easy money, thanks kid.

Now inmediately to the creepy southport university guy to get almost 1000 sil for the slime.

And now, after doing the routine, let's talk to the slaver.


She is selling Lovely Flowers again, so this time I need to buy ermm how much again?

Let's see, Chimey and Penelope starts with 41 RP, they'll both get a +5 so they will have 46RP, 101-46=55 55/3=18.3, so they needed 19 flowers each, and I bought 15 the last time and that means that I need to buy 4 flowers more for each girl or 8 flowers.

Felix Neutral

While doing the routine, Felix doesn't dislike Ferdinand anymore. I have a hard time believing this kid is a genius, considering thtat he is just being bought with cake you know.

Perpetual motion device

He just constructed the amazing Perpetual Motion Device, and you know what our hero do, yeah that's right, he will sell it, at a cheap price even, poor old man, I'm really feeling bad for him, I can't even start my own thesis and his creation is just being used as an adventure trash.

Day 6 money

This is today's money, almost 20000 sil more to get Chimey. I only need 50000, because I can loan the rest.

Slave hunt

Why the hell are you hiding? Can you just be at the entrance?! I was worried for a second that the slaver's guild has scamed me. Now show me the slaves!

Yamamaya first appearence

It feels a lot like that scene in chrono trigger where you meet that prehistoric girl, ah right i I remember correctly, Nomoshing said that he based this scene on that, oh silly me, well with this the day 6 will end, a pretty short day compared to the early frenzy days, tomorrow will be the same anyways.

Day 7 Edit

Day 7

This is the day 7 and Felix has learned Magic Missile, now he'll learn Dark Blast.

Now to start the routine, let's see what is our random quest today:

Day 7 random quest

TWO TIMES A ROW!! slimes again! I swear that I didn't redo this day, ah how wonderful money.

Day 7 money

This is todays money, A little more and I'm gonna get chimey.

For this day let's get Meline, but I'll explore the slums a little because I forgot something here the last time.

Strange note 3

Another strange note more, I already have 3, but I don't remember where I got one of them, I know that I got one recruiting Elaiya and this is the other one, but I have 3 not 2. But let's stop thinking it deeply and just go to get Ferdinand to enjoy a family time.

Meline's seduction skill

It seems that Meline knows his brother really well, I mean how the hell can you seduce your own brother? I guess Ferdinand and Meline are just special. Now let's start the day 8.

Meline power 1

I forgot that Meline has a scene after joining the harem. And drawing a dick on his face, very tempting, but no I'll have to refrain, sastifaction isn't a bonus that you can easily get.

Meline power 2

Ahh how cute, a sister who doesn't care about the privacy of his brother.

Meline power 3

Yeah I can do that without any penalty so I'll just let her write it.

Meline power 4

Now Meline can go adventuring with his brother using the power of Love and Passion. Now we'll finally end the day 7.

Day 8 Edit

This will be my last day for today, now the routine.

Today's random quest will be:

Day 8 random quest

Ugh just some orcs, I wanted another slime or kellos, but it seems my luck has depleted.

Alina Neutral

Alina doesn't dislike Ferdinand anymore and she has started her tsundere rant.

Alina's gift

Hey Alina's gift surrounded by love and you know what I'll do? I'll just sell it for some extra cash.

Day 8 money

This is today's money. Now I'm planning to finish Doll's quest, but Therese quest will start right away and I need to study so I'll do the day 9 tomorrow, ugh confusing, I'll day the ingame day 9 in realworld tomorrow.

I'm back and I forgot to sell the casual dress that come with Meline and the 6 tasty sausages that the lady gives to you if you invest in her, so I sold it now, I'm too lazy to get the snapshot after selling those stuffs so I'll just write the current money: 40088 sil.

Now, to get Doll and Kevin, so for now let's just bring him the bad news.

Blacksmith bad news-1

Yeah, too bad, but there is a good news too.

Blacksmith good news

See, there is something good after all. No wait a minute, I'm not sure, he'll end up living in a mannor with a lot of sexy womans, nice, but he can't date anyone, while his boss is having fun with every girl living there, It's like heaven is so close, but so far at the same time. Meh, he'll have a new forge anyways so he should be happy.

Sword 1

Yay, now you have a real sword and new girl.

Doll sex

What do you think, doofus? See that's why I don't know if it's a good or bad news to Kevin, I certainly don't want to live in a house full of girls, 151 it seems, who will never do anything with me.

Now after Ferdinand and Doll bond together, let's go to day 9.

Day 9 Edit

Mannor invasion 1-0

Is morning now and we start hearing Meline's fantasies about her brother. Silk shirts that can flap in the breeze, with half the buttons undone. What's so wrong with using a bulky armor everyday? He is an adventurer.

Mannor invasion 2

Now we know that Ferdinand has breakfast as soon as he wakes up, but look at the table, it seems that Alina go to his room while our hero is sleeping, even earlier than Penelope to give him stuffs, that's some crazy love there. And while we are looking those little details, look at the bed, it's not a double bed, it's just 2 bed joined together, like when I was a kid and shared the room with my old bro, but obviously our relationship is not as strong as those two siblings.

Manor invasion 3

And surprise, surprise, it wasn't Penelope serving him breakfast, it was those paladins, and they are saying bullshit about getting the girls using trickery and deceit, that's not true at all, five of them happily accepted him as his new master, two of them were forced, not trickered, forced, and the last one isn't a slave, she is just in the cell, see false accusations.

Manor invasion 4

And that's what they get for lying. As a sidenote, it seems that in this world if a person is defeated, but his body remains, he is still not dead, strange.

Manor invasion 5

Don't worry Meline, because

Manor invasion 6

Yeah just leave this to him, he's the greatest hero of this land.

Now, who to save first, I'll go with my party members first, starting with Doll->Yamamaya->Felix. Yup that's the plan, sorry kid, I know you are strong by yourself so take care I'll be back soon.

Manor invasion 7

Hey, Jonagold, how early do you wake up to bring me this lead bars?

Now, off to go save Doll.

Manor invasion 8


Manor invasion 9

Yeah! Well said Ferdinand, she is yours and only yours, stupid clergymen.

Manor invasion 10

Yeah,Larelle and Alina should learn one or tho things from Doll, he really take care of his toys you know. Well, now let's go to help Yama, but before.

Strange door

Really, what's behind this? In what update this door will be opened? or, It will be an eternal joke?

Okay, now we really are going to rescue Yama.

Manor invasion 11

And look at this scene, it reminds me to the history books where the european, specially the spanish people who were kicked out of Europe by the for their constant pillage) "spread the christian words" to the american natives, something along the lines: "You sons of the devil, because you don't adore God you'll die by our hands!!!" or something like that. Enought ranting and let's go.

Manor invasion 12

Yeah let's kick clegrymen's ases, they are really weak after all. Now we are going to help Felix, he is a brave man so he should be able to fend off by himself, but a little help won't be bad.

Manor invasion 13

And look, suprise. It seems that Felix in reality doesn't hate our hero, in fact he likes him. Maybe in his respect quest, he will become something like a little brother to him and will learn to construct his own harem in the future, a harem full of big sisters type of girl, since he is mascot type of character anyways.

Manor invasion 14

You know that he is more amazing if you have Larelle as a slave? I can't show it in this playthrough, but maybe in the next release I'll show every variant of this quest.

Manor invasion 15

They tried to kill him, even though they are so weak, even Felix at lv 2 by himself could have taken care off them. Now we have a full party, let's save the rest of the harem.

Manor invasion 16

Ah shit! I forgot about Elaiya, last time I didn't had her, so the scene was Alina protecting the twins, awesome scene too.

Manor invasion 17

You are so nice, Ferdinand would have just stabbed them.

Manor invasion 18

What do you expect, she is carrying guns you know, every gun carrying girl in a game are hardcore cool.

Manor invasion 19

Now this will be the party, it just seems wrong to have a man in a party when Ferdinand says that his only party member has to be cute girls.

I'm gonna save Penelope now, but before, let's check Larelle.

Manor invasion 20

Hey, really. The dungeon is obviously the most suspicious place of the entire mansion and there isn't any single paladin here? As I said, clegrymen aren't the most brilliant mind in this world. Next stop kitchen,

Manor invasion 21

What do you mean? She came to this manor willingly.

Manor invasion 22

WHAT?! That deserve a punishment!

Manor invasion 23

Again, one of our hero's smart phrases.

Mr sword

What's so wrong with that?

Manor invasion 24

Don't worry, they are really weak, now, whom I'm forgetting... Ah, that's right, Amazing Old Man.

Manor invasion 25

Lection for today. Never mess up with a crazy genius scientist or you'll get bombed.

Manor invasion 26

Even our hero recognizes his prowess. He really is the AMAZING OLD MAN.

Manor invasion 27

He is giving me some nail bombs nice, well now let's search for Florine. First check the chapel.

Manor invasion 27-0

She is a paladin too remember? In fact she lives in this same city. Why are you so surprised Ferdinand?

Manor invasion 28

Yeah, tell us! tell us! tell us!

Manor invasion 29

You were pretty surprised before with that "YOU?!" Oh crap I didn't took that snapshot.

Manor invasion 30

Wow! Therese is a Magical Girl like Sailor Moon! She changed her entire military outfit for this extremely revealing and cool one in just an instant!

Manor invasion 31

Yeah, but you only have the servant of the Angel of Justice on your side while.

Manor invasion 32

That's right, Meline is the avatar herself, representing not the servant, but the Angel of Love and Passion. She is more high ranked that you Therese, now Ferdinand will extort out of her the matter of the cloister

Manor invasion 33

Now let's search the last room, the erm ...... random quest room.

Manor invasion 34

Exploring and using the brain, stupid. The only bad thing he ever done to get that money was letting the zombies destroy the inn and that wasn't his fault anyways because if he didn't go to lumberhill, then the zombies would have destroyed everything anyways.

Manor invasion 35

You are just jelaous of him. If you wanted the money, you should have chosen to be an adventurer instead of a knight.

Manor invasion 36

You said it right Ferdinand!

Manor invasion 37

I guess Florine was at the shop the entire time, at least she is hardworking.

Manor invasion 38

Who is an illegal slave anyways? I know that Alina is illegal, but Elaiya, Doll and Penelope are in the grey zone I think.

Manor invasion 39

Therese you should be happy. The man of your dreams is going to be with you with other 150 girls more.

Manor invasion 40

I'll just sold them, Alina said that they may have the ability to break the collar magic, so in the end they'll be free and I don't care about how the church thinks of Ferdinand and I'm sure he doesn't care too. So money.

Now is time to praises:

Manor invasion 41
She really was at the store the entire time...
Manor invasion 43
Yeah don't worry Felix, you are under the wing of the best teacher in the world.
Manor invasion 42
Of course, he is the strongest hero of this land.
Manor invasion 44
Stop putting yourself down, Ferdinand really thinks you are amazing.
Manor invasion 45
Sorrry Meline, but you are the avatar of the Angel of Love and Peace?, wasn't Passion?, anyways you are ranked higher than those clegrymen in the eyes of the Angels.
Manor invasion 46
Hey, her tsundere mode has disappeared.
Manor invasion 47
Yeah, you were amazing, that's why you deserved the praise.
Manor invasion 48
Erhm, yeah, protectected the kitchen.

This day was pretty hectic compared to the last few days and now will finish this day.

Day 10 Edit

Day 10
Day 10-0

Those are my party lvs. and my current no banked money.

Today I have enough money to buy Chimey, so why not buy her right now? I'll do the routine after that.


That's a scam. No matter how I see this, this is a scam, you had better be really grateful to Ferdinand, because there is no person in this sector who will buy her only for her looks beside our hero.

Chimei 1

I think she is saying what the hell are you doing?

Chimei 2

Wow, the slavers knows foreign languages. By the way he is saying: "That person is your new master" or something like that.

Chimei 3

That I understand clearly. She said "Really?"

Chimei 4

Chimei: "What are you saying"?

Chimei 5

Our hero's method of comunication.

