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According to him, he's the greatest hero in the land. Results may vary.

You grew up a commoner looking with envy at the nobles with their wealth, their mansions, and their harems. You vowed you will one day have all that. So you quit your job at the family bakery and set out to join the adventurer's guild... with the financial support of your only remaining family, your sister Meline. The game starts with your promotion to a full guild member.


Default Names Edit

You can name the Hero whatever you want, but the game will suggest a default name at random from the following list: Ferdinand, Shiki, Ralph, Rance, Charlie, Quagmire, Kintaro, Tatsuhiro, Hasebe and Casanunda.

Special Names Edit

By giving the Hero certain names you will get bonuses.

  • Shepard - Gives a Markerlight Combat Item.
  • Mario - Gives three Mushrooms and a Scroll of Fireball
  • Cartman - -10 AGI, +180 HP
  • Aeducan - Gives 1 Proving Helm
  • Larry - Gives 1 Leisure Suit
  • Stark - Gives the Mask Of Iron Man headgear and Cerulean, a Dire Wolf follower

Codes Edit

Bonus codes can be inputted instead of the hero name, this will not actually make his name the bonus code, rather it will give you the bonus and then ask you to input a new name. Current bonuses:


Starting Technique -

  • Assault: 15 Momentum, personal, boosts ATK value for the entire party for 8 turns. Can be stacked twice, extends the duration of all existing stacks if cast again before expiring.

Techniques given by Satisfaction -

  • Improved Assault: Same as Assault, but now also gives 10 Momentum to entire party, it requires 15 Momentum.
  • Encourage: 20 Momentum. Heals a single target and boosts DEF value for 5 turns. Can be stacked twice, extends the duration of all existing stacks if cast again before expiring.
  • Improved Encourage: Stronger and will remove Poison, Deafened, Confusion, Paralysis, Stun, Nausea, Burn, and Daze.
  • Blazing Aura: 40 Momentum. Restores some Mana to the entire party
  • Improved Blazing Aura: Restores more Mana and adds a MAT buff to the party.
  • Unity Force: 50 Momentum. Adds the Unity Force state to one party member of your choice, increasing all their stats by 10%, and two stats specific to them by another 20%. Female party members also receive a new team-attack skill. Lasts the entire battle.
  • Improved Unity Force: Reduces the cost of unity force to 35 momentum.

Techniques taught by Brigandine -

  • Meteor Smash: Requires 10,000 Sil. Costs 10 Momentum. Does extra damage, but leaves you vulnerable (Halved DEF for 2 turns).
  • Twice-Cutting Wind: Requires 20,000 Sil, Meteor Smash learned, lvl 20. Costs 15 Momentum. Damages an enemy twice.
  • Eternal Crescent: Requires 40,000 Sil, Twice-Cutting Wind learned, lvl 28. Costs 12 Momentum. Attacks two enemies.
  • Razor Falling Rain: Requires 80,000 Sil, Eternal Crescent learned, lvl 35. Costs 20 Momentum. Damages all enemies

Techniques given by the Phantom Knight Class, you gain these skills automatically by being a Phantom Knight and unlocking their Warlord counter-parts - 

  • Attract: (Counter-part to Assault) Costs 15 Momentum. Gives Hero 275% threat generation and 125% Resist for 5 turns 
  • Improved Attract: (Counter-part to Improved Assault) Costs 15 Momentum. Gives Hero 275% threat generation. 125% Resist, and 4 momentum per turn for 5 turns 
  • Vitality: (Counter-part to Encourage) Costs 10 Momentum. Gives Hero 5% health regeneration per turn for five turns.
  • Improved Vitality: (Counter-part to Improved Encourage) Costs 10 Momentum. Gives Hero 7% health regeneration and 15% magic evasion chance per turn for five turns.
  • Spirit Aura: (Counter-part to Blazing Aura) Costs 30 Momentum. Drains the enemy party's Mana.
  • Improved Spirit Aura: (Counter-part to Improved Blazing Aura) Costs 30 Momentum. Drains the enemy party's Mana and gives Hero 15% critical evade (will turn a critical hit into a regular hit)
  • Ghost Party: (Counter-part to Unity Force) Costs 50 Momentum. Gives all party members Ghost like properties including immunities (Venom, Force, Psychic, Acid, Insta-Death, Bleed, Sticky Acid, Poison, Possession, Sleep, Nausea, Hallucinating, Daze, Blind, Stun, Pinned, Sugar Rush, and knockdown), resistances (50% Sonic, Necrotic, and Melee damage), and weaknesses (150% cold and fire damage, 200% vs ghost damage). Additionally it gives everyone except Hero an additional 100% chance to evade attacks, lasts for 3 turns.
  • Improved Ghost Party: (Counter-part to Improved Unity Force) Costs 50 momentum. The same as regular Ghost Party except all party members aside from Hero additionally gain an additional 100% chance to evade magic attacks.



  • Starting - Rusty Sword (Zweihander at first but you lose it in the beginning)
  • Greatswords

Off Hand:





The Hero is a versatile character that can fulfill the role of either damage dealer or tank. It's a good idea to decide which role you want to give him early on in order to specialize him that way. Stat-up potions are limited, acquiring new skills is expensive, and not everything he does will be useful for you, depending on your style. For example, Assault is useful for fighters, but not mages; if you prefer to bring along two or even three mages, Blazing Aura is a much better option.

Hidden stats Edit

The following are a list of stats/traits that are not made readily apparent about Hero on the status menu. Be warned that some of these might reveal spoilers about the character!

  • Takes 200% damage from anti-human attacks (becomes 150% after a certain achievement)
  • Has a natural 10% resistance to the 'pinned' status effect
  • Has a natural 95% hit chance as a Warlord, and a 90% hit chance as a Phantom Knight
  • Has a natural +5% evasion chance as a Warlord, and a -5% evasion chance as a Phantom Knight
  • Has a natural +4% critical chance as a Warlord, and a -5% critical chance as a Phantom Knight
  • As a Phantom Knight, he has a -5% critical evasion chance
  • He is immune to the 'Charmed' status
  • He is immune to the 'Mana Shock' status


  • Much of the hero's initial personality was based on the main character from Sengoku Rance. One of the randomly generated default names is in reference to this
  • The hero's original default name was Ferdinand from Heartache 101.
  • Ralph is in reference to both Harem and the default first character when creating a new RPG Maker VX Ace project.
  • Shiki is the main character of Shingetsutan Tsukihime
  • Charlie is a reference to famous actor/degenerate/living meme Charlie Sheen
  • Quagmire is in reference to a secondary character on Family Guy
  • Kintaro is the main character of Golden Boy
  • Tatsuhiro is the protagonist of Welcome to the N.H.K.
  • Hasebe is one of the main characters of Servant x Service
  • Casanunda is a minor character from the Discworld novels.
  • Steve was the main character of BlackPreon's highly critical LP of Harem Collector, which has since been removed.
  • The Hero starts his journey as "Destitute Adventurer". Obtaining Alina will change his status to "Fledging Master". Completing Shipping Disaster will change it to "Experienced Master", as long as you haven't finished Send Newts which will change it to "Dragonslayer". He is the only character whose status changes four times.

Former facesetEdit


References Edit

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