Story InformationEdit

Deadly fighter and complete asshole. Those things seem to go together a lot.

The long story short, he really hates you. Might have something to do with you wanting to bang his sister Raina.


You take a job in Westcastle (Virgin Gynocides) which turns out to coincide with the quest he's working. Hilarity ensues, by which I mean violence, curses, and rape, at which point...

Gargan is eventually collared after completing Looking for a Cure.


Techniques by Level

  • Level 1
    • Stun Break: Costs 10 momentum. Possibility of stunning an opponent.
    • Cape Stun: Costs 5 momentum. Deals higher damage to a stunned opponent.
  • Level 7
    • Counter: Costs 15 momentum. When is active, the physical attacks of the enemies against Gargan have a possibility to generate a counterattack.
  • Level 14
    • Throw: Costs 20 momentum. Deals damage to two enemies.
  • Level 21
    • Coup de Grace: Costs 30 momentum. It deals about 2-3 times damage compared to a normal attack.

From Unity force (female only):

  • Back to back: Costs 5 momentum. For 3 turns both Hero and Gargan have the counter state on. They both have 500% threat generation, an 80% chance to counter attacks, a 25% chance to inflict stun with their attacks, and an extra 10% critical evasion chance. (Same as normal count except targets both of them, lasts longer, and has a lower cost)



Off Hand:

  • Starting - Round Shield


  • Starting - Bandana


  • Starting - Chain Mail


  • Starting - Empty


*********************MAJOR SPOILER WARNING********************************



  • +4: Pocket Tome
  • +0: Lovely Flowers, Sweet Perfume


  • Initial relationship: 21




  • Starts Blow Job Quest. Unimplemented.

Love / Respect Quest (Not Implemented Yet)

  • Bonus



  • Chat
  • Gift
  • Nothing

Sex scenes:

  • Sucks to be Gargan - Right before the boss fight in Virgin Gynocides.
  • If You Don't Want That, I'll Use It - Final scene in Looking for a Cure, right after Getting What You Wished For.
  • Sibling Rivalry- code scene, enter JuFJrY to see.

Hidden stats Edit

The following are a list of stats/traits that are not made readily apparent about Hero on the status menu. Be warned that some of these might reveal spoilers about the character!

  • Takes 200% damage from anti-human attacks (becomes 150% after a certain achievement)
  • Has a natural 10% resistance to the 'pinned' status effect
  • Has a natural 95% hit chance as a male, and a 85% hit chance as a female (first weapon upgrade offsets this)
  • Has a natural 7% evasion chance
  • Has a natural 4% critical chance
  • He/she is immune to the 'Mana Shock' status


If you are stuck with Gargan in your party (she has a star in her portrait), follow the next steps:

  1. Get the Book of Hax (you could find it in the cheating chest, outside the Manor near Florine's shop).
  2. Use it at least once. Doesn’t matter if you’re full up on HP or whatever.
  3. Press the “q” key.
  4. Enter the code “ur18″ without quotations (of course).
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