Chimei 6

Chimei: "Where are you touching? Stop it!"

Chimei 7

Chimei: "Okay okay... Sorry master" (More than Okay okay, it was it's no use, but I thinkthat Okay okay is better in this context)

This is the power of google translate MUA HA HA!

Now the routine. Today's random quest will be:

Day 10 random quest

Orcs again ughh. Please I summon you Kellos or Slimes!

Now that there is so many girls, gifting is a little expensive, but I managed to buy chimei so from today onwards the routine will have buying the stuff from the clown near westcastle.

You know, I upgraded every weapon for the party, yay, they are using real weapons now.

Florine Like

Now Florine likes the hero and she is finally going to send him some shop profits.

Kevin vs Hero
Kevin vs Hero 1

Like best friends.

Kevin sarcasm

And our hero really belives that, well I'll belive him too, considering he is a metallurgy nerd.

Penelope like

Penelope likes Ferdinand too, and you'll get higher profit from her farm now. Yay!

You know, Elaiya should have 58 RP, but she has 57, maybe I gave her the wrong gift, meh whatever, she will have more than 100 anyways.

Doll like

Doll also likes Ferdinand, and now she has more mana, nice.

My mistake, it wasn't mana, it was 2% more regenerative power.

Penelope father

Look the tact our hero has when talking to his girl's father, if I ever do something like that, I'm sure that he will kill me on the spot.

Now let's see. I know, let's get Bronwyn. I really wish I could buy the condo and the next day the shop, but I'm not very good at math so I don't know if the profit I'll get will be better than the lost money for the interest in loan, so I'll just get Bronwyn and the next day purchase the condo. But Ill take a study and lunch break so I'll continue in a few hours.

I'm back, for now let's save the money at the bank, but I still need 1000 sil to buy the random thing to the clown.

Clown 1

Today is a Dark Seed. It hurts me a lot to use 1000 sil.

Day 10 money

Today's money.

Now to the elven forest for real.

Elf village

Why not? We humans may be xenophobics but you guys are racist! That's worst and I don't know why.

Sidenote: after allowed there should be a point.

Elf village 1

Surprised that a lowly human can speak your language, It wasn't that difficult, he just learned it in one day.

Elf village 2

Now, thanks to the ability to speak elvish, our hero is inside the elven town.

Elf village 3

I like how Ferdinand is able to say such things so easily.

Elf village 4

Thanks the Angels that she doesn't know common, or he'll be expeled at that moment.

Elf village 5

Yeah, beauty, just don't tell her your definition of beauty and everything will go okay.

Elf village 6

What do you think? You started this question so you have no right to be so surprised.

Elf village 7

So to make long history short, slavers are getting illegal elf slaves and our hero is going to stop them.

Elf village 8

As if I would do that, you people are racist and are charging me like 10x the original price, I won't fall for your tricks to get more money for the village.

Elf village 9

Yeah, that's right. Our hero financied your expedition with 10000 sil, not to mention that he has bought Chimei at 60000 sil, so you guys sucks at customer services if you can't remember him.

The strategy here is to not enter the tent until you had captured the clown running around. I think that the only way to kill the clown is to catch him when he is running alone.

Elf village boss

And the fight will start with the clown alone.

Elf village boss dead

And that's the text when he is dead.

I forgot to take a snap of the slaver who is calling for his mommy.

By the way, the strategy of this dungeon is to use bronwyn to pin the boss or the chain wielder, while meline is dazzling every enemy one by one.

Elf village 10

And do you have the face to say that? You are getting illegal slaves so it's only natural for us to stop you and obtain the favors of the elven and maybe get one of them as a legal slave.

Elf village 11

Those names... You guys are from the countryside? I thought you were an advanced and sostiphicated race, not that I have anything against countrymen, but I thought the elves would have names like Legolas or something like that.

Well anyways the quest is finished.

Elf village 12

So the reason why they didn't now Ferdinand is because they aren't from the slaver guild. Hmm feeling a new arc.

Elf village 13

Yeah, the best reward ever. Who cares about money and fame? Those things are only the tools to get happiness, not happiness itself and our hero knows what is his true happiness very well, it's to make the legendary harem of 151 girls.

Elf village 14

NoMoshing, I seriously hope that that is a joke, I mean, if the game ends with the hero dying at forty or so, not just me but a lot of people will be a little pissed and disappointed. Wait, maybe that's the hint he gave us to say that Bronwyn love quest is about getting a cure to prolongue hero's and his harem's life.

Well after the interracial night game, we'll start a new day!

Day 11 Edit

Day 11

A new day and finally enough money to buy the condo, so after doing the routine, our plans for today is to get the westcastle condo.

But first, before seeing the random quest, Larelle RP should be 18, so with today's game, she will have 21 RP, that's means, she is finally a party member. Yay!

Wait a moment, Ferdinand has 300 exp aproximately, so I think is better to recruit her, after leveling him up, so let's do first the daily quest.

Day 11 Random Quest

Crap, cultist, at least I'll get some pocket tomes out of it, but the money ugg.

I think I only got 4 pocket tomes out of this random quest, and one of them were from a chest, If I can avoid it I'll never do a cultist random quest ever, it sucks.

Well now, let's buy the gift, sell the trash, buy to the clown and save the money.

Hey, I already have 21 RP with Larelle, but she doesn't want to join the party, maybe I have to wait until next day.

No I just realized that I already used all my collars, so I have to get some more, then let's go to the slaver guild.

Slave collar 1

That's the way. He is asking me a young male mage, where a person with those characteristics will be, I know the university city, Southport.

Slave collar 1 drunking the poor kid

That's the way to get a slave, drown him in alcohol then make him sign a contract, hey Ferdinand, at the first day you lost concioussness drinking, aren't you lucky to still be a free man?

Well aftrer drunking him and getting his approval, we talk to the slaver and got 5 mor collars. Yay!

Something is bothering me, why this quest is a lv4 quest? I mean, you don't ever fight a slime.

Enough ranting and let's get Larelle.

Larelles dislike

Lol, Larelle's fetish: Cute vampire boys, come on, vampires are supposed to be frightening and cool, not cute, at least he was transformed at the age of 10 or something like that. Now that I think about it, is in this world a pure blood vampire? and if he exist, How the hell he'll age from baby until adulthood? One of the mysteries of life, like what came first, chicken or egg, enough ranting.

Larelles dislike 7 seven years

And after a rather short negotiations, Larelle will be a slave for 7 years. I wonder how the hero will manage to transform those seven years to full life. At least, Larelle doesn't hate the hero anymore, she just dislikes him.

Now that I have completed the routine, let's go to the bank to get 5000 sil and buy the condo

Day 11 money

Today's money, obviously I have 5000 sil more to buy the condo.

Larelle stat

It's the same with Therese, why? maybe the boss status is a buff that multiplies your current stats.

Now to Eastfort and buy that condo.

Buying Condo

Yeah, if that were the prize, I'll happily do that, 5000 sil is just too much, but greedy grandma, you only care about those money, not that I'm the best person to make sermon about the money, considering that I still have a 19 sil debt.

Now to the condo, where there seemingly is a maid prepared, that's mean fun time.

Condo 1

Where is she? I'm really curious, but before that.

Condo porn

This is important, because at the next day, Doll will be standing in front of this.

Condo bug

Hello Bronwyn, why are you here alone? Stoping with this stupid talk, I have to say that nobody should complain about this bug, because she was just recently incorporated.

Condo mast

What are those sounds? I'm too innocent to understand it.

Condo bug 2

Another one found, I should really send those to the bug report page.

Condo 2

Now the moment of truth, what were the meaning of those sounds? You'll never learn it in this playthrough because I have the feelings I can't upload those kind of pictures in the wiki. So after the little fun our loved hero will have, let's start the day 12.

Day 12 Edit

Felix dark blast

We start this day with Felix learning Dark Blast, so today will waste more money buying him another spell book.

For now, let's do the routine.

Sorry for taking some hours continuing this plyathrough, I got stuff to do and was a little sleepy, well enough of my real life problems and let's do Ferdinand life.

As I said before, we'll do the routine, so today's random quest is: PLEASE CULTIST NO!

Day 12

Yay, animals.

Now first thing first, let's go to huntervale and sell the animal skins then to southport to buy this book.

Magic book

This book gives to spell user's two magic, unfortunately is not at the same time, meaning, you'll learn first the fire magic then the cold magic or viceversa (I don't remember which one is learned first).

After that to the clown, because that's the routine, don't worry about the stuff he sells to you, it's fixed, even though it hurts a lot to buy the scroll of Magic Missile with 1000 sil, considering that here you can buy it at 120 sil.

Now to gift the girls.

Elaiya Like

Now she likes Ferdinand too, and what do you mean that you were doubtful at first?


You never presented yourself properly you know... How in the world he would know your name then?

Chimei clockwork

I accidentaly gave Chimei the clockwork amusement, so I had to reset today, thanks god that I saved after waking up at day 12. By the way, Chimei is saying: "What is this? Don't kid with me! Master is an idiot!"

Now, after doing our daily work, it's time to buy the shop at Eastfort, but you need the help of Florine to open it so we have to return to the manor.

Shop opening

You have to be more specific or:

Shop opening 2

That's the meaning she'll get, well is obvious considering that you have sex with every girl almost everyday.

Okay, now that Florine is going to take care of that shop, let's check it out, but before that we are going to sell the frilly dress that Larelle had (I should have done that the day before) and every trash item then save the money at the bank.

Day 12 Money-0

That's today's money. The goal is to have 150000 sil in the future.

Now to Eastfort


What do you think if our hero meet a new cute girl. Yeah you are correct!

Serade 1

That was pretty obvious. Now thinking about it, Serade's master is Florine, so that means tha she is the only one who has a slave between your harem girls, so she should have a little more power in the harem, but Alina is the slave headmaster so that means Hero>Alina>Florine>Serade or if we add Meline with the status of Master's little sister Hero>Alina>Meline>Florine>Serade, I still think that Alina is ranked higher than Meline, she is the slave headmaster after all.

Well, now that I have finished doing my internal ranking system, I'm going to let Ferdinand enjoy some x-mas cake, you'll know what I mean if you reached this scene too.

End of day 12

Day 13 Edit

Day 13

It's morning again and is time to do the routine and while we are at the condo, let's just give the gift I already have to the girls here and I have the monster fangs, pocket tomes, shiny bits, lovely flowers and pearl necklace, I should still have 2 remaining. (I got them at some random quest).

Now to check the random quest:

Day 13 Random Quest
It's really lucky to have kellos as your random quest, since their vendor trash gives you like 1000 sil (similar to the slimes) and the high xp, almost 240 xp per fight, real nice, now to sell the vendor trash obtained from them, gifting, buying to the clown, etc.
Clown day 3

This is the third time I have bought something to this clown and this time is an vendor trash that can sell to 3000 sil, so my money is back, temporaly.

Alina six pack

This is today's Alina's gift. A six pack yay!

Amazing Old Man hallucinogen

And this is today's Amazing Old Man gift, an hallucinogen bomb, it's really cool, it hits like 4 or 5 times (don't remember exactly how many) in one shot and obviously cause hallucination status too.

And now that our daily ritual has finished, I think I'm going to buy the twin maids, I think I should have get them sooner for Alina's and Florine's sake because they are asking for maids since the begining, but I had other priorities.

Well, before buying them, we have to save our money at the bank.

Day 13 money-0

This is today's money, discounting the 750 sil for the maids. Now to the slaver shop and purchase them.

Violet and Liliac

Hey, this bug is still on? Oh how nostalgic, I remember pointing this out at the may release I think, well it seems that my annonymus coment in the bug report page wasn't noticed so I'll submit it again so NoMoshing can fix it at the after next release (again, I should have played this version at march).

Violet and Liliac get

Come on, your place is a trash bin, you could let them clean it first before enjoying the awesomeness of twins. Well that's how the day 13 ends.

Day 14 Edit

Good morning, let's start our routine as always.

So first the daily quest:

Day 14 random quest

WHY CULTIST WHY?!?!?!?!?! graaaa, I know that I already said that I would reset if I get those guys again, but it feels a little like cheating and foremost I didn't save before ending the day before and I'm too lazy to repeat day 13 again, even though it was just getting the twins I got the kellos the day before anyways so let's think this as balancing.

Oh how I hate this, they only gave like 40 exp per fight and they don't even drop a vendor trash, at least this time they gave lots of pocket tomes.

I'll try to be positive, the manor looks really nice after the cleaning, what are those twins? super maids?, they cleaned up this entire mansion in a day after having lots of sex, they are even better than the werewolf maid.

Now to buy the gifts. Sidenote, today the clown gave me an erotic novel, in real life those are really boring, a friend of mine was reading the 50 shades of gray, and I tried to read it with her but I almost slept. I'm ranting again, so continuing with the gifts.

Felix like

Hey kid, are you stupid? Why in the world would you say to a jealous guy that you like his little sister in his face, you are stupid or very brave, you should be happy that he didn't stabbed you.

Yamamaya before trust

This is a little tricky, if you gave Yama the monster fang, her RP will be 81, unlocking a scene and ending the day, so I'm going to give her a shiny bits, for now, I'm planning to use her next day at the right moment. I have like 10 days planned out after this one, just hoping that the money will come.

Now for today I'm going to recruit Ino, so off to the mansion and get Felix at the party.

Money at this day:

Day 14 money

I need almost 130000 sil if I want to invest to the orange kid, I really hope that I can get that money soon.

Now let's go to Southport.

And taking the chance that I'm here, I'm gonna get one erotic novel that I forgot to take before.


Be aware of the felinus domesticus, it can scratch when is touched.


Be careful, this is almost illegal Ferdinand.

Ino baking

Ahh, I understand now, you are a really honest guy Ferdinand. If I were the police I would arrest you on the spot for that and not for your other felonies (I have a soft spot for kids, in the good, correct and honest way), the only reason I let you live is because I like your personality.

Ino blushing

The reason is because Ferdinand has his MC hormones, it makes almost every girl to fall in love for him, don't worry kid, someday you'll awaken this ability if you are under our hero's wing for enough time.

Ino cheating

In short words, Ino has a disturbing past and now we are going to help her with her magic test.

Basically, just go around the buildings of the city and read the right book.

Ino lightning

I had never played that FF, I don't even have a ps3 so I had to google it to understand this joke.

Ino slimes

That's a lie! you were really surprised to find the slimes while rescuing Elaiya!!!!

Ino expelled

Wow, how surprising. How they managed to find out that Ino was cheating using magic inside a magic academy?

Ino expelled 1

And this was all Ferdinand's plan.

Ino expelled 2

He seems like he is an idiot, but when there is a girl related, his brain power is over 9000!

Well now that everything ended nice, let's leave our hero to have a little fun with his girls.

And that's for this night, I'm going to take another study break.

From today onwards I have to study a lot so the updates will be slow, but I'll try to finish this playthrough before the may release. Happy spices, no wait a minute that was for greetings so what is for goodbyes?

Day 15 Edit

Day 15

Happy Spices!

This is today's lv.

For now we are going to do the routine.

Day 15 toga toga

Hey, Alina is giving another six-pack. Yay! Unfortunately We need money, so I'll have to sell it.

Now let's check the random quest of today's:

Day 15 random quest

Why is the cat here again? Well the important thing is that this times is animal hunting, nice money, but I'll prefer kellos army better, oh well is better than those cutilst.

Now we'll continue with the routine.

Day 15 clown

Hey, no matter how I see this, this is a scam, a shameless scam!

But I'll buy it anyways, because this clown will eventually give me stuff that I need.

I forgot to mention that Meline has mastered her prayer book, I think I even forgot to mention that I equipped that book to her after the Manor Invasion. Before I forget another thing, I'll say that I equipped Larelle with the magic missile book as soon as I get her out of the cell. Continuing about Meline, because she mastered the healing spell, now I'll buy her the chicken soup book so she can learn cure poison.

Now, before gifting the girls + underlings, let's go to Southport again, because I found something funny there.

SouthPort Pentagram

Look at those candles, just touch them following a pentagram (a star) starting with North. (Don't read the book until you have every possible party member in your harem, I know I said that I don't care about exp, but that's free exp with no money gain so I can wait).

And when you complete the pentagram

SouthPort Pentagram completed

That happens with a MuaHaHaHaHa sound effect and you get a dark seed.

SouthPort Missing students

And this note inside the book. Hmm It smells as a future quest.

Well well, now we are going to gift the harem + underlings.

Meline Trust

That's Meline's power, in fact that ability is an actual skill, it's named: "Guilt Trap" and "Mass Guilting". At least she completely trust her own brother now.

Ino How to be called

Hmm how to be called, I choose boss, because I don't have a little sister complex and Ferdinand already has Meline. I didn't choose Master, because she is not his slave yet.

By the way don't make her enchant until she has Trust, because if she is in that mode, every time she enchants, Ino will give you an azothium or something like that, a vendor trash. If you answered every question for her at the test, she should have 77 RP, so just wait until the next day to start enchanting.

Serade's brat 1

This is serade's kid's room. This one is actually saying the stuff that Ferdinand wants to hear.

Serade's brat 2

This is the other brat, but why his hair is blonde? He should be red haired like our hero and the stuff he is saying is topblades right?

Yama RP 79

This time we are going to give her another Shiny Bits, and her RP will be 80, still not Trust.

After that let's go to the drug dealer at Eastfort to buy the catnip.


That's it,and to use it you need to return to the manor.

Yama drug

That's how is used. Well I actually feel a little bad about drugging Yama, but is an extra day more and Ferdinand is really tired of waiting so yeah let's do that.

Yama drug after

Hehehehehe, it's like what they done to me in my first day at my university, obviously they didn't raped me though, or that's what I think.

Well, well, now let's leave Ferdinand to have a little fun and let's continue the next day.

Day 15 Money

I almost forgot to show the money of this day.

Day 16 Edit

Larelle Magic Missile

We start this day with Larelle learning Magic Missile, her first non necrotic spell, now I'm going to equip her the Necronomicon, so she can learn Dark Blast.

Day 16

This is today's levels. I'm going to make clear that my main party will almost always include Larelle and Meline, while the third one will be chaning, but I don't plan on using Felix again, except maybe v/s the rat if I need him for a strategy.

Today I'm planning to give the gift to Yama after doing everything I can for today (random quest, selling trash and saving at the bank).

And for the routine. What is today's random quest?

Day 16 random quest-0

I have to admit that I reset a few times, because I had to fight against those cultist again, and man how I hate them, they don't give me a single sil, and exp is crap, and if I'm going to reset, why not try to get animals, slimes or kellos. And now I feel bad because I cheated a little, so I promise that I'll never going to do this reset shit again.

Well for now, let's give the slime fluids to the creepy guy in southport. I wonder how much money does he has when he is giving me like 1000 sil, considering that to invest in a small bussiness you need to pay like 1000 sil hmm.

Now with the clown, today's item is Dark Seed.

Dark seed eastfort

This guy only appears at rainy days and he has a dark seed, is really curious to see that the dark seed is usually found in those strange situations, so I think that my theory about the dark seeds is correct.

Forge Bitch

When you get to a trust relation with Kevin, now they can insult each other more naturally. Besides that he'll give you 3 throwing knife a day and I'll obviously sell it, because I need to get 150000 sil to invest to the orange kid.

Kevin's name

He didn't even know his name, I don't blame him, I mean he only cares about the girls to the point that he doesn't even bother to ask the Amazing Old Man's name.

Alina Like

Ehhhh. So the slave collars really leave them lots of freedom to think.

Alina Like 1

But she was still following orders anyways, seeing that our hero now has more money, and her job was to manage the household income.

Larelle Neutral
Larelle Neutral 1

Wow, such words, Ferdinand should really punish her sometimes.

Larelle Neutral 2

At least she doesn't dislike him anymore and now she can zombify your allies, nah, just kidding, in this version that skill is only usable in the middle of a battle and the ability is to revive a character with half hp, really really useful, that's why I usually have her in the party, besides her multi-target spells.

As a sidenote: Try to give her a pearl necklace.

Larelle pearl necklace

How disgraceful is she, and what's so wrong with albinos wearing white pearls? Obviously I saved before doing this.

Doll trust

See Doll, stop putting yourself down, everyone loves you. As a side effect of her trust, her max mana is now +100. Yay!

Ino Trust

See, I told you that Ino will start giving azothium when she has trust relationship, so let's start enchanting every weapon we have now and our party strengh will be better than before with the smithing and encahnting. More Yay!

Therese tears

Jejeje. Nice one Ferdinand, I really want to tease her too, too bad that I'm in this side of the world and obviously my morality will never let me rape a woman in this world. I wonder why my sense of moral is so low when playing games but so high to the point of getting in a fight against delincuent in the real world? The mysteries of life I guess.

Therese joining party

And you wonder why? It's obvious that the Angels are on the side of our hero. Well now we have Therese in the party too, so first off, she'll equip the basic prayer book for some minor healing prayer and get the forge bitch to upgrade her weapon.

Chimei like
Chimei like 1

That's the power of the tsundere teacher. Alina why didn't you teach her more useful words? Like good morning or something like that? Our hero learned elven in just one day, while he killed an ogre at the giant path, killed lots of slimes in an illusionist house, saw an act in Westcastle, etc. Enough ranting, now Chimei likes Ferdinand.

Now to the bank.

Day 16 Money

Tha'ts today's money. A lot of difference between day 15 and day 16. The throwing knife and azothium really add a lot of money difference.

Now to Yama!

We are going to give her a gift then:

Yama Trust

That's what happens. Obviously I can upload the rest of the scene, but very funny.

Yama Trust 1

Now she trust our hero and she gains an additional +2 momentum per turn. And that's how this day ends.

Today was a lot of Yays! Many relationship upgrades and Therese joining.

Day 17 Edit

Day 17

Today's party l, but maybe I'll change Chimei with Doll or Yamamaya, because, today, after all this time, is finally time to go on another adventure.

First thing first, let's check out the random quest of today. Please Cultist no Please Cultist no.

Day 17 random quest

Today is demons. Oh well, as long as itsn't cultists it's fine I guess.

Day 17 night

Why there isn't much light? It seems to happen a lot after doing the Yamamaya trust scene.

Now let's continue with the daily routine.

Penelope Trust

Hey, from today Penelope is going to give us cake, so it's no longer necesary to waste money on Felix, and the rest can be sold for a little more money, specially today that is 18 slices of cakes, a lot of cake.

Penelope Trust 1

How cute, she wants a date with her master.

Penelope Trust 2

Only to be rejected, you are really cruel sometimes Ferdinand, but I understand that you have 15 girls + one in the future harem girl you have to take care off.

Florine Trust

So, there actually are quest that requests: "Get 20 jars of slime"

Florine Trust 1

That's why you have to rise early, to get better quests, oh whatever, now Florine has a Trust relationship so that's mean, more money.

Bronwyn neutral

Wow, so the elven people really has a nice brain, understanding and identifing alchemy and magic stuff inmediaty. Now Bronwyn doesn't dislike our hero anymore and aditionally she has new skills.

Amazing Old Man goodbye

What?! Don't go, I need your skills to have nice weapons and kill some future secret boss!

Amazing Old Man goodbye 1

At least one of the aliens realized the grandiousness of our hero so is going to help us ("Alien Lifeform" is an infinity use combat item that makes the enemy unable to move for 1 turn)

Amazing Old Man goodbye 2

Look, even his goodbye scene is Amazin. Farewell Amazing Old Man whose name I never learned.

Hey today the clown sold me the copper necklace it can be sold for 1250 sil, but also gave 1% increase of exp, so I'm planning to keep it, and currently Meline is equipping it, she has the lower lv of the entire cast.

Now, after finishing all of the daily routine work, let's go to the bank.

Day 17 money

This is today's money and now we are going to Eastfot and accept the quest there so we can start the adventure!


If you look around, Kyrie's party are not at the table, how suspiciuos, who are the ones gone missing?


Even though you have the usual hero sprite, you are useless.


So we have to come back to the Giant's Path huh. We already know our way so it will be a piece of cake.


Wait, weren't this the border? Why are the enemy nation soldiers here?

Well I'm too lazy to upload every single fight so I'll just show the ones I like.


I don't know from what series is Zetsuri,but now I have the urge to know it just to understand this joke.


This is the same as above, really, not having internet for over 6 month, really killed my neet life, I had to go out to drink with firends a lot instead of shutting donw in my room playing a lot of games and seeing a lot of series by myself.


Our hero's preference.


I actually read visual novel of Steins;Gate, if you look carefully the letters of the title you'll see the best divergence world, a little trivia.


I prefered the crazy girl, the one working for SERN, too bad that her route didn't exist in the game.


Nope, he should be with Kim Pine.


Yeah Ferdinand, we are on the same page here, well, after that we just kicked their ass. It is a quest for lv 9 and my party is at lv 15-17, what do you expect.

Slender Man

Static bgm.


A cute face, now Ferdinand, throw the pokeball and catch her! I mean collar her!


That's her name, so if she is different and has a name, she will be appearing in future updates, right?


Yeah, you'll love to be in the harem, every girl there is like a familiy and is very fun.


So you choosed to fight heh? Well let's kick her ass fast.

I'm too overleveled to think of a strategy, I just mindlessly hit her, but if you want a real strategy with this party, use strong atack with Yama, Larelle should be atacking with Dark Blast and Meline should be alternating between the daze and flame magic, because she may have regenerative abilities. If you don't have Larelle, use Doll to atack her, using Doll to heal yourself.


Look he is being nice with you, being gentle,usually he is rough against the one who opposes him.


And you dare to escape of his love, I'm going to catch you someday!


Wow, they have a full squad of soldiers, now how I'm going to rescue the adventureres without them noticing me?

I could easily kill everyone here, but NoMoshing wanted this to be a hide and seek type of game here so I'll follow his will and it is more fun that way.

It's more difficult than I thought. At the end I ended up running until Kyrie's party's tent U.U


And that's how I get here.


Collar! Collar! Collar!


And she has to wake up at that moment,,,


And you even forget his name, come on, how much worse are you going to make our hero's day?


And that's your excuse? Oh well, let's get outta here and aniquilate this entire camp. Hell yeah!!


And you had to ask... The obvious answer is YES!

Well now that we have looted everything from this tent, let's check the maid walking around.


What do you think??? Well maybe this time I may be nice, considering that I let Ferdinand have fun with the werewolf girl before, but as I said before, my sense of moral sucks inside the games so I'll just hand her over to our hero.


Yeah, just have fun too and this experience will be better for the both of you.


And you had to do that, you just eliminated your only chance to have fun too. Well Ferdinand, have fun. Wait, this time he is not alone with his harem girls and Felix, there is Kyrie around here.


And now you ask... You need to think sometimes with the head over your shoulders and not only with your other head.


WHAT WERE THOSE SOLDIERS TRYING TO DO TO KYRIE?! All the girls with special faces belong to Ferdinand here you know. So that maid is the sacrifical lamb of Kyrie's rage it seems.

Well enough idioties and let's decimate the Kellos' forces.


Really easy, well if you actually do this ques at lv 9, use only one multi-target spell of kyrie per fight, and start killing the musqueteer first and that is all.

Well now that we have cleared this camp Kyrie wants to go back to her party.


So what do you think our hero would do tonight? I'll leave it to your imaginations.

Then good night and let's start the next day, though I don't know if I'll be able to finish it.

Day 18 Edit

Day 18

To start this day, we'll have to do the routine, but is all the way to Northmark to see our daily quest. I'm seriously thinking on getting the horse using sastifaction.

Day 18 Random quest

Yay! Today's quest are animals and just when I was running out of monster fangs.

Well, after that obviously we are going to go to huntervale to sell our animal skins, then to the clown who sold me a demon dice.

After that let's give gift.

Elaiya Trust

So, she was just a house wife and we were forcing her to kill... Enough thinking, let's go to the other girls.

While we are giving stuff to Kevin, let's take the chance to upgrade the sword

Sword polisher

That's very easy to misunderstand you know...

Sword polisher 1

See our hero already is afraid of you, well after that, let's keep giving more gifts.

Randi like

So the last owner wasn't just a crazy man with lots of weapons in his house, he also had weights and exercise equipments, my mental image of that person is a big and muscular man capable of handing lots of weapons or a sexy and slim woman who would join the harem sometime later.

Well now that we had done the daily tasks, let's claim our reward for saving Kyrie's party and save the money at the bank.

Kyrie thanks

If you are really grateful, then join his harem. Now let's save the money.

Day 18 money

Today's money. We need around 100000 sil more.

Now to do another quest, the quest from Southport it came from bellow the equator.

Ah before that, remember that map we took at the Kellos' camp? Let's get a reward for that.

Kellos map

Yeah, that's clasified information, what are you going to give to me hah?

Kellos map shield

What the hell? A shield, I prefer money, oh whatever this shield gives lots of status resistance, besides having high defense so I'll accept this.

Now to Southport port.


Hey our hero's lost twin brother. Enough joking and to the guild and check this quest.

Sea Cucumber

So we are getting payed only for reorganize the cargo huh?

Sea Cucumber 1

As expected, it's not that easy as I thought. We have to take care of the live cargo. Oh well with this levels this should be easy.

Sea Cucumber 2

This is the cook journal, and there is a huge animal as it seems, but what can do a bunch of animals?

Sea Cucumber 3

Except if they are poisonous. Again with the strategies. My lv is too high so I don't need them, but for thoose at low level, you should bring Felix or someone who can use prayers and equipping chicken soup book so she can heal the poison. Doll is useful because she can recover by herself and if she is poisoned, she doesn't lose hp, because her natural recovery contrarrest that. Finally drink the booze in this place, because those stuffs gives you inmunity and clear the poison.

Sea Cucumber 4

So again with this big animal stuff.

Sea Cucumber 5

They are even huge spiders, where in the wrold is Ausland?

Sea Cucumber 6

So there is a god of all spiders, Old Cob, that had to be really menacing.

Sea Cucumber 7

But alcohol is a kind of poison, where is the logic there? Maybe isn't alcohol, but a kind of stuff that made you think you are drunk.

Sea Cucumber 8

So Old Cob broke loose, that means that he is on this ship waiting for us to kill him.

Sea Cucumber 9

And there is Old Cob, it's just a big spider. Now I'm going to kill it, the god of spiders, that means that Ferdinand will be a godslayer, that sounds very nice.

The strategy for low leveled players is simple, just use Meline daze and fire spell so he can't atack or counter you (daze negates counter) and if he has a recovery ability the fire will make his recovery real slow. I think that the other animals here were a ton more difficult than the boss.

Sea Cucumber 10

Now he'll spend the night very nicely.

And that is for this day. I'll do the day 19 in the real world tomorrow. Bye bye.

Day 19 Edit

Day 19

This will be the last day before sleeping.

Is morning now and our hero has woken up. So let's start today's routine.

Then today's random quest is:

Day 19 random quest

Orcs, one of the lowest exp giving ones, but at least is better than the cultist who doesn't give me money.

Well, after that, we are goiing to start to gift and buy to the clown, just to know that we had already bought everything we could to him.

Liliac like

Hey, now Liliac likes Ferdinand so she is going to massage him when he is stressed, the real kind of massage.

Violet like

And Violet likes him too, so she is going to make him a tasty vegetable plate for his meals. (Not as an consumable, is better, because he gains an extra 150 hp).

Serade like

Hey, now even Serade likes our hero and to prove it she is going to work harder, that means, yeah that's right, more money!

And now that we gived presents for everyone, let's sell the junk and claim our reward for killing those ausland animals.


This is the first joke in this game that I'm laughing because the joke is lame, come on didgeridon't?

Well, after selling everything and claiming our reward at Southport port, obviously we are going to save this money at the bank for the 1% interest gain.

Day 19 Money

And this is today's money.

Now, we are going to Westcastle to start the virgin genocyde quest, but I'm really sleepy, I didn't sleep for two nights working, studying, doing homework, housework and doing the playthrough, so I'll continue tomorrow. Good night.

Hello again, now that I'm free, we can continue with our hero's adventure.

So as said before, we are going to Westcastle to start the guild quest there.

Virgin genocide

Well, while we are here, let's see NoMoshing's attention to details.

Before accepting the quest:

Before Virgin genocide 1
Before Virgin genocide 2
Before Virgin genocide 3

After accepting the quest:

After Virgin genocide 1
After Virgin genocide 2
After Virgin genocide 3

See something missing? In fact, the people inside says different things, but I forgot to take a snap of their talking before the quest. Silly mistake of mine.

Well, after this before after and find the difference, let's start the quest.

First off, to the church to talk to the priest who made this request.

Virgin Gynocide

For now, we obviously don't know where the girls are, so we have to start investigating, though I don't know why our hero is so enthusiastic with this.

Okay, now that we have really started this quest, first off we have to go to the girls' houses to gather some information.

So the first stop, the curio shop:

Virgin Gynocide part 1

Even at this world the actors are popular with girls huh? I should have chosen a different career, damn it.

Virgin Gynocide part 2

And the second girl wanted to be an actress, I think even our hero can connect the dots here.

Virgin Gynocide part 2.1

By the way,that's reaaaally a good piece of information you got here old man. Come on, no matter how worried and depressed you are, if you don't say anything we can't do anything for you.

Virgin Gynocide part 3

Even this kid here is a lot more useful than you!

Virgin Gynocide part 3.1

I'm surprised that he is asking that. Of course you would, we already know you very well.

Virgin Gynocide part 3.2

Well with this, our hero has completely understand the pattern here, so what do you think it was?

DUN DUN DUN. It was the theatre!

Now let's check the theatre.

Virgin Gynocide part 4

And here is Gargan, and we have to ask you that, you know? I mean, we are the main characters here.

Virgin Gynocide part 4.1

So he is investigating about a cult and was waiting for his chance and try to get the leader who is freeing them from prison, while the girls were being kidnapped.

Virgin Gynocide part 4.2

Well, well, look here, he has a good sense of morals, since he is abandoning his long investigation to save a few people and he said "people" not "girls", so that means that he is willing to risk an important investigation just to save any people, I don't know if I should congratulate or condemn him, I mean the end justifies the means right?

Virgin Gynocide part 4.3

So he is using his authority to force Ferdinand to take him with his party. That bastart, I'm doing the best I can to make a party filled with girls and he comes here to ruin the harmony of this, oh well, let's just start this quest.

Virgin Gynocide part 5

So here we are, at night inside the theatre, by the way, you can't open this door.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.1

So we start this fight with Gargan opening the before fighting lines.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.2

We are disguised! Now we can roam freely around the theatre without them noticing. Yay!

First off the left door to see something incredible that even drop our hero's jab to the floor. Hint: This is a sect that summons tentacles.

Well after that strange moment and fight, let's go to the ...basement?

Virgin Gynocide part 5.3

And look, he is Borgen, one of the debtors from the Doll get quest, and he is satisfying some being with virgins, what kind of being is that? Now let's search the first floor again.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.4

So here is the girl, and you can't go in because he is afraid that we'll taint her, that means that we have to search a way to bypass him. Then let's start entering in every rooms to find a tool to do that and while we are at it, looting.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.5

A locked chest. Now we need a key to open it too.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.6

I won't tell why his robes are all spotty, just another hint, tentacles + manga, but hey, if we get him a spot cleaner, he'll give us that manga with the theme that this cult is all crazy about. So let's search for a spot remover.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.7

This seems like a lot of loot, but everything here is cheap or fake, too bad.


Hey! It's Mickele again. Why every job you take is dangerous? I'm really sure that you are cursed and we'll se you again.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.8-0

This is the last room and there is a Mecahism Key, it should be useful.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.9

So you can the weights in the catwalk, nice.

Now that we have searched all the backstage rooms, why not go to the stage? I mean our hero is disguised and all, they won't be able to know that he is trying to save the girls.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.10

Nice enchantations. By the way, there is Borgen.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.11

And guess what. He has a Spot Remover, it's inside that locked chest and he is giving us the key. Yay!

Now to get that special book.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.12

That's the book, a really creepy name. Oh before forgetting, let's use that Mechanism Key.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.13

Obvious. I think I choose yes for almost every answer until now.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.14

The consequences. Have you learned kids? if you see a switch, just play with it, is really funny. As a sidenote, we get the office key, that door where we can't enter because of that guard, but, wait a minute, our hero has some luxury items for the guys at this cult, let's try an experiment.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.15

Inmediate response, the best outcome. Now to save the girl.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.16

I think it was a bad idea to try to save her with the costume on and she even escaped hereslf.

But we have to save two other girls, so let's start investigating this office.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.17

Hey, in this letter there is a Dark Seed and a Strange Note, maybe the two of them are related? Maybe we should keep investigating this place.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.18

There was no clue in this office after all, let's just get out of here.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.19


Virgin Gynocide part 5.20

The summary of their problem, they broke out a contract with a demon so they need to offer virgins to save their lives, so they will turn either Gargan or our hero into a woman to offer to the demon and who do you think is a virgin here?

Virgin Gynocide part 5.21

I said the same thing before, until I had to move out of town to get to a better university and just left the girl behind, now I don't care about waiting for the right woman, actually Gargan, you'll find the right woman if you just go out and have some fun instead of working everyday.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.22

I'm pretty sure that this is japanese again, NoMoshing there is korean, chinise, german, france, spanish and more languages for jokes.

Now Gargan is going to lose his virginity as a girl. I actually feel pity for him.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.23

And our hero saves the day, but not before Gargan lost his virginity, but until just he died. He is not a superhero anyways. just a guy who saves the lives of any sexy girls at sight so he has a chance to spend a nice time with them.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.24

The reaction of the demon after he found out that he raped transformed guy.

Now to fight. Again I'm so overpowered that this wasn't a fight at all, but for low leveled guys, just bring Meline and daze him then burn him with her, one spell per turn and he'll eventually die.

Virgin Gynocide part 5.25

After this fight our hero we'll enjoy a good night (Actually, this time I got Ino's massage scene, it seems that her scene has higher priority than Alina's)

And that's it, now I need to study for an incoming test which assignature I'm about to fail, so I'll continue the next day another day.

PS: Play Station.

Real PS: Maybe I won't be able to finish this playthrough before the may release so I'm saying sorry beforehand.

Day 20 Edit

Day 20

Hello, we are finally at day 20, but the backer release is already here, so that means that I failed my goal to end this playthrough before the release of the May 2015 version, but I'm hoping that I will finish it before the public release.

So starting, this day, Meline has finally learned cleanse body (until now, I called it cure poison, even though it can do much more than just cure poison). From now on, she can equip any off-hand equipment.

Now that I have done the summary of the situatio, let's do the routine checking the daily quest first.

Day 20 Daily quest

And today is demon killing, again, it's a thousand times better than the cultist.

After finishing this quest, let's go to Westcastle to get our reward for saving at least one girl. If you didn't noticed, the other two girls from the quest were killed by the Brute.

Virgin Gynocide final

As I told you, but our hero couldn't do anything about it, he isn't a superhero who appears at the best moment to look super cool, in fact, in the lumberhill quest and the Old Cob quest, there was some casualties before the hero arriving.

By the way I don't like this quest very much, because the reward is very low, just 1200 sil and a cristal goblet as a vendor trash, but at least we unlocked a step to getting Gargan.

Virgin Gynocide final house 1

One of the dead girl house, their parents are really sad, NoMoshing made an excelent job at this quest, every family says different stuffs according to the part of the quest you are (Before accepting, after checking the quest, after accepting the quest and after ending the quest) and I think it will really leave a bad taste for the people who are trying to be a good guy in this game.

Virgin Gynocide final house 1-0

I did a little paint job to try to show both conversations in the same picture.

Virgin Gynocide final house 3

The only happy house here. As a sidenote, our hero wanted to make a move with the girl, but she was too young, at least our hero doesn't touch underaged girls.

Now let's go back home to start buying the gifts.

Day 20 fan

And what's that? A fan? That's the reward for completing all those guild quest.

Day 20 fan-0

And obviously he wants an autograph, so what we will do? Let's charge him the 10 sil! Nah, it's just 10 sil so let's be nice to him.

Day 20 fan-1

And now he is a permanent fan. Yay!

Journeyman rank up

Well, entering the manor to start giving out gifts, look at what we are seeing here, a man who is not a underling! But he has a good reason, your completed quests didn't just gave Ferdinand a fan, but gave him a rank up!, but we'll wait until we have given every girl their respective gifts and saved at the bank.

By the way, take this chance to get an enchant for Chimei's weapon.

Well, after giving every presents and selling every junk, useless combat items (I forgot to say that you must not sell the Amazing Old Man weapons nor the Demon Dice), let's save the money at the bank.

Day 20 Money

That's today's money, Isn't it nice that our money keeps incresaing every day?

Now, to the Journeyman rank up party!!!

Journeyman rank up party 0

Yeah, if we compare it frome before, and Bronwyn isn't here in this update, I hope she appears at the May release, how I wish I would have some personal money to be a backer, obviously my first intention would be to help NoMoshing, but the second one, which is strong too is to get the backer release. But let's stop rambling and let our hero enjoy his party.

Journeyman rank up party no drink

This time, there is no booze for Ferdinand, Meline really did the right thing to avoid him ending up like last time, but a party without a booze is the same as a sushi without rice.

Journeyman rank up party 1

I forgot that NoMoshing also did a French joke with the dwarf language, sorry for the earlier comment, and in Ferdinand world, now we have an armor upgrade, not that we have actually bought something before.

Journeyman rank up party rattail

So the rat tail stuff is a secret huh?

Journeyman rank up party kevin

I didn't understan this, this means that the shops at the guild got an upgrade or Kevin's technique got the upgrade? My english is not very good, if you had noticed I have some ortography mistakes and tend to repeat the same word frequently, so is someone is willing to explaining this to me I'll be grateful. Now let's continue the party.

Journeyman rank up party Felix 1

I remembered that he is following our hero to get an upgrade too.

Journeyman rank up party Felix 2

And that's Ferdinand answer, I'm following you, you really shouldn't give up the free healing.

Journeyman rank up party Felix 3

Be a little more grateful, thanks to him you are living a great deal of adventures and he is teaching you to make your own harem.

Journeyman rank up party iluse

Too bad for him, they are all Ferdinand's girls, well, except Shally and Rainam for now...

Journeyman rank up party permission

He is getting permission to date Raina now. Yay!

Journeyman rank up party permissi

Crap, I forgot to actually check how is Gargan before the party started.

Journeyman rank up party Shally

Shally's way of congratulating someone. I actually like that, it feels more honest. I mean when someone says congratulation!, is obviously faking to make you happy. I'm not paranoid.

Well, now that we have finished talking with the others, let's start talking with the harem.

Journeyman rank up party Meline

Poor guy hitting on her, she is a hardcore brocon (brother complex).

Journeyman rank up party Florine
Journeyman rank up party Larelle
Journeyman rank up party Larelle and Florine

Well, of course they are, with whom you think they do those kind of stuff besides you.

Journeyman rank up party Serade

She is not an awful mother for partying here, every woman needs a time for herself to enjoy by herself and the kids are at Raina's place. I sincerly think she is an excelent mother who is working hard for their kids.

Journeyman rank up party ino 1

And here is little Ino happy for her boss.

Journeyman rank up party ino 2

And our hero's wish, just wait 7-9 years more!

Journeyman rank up party Yama

Nice Yama, you are really enjoying this instead of some mountains.

Journeyman rank up party Yama 1

You are so hardcore Yama, straight from the bottle!!

Journeyman rank up party Yama 2

Maybe she is talking with the heroine of the fairy side?

Journeyman rank up party Chimei 1
Journeyman rank up party Chimei 2
Journeyman rank up party Chimei 3

Isn't she cute? Even though she understands almost nothing of common, she learned "Congraturation".

Journeyman rank up party Therese 1
Journeyman rank up party Therese 2
Journeyman rank up party Therese 3
Journeyman rank up party Therese 4

That Therese Personality, guess who she resembles her?

Journeyman rank up party Doll 1

That would be a very nice picture, in fact I already have the mental image.

Journeyman rank up party Doll 2

And she is okay with that. By the way, the quiet table, that means that Doll usually doesn't talk with the rest of the harem very much?

Journeyman rank up party Elaiya 1

Is that jelaousy or she is just don't beliving him?

Journeyman rank up party Elaiya 2

You should really talk like this to all the girls in your harem.

Journeyman rank up party Elaiya 3

And now she really belives his words, jeez you should just belive his words inmediatly.

Journeyman rank up party Penelope

You will adapt to those ideas quickly, considering who your master is.

Journeyman rank up party Violet

Just sometimes? I think you are worrying about him everytime, just because he is the best master you had until now.

Journeyman rank up party Liliac 1

I know, you are all living and eating together happily, being happy about the same thing, just...

Journeyman rank up party Liliac 2

That's right, the thing you girls are happy about is a really bizarre thing in a normal family.

Journeyman rank up party Randi

So Penelope is actually a maid too huh? And is nice seeing them all together, considering that they don't share a lot of time together for residence location reasons.

Journeyman rank up party Alina

So in Alina's head, she is the one guiding our hero, but thinking this well, she actually is the head slave, managing the money and other stuff that our hero can't do and I think that she actually is asking him to do the jobs, so she really is the brain of this harem, that's the reason why she is the slave and have the second bigger bedroom in the manor, in the second floor even, just besides Ferdinand's and Meline's room. Actually, I think that Meline is the more spoiled from the harem.

Now finally we'll talk to Raina, if you look carefully at all thos snapshots, you'll notice that Raina's gaze is following our hero, so she must be willing to talk to him.

Journeyman rank up party Raina

What's with that long face? Oh well, we'll know it later.

Journeyman rank up party Raina 1

And now Ferdinand is oficially a Journeyman!

Journeyman rank up party Raina 2

So she was just jealous, well if you are feeling like that, just join the harem!

Journeyman rank up party Raina 3

And now, what do you want to show him? Behind the building, where there is almost no people nor light... mysterious.

Journeyman rank up party Raina 3-0

And she is now confessing her love for him, but why the long face? Are you against polygamy? I mean even our hero is against it when is about one of his girls so I understand you.

Journeyman rank up party Raina 4

But that's not his fault, is just that your dream isn't compatible with Ferdinand's.

Journeyman rank up party Raina 5

And now you are going to hate him? He didn't do anything directly bad to you

Journeyman rank up party Raina 6

Yeah, as he said, he isn't the bad guy, is just that he has his own desires too. And Raina's reaccion?

Journeyman rank up party Raina 7


Journeyman rank up party Raina 8

As you wish, he'll never gave up on that, never in his life.

Journeyman rank up party Raina 9

And his answer will be???

Journeyman rank up party Raina 10

He actually promised that, he really is considerate to her, well she is his childhood friend after all.

Now the day has ended and the next day will start.

Day 21 Edit

Day 21

And we start this day with Raina making a fuss about her brother, which is kind of obvious.

Sidenote: Larelle mastered Dark Blast, Therese mastered Cure Light Wounds and Felix masterd the second spell of his book. Now Felix can equip any off-hand weapon he wants for now, Therese should learn Cleanse Body and Larelle the Energy Principals I book's spells.

Well, following with the turn of events.

Day 21 gargan meeting

This will start now. The people gathered, Raina (obviously, is his brother after all), the healeres (Therese, Felix and Doll) and the dark magic user Larelle.

The meeting resume is there is all kind of different magics, Evocations, Prayers, Curses, Rites, etc.

The main point is we need to get a genie and make a wish, and she is at:

Day 21 gargan meeting 1

Yeah, at a Count mansion and Felix suggested to our hero to just break in his house and steal it, he is really getting influenced by him. Nice. So next quest, curing Gargan.

Day 21 lv

This is today's lvs, and now I'm going for a break. See you next time.

I'm continuing the playthrough again.

First off the usual, see what is today's quest:

Day 21 quest

Finally a slime hunt! Yay!

Now, after slaying the slimes, we'll obviously sell it to the creepy kid at Southport for around 1000 sil, then use that money to buy all the gifts (which are already big now).


I came to check on Gargan while gifting, just to know what does she/he says.

Ino finish

Hey we finally finished the RP for ino (to me 101 or more RP is the same as finished) so I'm not going to give her anything more Mua ha ha!

Felix Trust

Did you finally get it Felix? Our here is really trying to make you a big harem master like him, so be grateful. Oh as a sidenote they are already in the trust relationship.

Chapel bug

Hey is shining here, just like when Meline got her powers, maybe Therese's prayers are making this shine? Talking seriously I'll post this bug if the may public release still have this error, but I don't know what sequence does activate it.

Well after doing our routine, let's save the money at the bank.

Day 21 Money

And that's today's money, pretty amazing if I say it myself, but I wish it were like 5000 sil more for today, well whatever, now it's finally time to a quest and we'll do Gargan's cure quest!

So to start, let's go to Westcastle to infiltrate the Count Corgan manor (Felix idea this time).

For this quest I'm going to take Meline, Doll and Larelle, but be careful with Larelle, because the enemies this time are resistant to necrotic magic, which consist of every natural atack magic she has, but my Larelle already has Magic Missile learned and from today she is learning two new spells so she can be a nice fighter.

Cure 1

As Ferdinand said, this is the place, so let's trespass it.

Cure 2

What did you expect, the owner of this place is a vampire after all,

Well this quest is actually a little long if you dedicate to read and upload every grave, which the majority of them are jokes (nice job NoMoshing doing all this, seriously amazing), but I'm not going to upload it, so I'll just write the summary of the stuff here, our hero just killed every masked monster, stole their key and opened every mauseloum or however is supossed to be written.

A strategy for the monsters here, try to kill the masked one first, because it can raise zombies. Meline's magic should be effective I think.

Actually, Meline's magic work on the zombies and cold magic affects the one with the mask.

Cure 3

There is a buried treasure here, just for the people who doesn't take their time reading the wiki (you really should read the articles here, is really useful).

Cure 4

The first boss battle of this quest, I forgot to take a snapshot, but there is a saving point in one of the mauoselum.

For strategy, well I'm still too high leveled so I'll just guess that for low leveled players, you should attack the female one first, then the Beta and finally the Alpha, while dazzling everyone with Meline, one by one.

After the fight, I returned to the Mauseloum with the Mausoleum with the save circle to save (obviously) and to heal with this pot.

Cure savepoint 1

You can only use it twice. After that, I entered the mansion.

Cure 5

The second part of this quest, the Wine Cellar.

Cure 6

The enemies here are doll freaks, no not our Doll, but machine dolls.

Cure 7

My thoughs too. What the hell is wrong with the dark gothic people here?

Cure 8

That's a really creepy love here, I hope that Meline's love is not at this level.

Cure 9

This is the third chest that gave me this. Do you know why in this dungeon many chest gives you Fistful of Flour? The reason is a gift that NoMoshing is giving it to us to make this dungeon a little easier.

Cure 10

That zombie's name is Stevie and she is raising him as a dog, that's really creepy.

Cure 11

That zombie even had his own wallet! So were you raising as your pe or something more?

Cure 12

And that's our hero's opinion, this girls are cute, but not crazy cute, what is your standard to define crazy cute?

Cure Savepoint 2

And this is the second savepoint of this quest, if there is two savepoint, it's a really long quest.

Cure 13

This is the second boss, an invisible one.

Cure boss 2

See, he is really invisible. How will you see him? Remember those Fistful of Fluor? Just throw it at him, well you won't actually see him, but you'll be able to hit with physical attacks. For strategies, just daze him with Meline and the rest just have to kick his ass. I didn't use the Fistful of Fluor, I want to sell it for more money.

After killing that invisible man, let's go to the next floor.

Cure 14

To just have this annoying fight, I forgot that there were more fights, oh well they are weak anyways so our hero can just rush through this.

Cure 15

Those are the 3 vampire sprites until now. Between the three, the one I like the most is the left one.

Cure 16

Lol, a wedding vampire wedding. By the way, can someone explain to me what is a blood slave?

Cure 17

This is the quest puzzle, the minute and hour hands. To get your clue:

Cure 18

See every picture of this floor and:

Cure 19

Did you get it? If you still don't have a clue, just use the wiki, but it's not that complicated and if you try the easy way with the stairs.

Cure 20

There is a barrier so you need to solve the puzzle.

Cure 21

I'll not show the answer so everyone make the effort to think by themselves. Jua jua jua.

Now to the next floor.

Cure 22

We'll lock a girl in a room. Yay!

Cure 23

The third boss of this dungeon, there is already three boss fight and we still have to defeat the master of this manor, really a long quest, but fun regardless.

Well this fight is easy, just daze him, then hit him with burn magic, is weak against fire.

Cure 24

The last save point of this quest, the tea here will restore your mana so heal everybody up then let's go to meet Count Corgan!

Cure 25

And what the hell is this! Nah, just kidding, I bring Larelle because she is a fan.

Cure 26

But it seems our hero is not that happy with my decision to bring Larelle, he is getting really jealous.

Cure 27

And Larelle is offering what? What to choose.

If you choose the first option, you'll get sastifaction and the reward for killing the vampire (xp, money, drops), but if you fight him, you'll have a really hard fight and no sastifaction, obviously the best answer is the first one, but we had a save point before, so I'll kill him then reset to get the first choice.

Cure boss 3

And Larelle is really disappointed, do you understand that your master is Ferdinand right?

Cure boss fight

I read that he is one of the most difficult bosses, let's see why that is.

WellI, for the strategy I just spamed daze magic and magic missile and killed him, but.

Cure boss fight part 2

He is freezer, he has another transformation after killing him! I didn't know that, is my first time fighting against him, oh well let's see what he will do now.

Cure boss fight part 3

So, he just transformed to five bats, hmm, it doesn't look that tough.

And as I thought, it wasn't that hard, they were just numbers, but.

Cure boss fight part 4

He changed his form again! Agh how annoying, I'm reaaally going to kill you now.

Cure boss fight part 5

And he has finally died. It wasn't that hard, just using Meline's daze magic, Larelle alternating between fire, frost and magic missile magics and Doll healing whenever is necesary, while Ferdinand just atacked. Maybe it was a easy fight because I'm overleveled.

Cure boss fight end

And that is our hero's logic, kill that bastard then take his house without anybody noticing anything strange.

Now I'll reset to choose the other option.

Summary of the other option, Larelle discovers that our hero's skill and special talent is better than a vampire gift.

Day 22 Edit

Day 22

Good morning to our hero's party, today is the 22nd day of his adventure and before doing our routine, let's search for our jennie.

Day 22 Jinnie

How suspicious, another stopped clock and the answer is the same, so what this will unlock?

Jinnie room

This strange crawlspace, and why does our hero asks if he is going to do it anyways?

Jinnie lamp get

Now we had the lamp to cure Gargan and I just realized that it was written as Genie and not Jinnie, sorry for my bad ortography.

Well now that we have this, let's go to cure Gargan.

Jinnie lamp get-0

But we have to wait until going to the Northmarket mannor, so travel time.

Stupid guard

And that's how Ferdinand fixed the stuff about him living in the late Count manor. The guards in this country are really relaxed.

Genie final-

Now our hero can finally make his wish, I can't upload any pictures here, so I'll just write the summary, he wished to cure Gargan, have a great sexual ability and to have sex with the Genie, but he realized that he could make the Genie his slave too late.

Genie final 1

And yep, he is mad, so with who is he going to take his anger?

Genie final poor gargan

Poor Gargan, it wasn't his fault from the begining, but this is our hero we are talking about, he is going to take his anger on anyone.

Genie final poor gargan-0

And that's how he/she entered Ferdinand's harem, in his eyes, if the person has the females special parts it's a girl, no matter what it was before.

Genie final party answers.

And he dares to ask, even though what happened in the first day?!

Genie final party answers

He said that the last time he saw Ferdinand wthe Bitch's Sixth Tit?! He can't lie because of the collar, so that means that he didn't rob our hero? The quest to those answers are not in the March version.

Well, now I'll explain why I did this thing first, before doing the routine and is because curing Gargan doesn't advance a day, so now we'll start our routine.

First off the random quest for today.

Day 22 quest

Today is orc hunt, I'll say this every time it happens, is still much better than those cultist.

Well after this, the start to gift every followers.

Meline Love quest start

We finally can start Meline's love quest, so we won't give her any gift from now on, we need to save money.


Yama love quest

We can also do Yamamaya's quest, Yay!

And now that we have finished doing the daily stuff, let's save the money at the bank.

Today I'm planning to do Yamamaya's quest, but first, we'll do the first half of Meline's quest.

Meline's quest part 1

And this is where our hero and Meline lived before.

Meline's quest part 1 piano

And he actually is carrying this stuff, well maybe the piano has a lot of fond memories for Meline.

Meline's quest part 1 cookies

My brother did the exact same stuff to me when we were kids,

Meline's quest part 1 taboo

Meline and Ferdinand did it at their mom's office to make it more spicy, but the floor was hard.

Meline's quest part 1 magic book

Here is the reason why we did the first part of Meline's quest, this book gives some amazing multi-target magic, so for now Felix we'll equip it.

Meline's quest part 1 meline secret stash

Meline was peculiar from the early days, and the book is actually a doujinshi, but I don't know the contents about it.

Meline's quest part 1 peeking

And she was a pervert since she was a kid, really the same blood as Ferdinand.

Meline's quest part 1 ferdinand stash

I'm not surprised, considering that he had porn hidden in the bakery too.

Meline's quest part 1 fdad

So our hero's dad was an adventurer too, and a badass one to boost.

Meline's quest part 1 promise

While Meline is talking about how their mother could had been lonely, Ferdinand promises to never leave Meline behind. That's an amazing and healthy sibling relationship, only if they ddidn't do things not suited for siblings.

Meline's quest part 1 necklace

This accesory is special to Meline and gives her an amazing stat boost, recomended against the difficult bosses.

Meline's quest part 1 adventure

And there is a treasure map in the storage, this is the begining of the second part of this quest, but we'll leave it at a later day, because in this day we'll do Yamamaya's quest.

Before doing Yama's quest, let's sell the new consumables then save at the bank.

Day 22 money

And this is today's money, I wish that we had 10000 sil more, because that way we could get Kyrie sooner, hah... My own requisite to get Kyrie is first to invest to orange girl. Well, whatever let's take the problem when it comes.

For now,let's go to Westcastle and enter the arena.

Before forgetting.


For some extra sil with the azothium and Larelle's weapon boost.

Enchant fe

And Felix weapon too. That reminds me, Yama and Raina can get a stat boost too, so let's go to the forge.


Now we'll sell the azothium and save the money at the bank again.

So the new balance is 81241 Sil, still not enough, oh well, let's just finish Yama's quest.

Yama's love quest part 1

So here we are at the tourney grounds.

Yama's love quest part 2

The fee was too high, so they made a wager, if our hero wins the fight, he'll enter for free, but if he loses, well the stuff that that guy is saying is to the hero, so imagine it.

If you lose this fight, there is a scene with Yamamaya, but obviously we are not going to lose against him.

Yama's love quest part 3

How creepy, I'm not homophobic in the real life, but it's another story when I'm playing a game where our main character was about to be played by another man.

Well, let's just start the tourney.

Yama's love quest part 4

Hey this character has a special sprite. and they are our rivals in this contest, but we won't actually fight against them, but just a bunch of monster

Stage 1:

Yama's love quest part 5

Just kick those dog's asses, they are really weak.

Stage 2:

Yama's love quest part 6

Another weak monster, just kick his ass.

Yama's love quest part 7

What?! They are going to cheat! Ferdinand plans to protect Yama from the poison so she can tell the judges that they are cheating.

Stage 3:

Yama's love quest part 8

Well another easy fight and it seems that those cheater aren't going to poison them now.

Stage 4:

Yama's love quest part 9

Another easy fight, but.

Yama's love quest part 10

The poison now, Ferdinand couldn't protect Yamamaya, but she was inmune to it anyway, and now this fight is with only Yama, but is easy regardless.

And after our win, Yama got the guards to arrest the cheaters.

Yama's love quest part 11

But, wait!

Yama's love quest part 12

They weren't punished nor the girl get captured by Ferdinand, but instead they get a reward?! Why?!

Yama's love quest part 13

Well, his reward is not that good, but again, our hero's party won the tourney right?! Even though they were at a disadvantage.

Yama's love quest part 14

That's right! Yama!

Yama's love quest part 15

And that's all? Just the prize, they should give a compesation for the poison at least. Jeez.

Yama's love quest part 16

I'm disappointed too, NoMoshing will you use Lola again and if you do will she become a harem girl?

Oh well, they get to play with Alina to compensate that they couldn't have fun with Lola and...

Yama's love quest part 17

Now Yamamaya loves Ferdinand, a good stuff at the end at least. Now this day has ended and a new one will start.

Day 23 Edit

Day 23

Here we are at the morning again, and look at that prize money, well, first off let's check today's random quest which is:

Day 23 Random quest

Slimes again! Yay, but I wonder when the kellos would be appearing again?

Oh well, let's sell those slimy fluids to the creepy kid.

After that, let's buy the gifts for everyone and check our current money.

Day 23 money 1

This is our current money, well let's give the gift to the people before selling random junks.

Kevin complete

Now, we don't need to give Kevin any more gifts, but we can't sell the monster fangs,because there is another girl who loves this stuff besides Yama.

Therese neutral

Hey now Therese doesn't dislike our hero anymore and...

Therese neutral 1

She told us why she went to the gambling den at the first day, so who is her sister?

Therese neutral 2

It was Alina! That explain that personality, the tsundere is in the blood it seems.

Alina Trust

Now Alina just admit it!

Alina Trust 1

Hey we already know your true feelings so just be honest!

Alina Trust 2

Let's see how her tsundere barrier takes this atack.

Alina Trust 3

So she lost against that, you already like Ferdinand right? Well he could only say that because now there is Trust between you two.

Doll finish

Hey, now Doll has more than 101 RP so we won't give her any more gifts, as I said money i's precious.

Chimei RP 80

She has 80 RP and if we raise it a little more, a scene will start and the day will end so today we won't give her any gift.

Larelle like

Hey, now Larelle likes our hero and she get +5 luck thanks to her determination.

Larelle like 1

I have the same question, what does luck have to do with determination? And there will be a skill for Larelle based on her luck?

Randi Trust

Now Randi trusts Ferdinand too and she is going to give some rations, yay more selling stuff.

Well, after giving everyone (who are meant to recive) their respective gifts, let's go talk to kyrie to start a new quest.


That was really direct Ferdinand, but the greatest thing is that she didn't refuse, but in exchange we need to complete a quest for her.

Kyrie 1

That is the summary of what we need to do.

Kyrie quest 1

This is the tower where the book is, for now let's check around the inside of it.

Kyrie quest 2

Is heavily guarded, so there is two option to enter, attack! or a clever ruse, we'll obviously going to attack for the money they drop, but if you want to avoid the fight you need some special items to enter.

Kyrie quest necromicon

This is one of them, the Necronomicon. Seriously how did Larelle get a hand of one the hated magical items for the country? Maybe it was inside the tomb?

But we'll going to kill them anyways so the ruse is useless.

Kyrie quest 3

And that is the guarding force, is harder than you think, but it should be easier than killing Count Corgan in the hard way.

They will drop you like 650 sil (I should have done this before because I forgot that they respawn every new day if you didn't finish the quest). Now let's sell every junk we have and see our current money.

Day 23 money 2-0

Well is still not enough, so we need to sell some equipment.

Day 23 money 3

I sold the copper necklace, basic prayer book and some useless equipment, it really hurt to sell the copper necklace, but we needed the money, now let's get a loan to the bank, to get the 150000 Sil and invest to the orange girl (I forgot that I still had pay 19 SIl to the bank).


There is Orange kid real name.

Orange 1

A "small" fund for a rich girl.

Orange 2

Yeah, just 150.000 sil, do you know how much it took to get that amount of money? And you call it a pittance,

By the way if you chose to avoid the investment.

Orange no 1

A mere peasant?

Orange no 2

That's right he has the money, it's just that you are an arrogant girl. Well let's not be cruel and invest this small pitance to her.

Orange 3

You should be thankful in "another" way.

Orange 4

Well, he is really direct.

Orange 5

And you too are really direct, at least be thankful that he didn't took the money back.

Oh well, but if you got the philosopher stone she will do what our hero wants.

Orange 5-0

See, that's the reward for getting the Philosopher's Stone.

Now, let's use our remaining money to pay a little bit of the loan and start the tower raid quest for Kyrie.

Day 23 debt

And that is our current -Sil.

Oh whatever we'll pay it eventually anyways and even if we can't, there isn't near 30 days left until we run out of the ingame days so it's not a big deal, but I promise that I'll pay it back.

Now let's go to the tower and get Kyrie!

But before that, I almost forgot.

Sastifaction 90

We have a lot of Satisfactoin point, so what we will spend?

First off the Twin Dragon Rings (useful against the rat that I'll fight in the future), then Blazing Aura for now, I'm going to think what other stuff I need later.

Now we'll really going to enter the tower.

Kyrie quest inside 1

And the first guards, a easy fight compared to the entrance ones and this quest is long so I'm not going to upload every fight.

Kyrie quest inside 2

Our hero was really ocious, writing stuff like this.

Kyrie quest inside 3

In those books are writtne the location of the items in this tower, including the book that Kyrie wants and the Philosopher's Stone, the reason why I waited until investing to the orange kid to start this quest (if you get the philosopher's stone you can't invest in orange kid).

Kyrie quest inside 4

Be careful with this, I just lost all of my food items, in other words, my potential money, grrrr.

Kyrie quest inside 5

Another Force Field, now we need to take another route.

Kyrie quest inside 6

A romance between the dark and light force? And what about those tyrants? The country uses the demons an angels as their personal bodyguards? And they will let Ferdinand pass so they can be free.

Kyrie quest inside 7

Why are you so dutyful, now we need to kill the both of you!

Kyrie quest inside 8

I feel it too bro. Until now we had the choice to avoid doing some stuff that hurt our consciense but this time we couldn't. Why?!

Kyrie quest inside 9

Another barrier more...

Kyrie quest inside 10

And here is another obstacle, I forgot to take a snap of it, but the bookshelf said that there was some bags of eternal obstruction hiding the switch for this red circle.

Kyrie quest inside 11

That's is the punishment for blocking his path, the death punishment.

Kyrie quest inside 12

And we breached another barrier. As a sidenote, the blue transporter from the left also has a Dark Seed, in this tower they are a total of 3 Dark Seeds, so search throughly.

Kyrie quest inside 13

Here is the wand that can eliminate the bags that hides the switch at the other room.

Kyrie quest inside 14

This switch releases some Sphinx, magic eating monster and my party is a magic party so it will be a little more difficult for me, but I'll kill them all regardless.

Kyrie quest inside 15

Now those are the location of the non mimic chest, if you choose mimic three times, then the chest will be closed so choose carefully, but I killed the mimics after getting the stuff I wanted, obviouisly the Philosopher's Stone was included.

Kyrie quest inside 16

Do you remember the bookshelf that was here before? Now is gone so to the final teleporter.

Kyrie quest inside boss

We finally reached the boss here, that was long.

Kyrie quest inside boss 1

Now for this figh, just use Larelle Synchronization, while Meline does heretical censure and Ferdinand and Doll attack and heal the party.

After the stones are gone, Larelle should alternate between the Mind Glare and Hoarfrost while Meline should attack with magic and every time the boss can cast magic again, she should do the heretical censure again and the boss will eventually die.

Now that we are at the end let's go take every incredible loot, but wait!

Kyrie quest inside final-0

That's right! How did you fall for this kind of trick after killing all those incredible guards!

PS: I didn't notice that at the top of every snap there was Vorpal sword written sorry for that.

Kyrie quest cell

Now our hero is at the jail, holy crap how will he get out of this one?

Kyrie quest cell 1

Is funny that between every girs, he is worried about Alina, maybe because she is the one in charge while he is not at home?

Kyrie quest cell 2

Well, someone summoned Ferdinand so the only thing he needed to do was to just wait a little hm?

Kyrie quest queen

What, he was summoned by the queen?! And what is Kyrie and Shally doing here?!

Kyrie quest queen 1

Hey, the princess has a special sprite, so she will be part of the harem right?

Kyrie quest queen 2

He really did it, you are incredible, not even I have the guts to do that.

Kyrie quest queen 3

And he forgiven! How lucky you are Ferdinand?

Kyrie quest queen 4

So they are the personal spies for the queen, and he was sent to steal something from Kyrie and as a result he went to the jail, in other words.

Kyrie quest queen 5

That's right, it was all a honey trap set by Kyrie, and her excuse is that it wasn't personal.

Kyrie quest queen 6

And that's because he has a personal army to repel Kellos.

Kyrie quest queen 7

Yeah, that's right, but our queen prefers the stick and carrot method.

Kyrie quest queen 8

So if he disobeys, he'll be put to jail again for eternity.

Kyrie quest queen 9

And the carrot: If he does the thing right he'll have a princess for his harem!

Kyrie quest queen 10

The queen's method really work, look our hero is really motivated now!

Kyrie quest queen 11

And now Kyrie will make it up for her trap in the best way Ferdinand can enjoy it.

So with this, this long day will end and the day 24 will start next.

Day 24 Edit

Day 24

Finally is the start of the day 24, and there is only 5 quest remaing, so we are nearly the end of this playthrough, well to start the day, let's show our new Philosopher's Stone to the alchemist girls.

Day 24 Philosopher's Stone

And you already know the drill, he'll have fun times with the both of them and they are joining the harem, but they don't get collared. I did this first because this is a non-time consuming event.

Now after Ferdinand has finished playing, let's go to the main manor to check our daily quest.

Day 24 Quest

And today are demons, I'm really lucky to have avoided fighting those cultist this last days. Specially because our goal now is to get 100000 sil to invest in the jewerly.

Well, after killing the demons, let's sell every junk, and start gifting.


By the way, Orange kid gives one Gold Bar every two days, so don't be afraid if the little chest doesn't appear.

Sword mana

In the last quest you got some stuff to upgraede hero's sword and now he has the best sword avaiable until now.

By the way, now that we have Kyrie, we can finally upgrade her weapon.

Kyrie upgrade

Yup with a Slime Egg, and I don't know why she is the only one okay with slimes in the party.

Penelope Love quest

Hey, we can finally start Penelope's love quest, so she won't get any gift from now on.

Florine Finish

And Florine's RP gathering has finished too, so she is not getting more gifts than this forever.

Bronwyn like

I forgot to take a snap, but Bronwyn now likes Ferdinand and she got another skill, but is not useful at this point of the game.

If you don't know where our alchemist are, they are at the Westcastle manor, basement. That house is great, it has a pool even.

Well, now after giving gifts to everyone, besides the one who has RP higher than 100 and Chimei, let's pay the loan except the 19 sil that don't have interest rate and let's save the rest at the bank.

Day 24 Money

This is today's money, still a long way to go until having 100000 sil.

Well, well, now that we have finished with our daily tasks, what we will do now? We used the last collar with Gargan so let's get some more and who is the person that will give our hero some of this precious item?

Slave collar 2

That's right, the same guy who has given him all those collars until now.

Slave collar 2 part 1

So this time we need an orc and those guys are not human so they are resistant to the collars, that means that we need to make him a slave by his own will and not drowning him in alcohol.

Then first stop the orc village, yeah that's right an orc village.

Slave collar 2 part 2

Here is the orc village, just west of Northmarket, now let's enter.

Slender man 2

What the hell is this? Another Slender man?

Slender man 2.1

That is the slender man effect, I wonder what the hell happened to Ferdinand after this?

Oh well, we'll never know so let's reenter the orc village.

Slave collar 2 part 3

Those orcs are still traumatized by our hero's attack at the time he went to save Florine, but that's not important, with this many orcs, there ought be someone who wants to become a slave.

Slave collar 2 part 4

And there is our orc, that pitiful useless orc, so let's see our hero's persuasion skills.

Slave collar 2 part 5-0

That's pretty convicing, even I would sell myself if that were the conditions, I mean stop being a burden to my friends and the posibility to save my race. But the important thing is this orc answer.

Slave collar 2 part 6

And that is, persuasion finished, now let's get our reward from the slaver.

Slave collar 2 part 7

Jeez, have a little more trust to the guy who saved you before. Oh well, we have 5 collars more and remember that girl at the Westcastle manor that Ferdinand locked in a room, she is the final harem girl of this version so let's capture her.


Yeah, you should just be careful, we don't want any accidents here.

Renfield 1

Sorry, Ferdinand killed him a couple days ago.

Renfield 2

I'm always amazed to see how direct he is.

Renfield 3

Yep, that is this one has some screw lost, but at least she is sexy?

Renfeld 4

And this is our hero's answer for her little problem, just guess what is the life he is talking about.

Well after this this day will end and the day 25 will start, but I'll do it tomorrow.

Day 25 Edit

Day 25

This is the morning of the day 25 and we had finally gathered all the characters for this version, now we'll start our daily routine, first to the Northmarket manor to check out today's daily quest.

Day 25 qust

And today is foreigners hunting. Too late! I already sold my copper necklace!!!

Well, whatever, let's continue the routine, which I'm tired of writing every single time, but today, we aren't giving Liliac her Box of Chocolates, because if Violet and Liliac has RP>80, then a scene will start and the day will end.

Violet Trust

Yay, but we have to wait, because as I said, I'm not planning to end this day with Liliac/Violet.

Elaiya Love quest

Now, we have unlocked Elaiya love quest too, so whe won't be getting more gifts from now on.

Liliac RP 79

Here LIliac has 79 RP, so we should just give her any gift that she doesn't hate, except the Box of Chocolate. The reason why I choose to raise Violet RP is because Liliac gets a scene that give her a +5 RP and Violet no and I want to have both twins with the same RP.

Well, after giving everyone the gifts that are supposed to receive, let's sell everything unnecesary and save the money at the bank.

Day 25 Money

We are really far away from the goal of 100000 sil. Okay, now to end this day, we are going to give a lovely flower to Chimei.

Chimei Trust

Summary of what she said, "Master, come out with me for a moment please", or something like that, is too long to hope that google translate make a decent translation.

Chimei Trust pikunikku

And Chimei learned a new word, Pikunikku!

Well she said that she understand it. (rikai=understand).

Now this picnic will end as everyone imagines then the day will end.

Day 26 Edit

Day 26

We start a new day and the first thing to do is as expected, to check our daily quest.

And the request this time is:

Day 26 quest

Slime hunting, that guy at Southport will be so happy.

Well, after giving the fluids to that guy, let's buy the gifts and start giving present to everyone who still needs them, but obviously we are going to have Liliac at the end, because I'm planning to end the day with her.

Serade Trust

Now that Serade has develped a trust relationship with Ferdinand, she is more happy and is selling more, that means more money from her. Yay!

Well, after giving gifts to everyone who are meant to receive, let's sell the junk and save the money.

Day 26 Money

A fast growning money, but I wish that Orange kid would give me a Gold Bar each day.

Well, now that we have done everything, let's give chocolates to Liliac.

Liliac Trust

Yay! She agreed to if Violet wants it too and she already said that she was okay, so Ferdinand will have a happy day today.

With this this day will end and the day 27 will start.

Day 27 Edit

Day 27

Is already the day 27, we are almost at the end of this and from this day onward will start a quest rush, that means we are going to do every remaing quest without rest. By the way, today Larelle learned the first spell of the energy principals, Therese learned cleanse body and Felix learned Hyde formula, why the first spell to learn is that and not chian lighning!

Well, let's start doing the routine for now, so the first thing is to our daily quest.

Day 27 quest

And today's quest are just a group of thugs, but I'm not angry, is still better than those cultist and I had a nice random quest this last couple of days.

Well, after this, let's buy presents for everyone who are still under the 101 RP.

Felix Finish

Finally this kid has RP>100, so we can stop giving him those slice of cakes, which are free to get anyways, but we can sell it for some extra money.

Raina trust

Hey, now that Raina is trusting our hero, she is thinking about getting a collar for herself, so is she giving up first at the war?

Now, that we have given the presents to everyone, let's save the money at the bank.

Day 27 Money

And this is today's money, is getting closer to the 100000 sil, and now we are going to do Penlope's love quest, but before going, today is raining and I had forgotten to take care of the Corrupted Mycon, so I'll go kill him now.

Corrupted Mycon
Well, at this point of the game, I don't need any strategy to defeat him, but if you fight against it at lv 8-10, the strategy is to bring Doll, Felix with Necromicon and rhinestone gloves and Meline with chicken soup book, then you should just spam Dark Blast with Felix, Meline should alternate between daze and burn, Doll should concentrate on healing and Hero should be a support kind of character (If Doll and Hero can't heal, use Felix), this fight will be easier if you have blue dragon ring to negate the hallucination on Meline so she can cleanse body to the party.

Oh well, again, this fight was really easy for me and I just realized that I have a bunch of Dark Seeds so I'll change it all to the guy at the slums.

Dark seeds hand over

I didn't went to this guy since the begining, that was a really great mistake of my part.

Now that we have done everything for today, let's heal everyone at the manor then go to Penelpe's farm to search for her dad.

Penelope's quest part 1

What happened here?! Were really bandits who did this? But look there is a letter, let's read it.

Penelope's quest part 2

It was the Mycons, I just klled one of them and I'm sure that you guys are weaker than the corrupted one.

Penelope's quest part 3

Yeah, it should be, so just jump in and save her dad now.

Penelope's quest dungeon part 2

Yup, those are mycons, they are weak so don't worry.

But hey, they drop mushrooms that make you fly and if you are high, you can see lots of things here, even a hidden Dark Seed.

Penelope's quest dungeon part 3-0

And I thought that she was Shally.

Penelope's quest dungeon part 4
He is really high, just what the heck are the components of those mushrooms?
Penelope's quest dungeon part 5

The Combat pack is 99 Markerlight!, but the item doesn't appear and the money dissapears, so kids the lesson is never trust the demons of the mushrooms, they are probably illusions.

Penelope's quest dungeon part 6

This zombies activates the music of that time at lumberhill dancing zombies.

Penelope's quest dungeon part 7

Bat country? Is he refering to Gotham city?

Penelope's quest dungeon part 8

La la la laaaaa lalalalalalala

Penelope's quest dungeon part 9

Damn Chest, stop running away!!!

Penelope's quest dungeon part 10

That would be awesome, that means that it isn't my fault that I couldn't pass my math exam.

Penelope's quest dungeon part 11

What is the hokey pokey in the first place?

Penelope's quest dungeon part 12

A demon kid, I want to take him home so I can raise the best antichrist ever!

Penelope's quest dungeon part 13

Someday we will get you!

Penelope's quest dungeon part 14

Yeah, I know what is, is that umm, ehh... that.

Penelope's quest dungeon part 15

See? Ferdinand got it.

Penelope's quest dungeon part 16

I don't know what are it is on your head right now but Awesome!

Penelope's quest dungeon part 17

What! And this is the stuff that our hero always wanted!

Penelope's quest dungeon boss 1-0

Yup, our enemy is a hippy, a really high hippie, what do you expect of someone who is always eating those mushrooms.

Penelope's quest dungeon boss 2-0

Hey, so our hero really wants to save Penelope's dad, well he is a nice guy sometimes with his girls.

Well as for strategies against this boss, I can't think of anything, because I never did this dungeon at low level, sorry.

Penelope's quest dungeon final 1

Well, after saving him, he understood the truth of mushrooms!

Penelope's quest dungeon final 2

And here is thank you words, come on is that hard to say thank you?

Penelope's quest dungeon final 3

That's true, if Penelope weren't involed in this, he will never go to save you for free.

Penelope final 1

After getting out of there, he get some dinner, but who are Penelpe's mom and siblings?

Penelope final 2

So, at least his father doesn't hate him that much after seeing that Ferdinand really takes care of her daughter, even I'll be surprised.

Penelope final 3

At least she said thank you and I'm sure that Ferdinand is more happy to hear it from her than from her dad,

Penelope final 4

So, our hero is a tsundere too, jajajajajajaja and you dare to tease Alina for that.

Penelope final 5

Now she has finally fallen completely for our hero, now what do you think she wants?

Penelope final 6

She wants kids with Ferdinand and she even think that he will be a great dad!

Now Yamamaya and Penelope are waiting for children, so the manors will be full with Serade's Penelope's and Yamamaya's kids.

So it's good night for those two and the end of the day 27.

Penelope final 7

Now the dividend of Penelope's farm is 45% and Penelope loves Ferdinand. Yay!

Day 28 Edit

Day 28
Hello, this is the day 28 and to start this day, we'll check as always our daily quest.
Day 28 quest

Today is demon raid, so let's just take care of it fast to start giving presents.

Gargan Neutral

Hey, now Gargan stopped disliking our hero, and gave him the key for the Guild storage, nice, to start looting it.

Guild cache

Nice chests, the green one is the weapon upgrade for Gargan and there is a wyvern jerky for Gargan in one of this chest too.

Gargan upgrade
Why do you think that Gargan is using a man's longsword? It seems that Kevin doesn't know that Gargan used to be a man.
Gargan wyvern

So Gargan likes poisoned food? How hardcore.

Gargan wyvern-0

At least he get some nice bonus for being hardcore.

Well, now that we have finished giving gifts and selling stuffs, let's save the money at the bank.

Day 28 Money

And that's today's money. Only 50000 sil more to get our 100000 sil quota.

And now that we had done our daily tasks, let's check our satisftaction book.

Satisfaction 96

Wow, it's 96 alreaady, well for today let's get Improved Encourage. I'm still thinking hard on what to spend the satisfatcion point.

Well, now that we don't have anything more to do, let's start Meline's love quest.

First off, we need to find the ancient city of that letter.

Meline love quest map

Hmm.. an area just west of Lumberhill, I think I know where it is.

Meline love quest entrance

Here it is, and if I remember right, there should be a green orb blocking the cave.

Meline love quest entrance 1

And the key to break it was the King Statuette.

Meline quest dungeon

Well, now we are inside of the lost city, there isn't many important things to note here so I'll just show the stuff that I like.

Meline quest dungeon part 1

This item is useful if you didn't bring Kyrie along in the party.

Meline quest dungeon part 2

As I said, if you bring Kyrie along there is not need to search for that scroll.

Meline quest dungeon part 3

A sealed door, suspicious...

Meline quest dungeon part 4

Yep, and we need to gather statues for every pedestal here.

Meline quest dungeon part 5

But, before that we need to do something else, or else:

Meline quest dungeon part 6

A hint:

Meline quest dungeon part 7

The torches can be lit up and look at the shape of the red circle.

Meline quest dungeon part 8

It's like a pokemon move. Meline use Astral Flame!