This page is for Game Mechanic related topics.


  • HP: Health, I hope you don't need this explained.
  • MP: Mana, shouldn't need to be explained.
  • Momentum: Increases when you land a basic attack, take damage, specific skills, guard, or by other means..
  • Attack/ATK: Boosts your physical damage.
  • Magic/MAT: Boosts your magical damage.
  • Defense/DEF: Reduces physical damage.
  • Resist/MDF: Reduces magical damage.
  • Agility/AGI: Increases accuracy, evasion, and order of attack.
  • Luck/LUK: Affects chance of applying status effects and conditions.


Momentum is accumulated during battle. Once enough momentum is built up, you can unleash more powerful attacks or support skills. Momentum is reset after the end of the battle, so you have no reason to conserve it between battles. At the start of each battle each party member can start with anywhere from 1 to 25 Momentum.

Momentum is accumulated as follows:

Start of Battle

1-25 (Random)

Successful physical attack


All magic (Spells + Prayers)



+4 initially, +3 for every successful hit landed while defending

Successful hit (not defending)

+5 every hit

Dodge (by enemy or party)


It's important to note that any ability that consumes momentum does not grant additional momentum (at least there is one exception: Improved Assault gives 10 Momentum to the entire party).


There are three ways skills are used

  • Techniques use Momentum.
  • Evocations use an equal amount of Momentum and Mana.
  • Spells and Prayers both use just Mana but are separate categories, only Felix has access to both Spells and Prayers.

Skills also come in a variety of targeting methods ways

  • Self - Targets the user automatically.
  • Single/One Enemy/Ally -  Lets you select your target/recipient..
  • X Random targets - X is the number of times it will select a target, it can strike the same target more than once.

Skills will often also have a tag in the description

  • Buff - It gives a positive bonus to the target(s) stats, shown by a stat symbol with arrow(s) pointing upwards. 
  • Debuff - It gives a negative bonus to the target(s) stats, shown by a stat symbol with arrow(s) pointing downwards.
  • Element - See next section.
  • Control - Has a greater chance to inflict status effects.
  • Damage - Has a normal chance to inflict status effects but deals more damage.
  • Personal - Usually applies some status effect or condition.

Spell/Prayer/Evocations using characters have access to another unique mechanic, learning spells from tomes/orbs. These tomes/orbs immediately give access to their spells upon being equipped but they can be permanently learned if enough time passes(the time required is 5 days) whilst they are equipped. Spells and Prayers have unique spellpools, only Felix has access to both pools (as of the October 2014 release).

Elements and effectsEdit

Each element has its own condition that it can apply. Elemental spells come in two types, Control and Damage. Control deals less damage, but has a better chance of applying effects. Damage, well damages, with a lesser chance to apply conditions. Debuffs can be countered with Buffs but other effects must be waited out or cleansed via skill or item.

  • Fire applies "Burn" obviously, healing received reduced by 50%.
  • Cold applies "Chill", durp, AGI debuff.
  • Thunder applies "Deafness", prevents Spells, Prayers, Evocations, Rituals.
  • Acid "Corrodes", DEF debuff.
  • Psychic "Disorients", MDF debuff.
  • Lightning causes "Paralysis", preventing actions and -100% evasion. Note that this occurs less often than other conditions.
  • "Poison" comes from Poison, reduces health by 10% until cured. This includes out of combat while walking. Cannot kill but will leave you at 1HP.
  • Force causes "Knockdown", making them lose their next turn.
  • Radiant "Dazes", -60% chance to hit, cannot counterattack.
  • Necrotic inflicts "Weakness", ATK debuff.

The Department of Applied Thaumaturgy on the SU campus has more information as does the Status Effects page where other statuses can be found as well.

Resistances and WeaknessesEdit

Some creatures are more resistant to certain elements and some are more vulnerable to others. This ain't Pokemon though, just because it's a "Frost"-type creature does not make it vulnerable to fire.

  • Ghosts, spirits, and incorporeal creatures are more resistant or flat out immune to Force, Poison, and Acid so hit them with Fire, Cold, or Lightning.
  • Mechanical creatures don't like Acid.
  • Attacking mindless insects and plants with Psychic means you're a special person.

Party DynamicsEdit

Generally speaking you can only change your party's formation only while exiting your Manor or your Condo. Some events or quests will allow you to shuffle but those are exceptions. If a character has a star next to their name, you must put them in the party. Outside of combat, party members can use some skills, typically curative and restorative skills and never any that use Momentum.

NOTE: As of the March 2015 version 3 release soloing offers no in-game advantages to players. Players playing this or a later version of the game are advised to NOT solo.

Since party members will almost always join at one level below the Hero (so if Hero has 101 total experience, enough to get to level 3 and you get Felix he will have 30 total experience, for level 2. If Hero has 115, 150, or 170 experience Felix will still only have 30 experience since Hero is still level 3) if a player wants to earn the most experience possible it is best to try to recruit all the characters ASAP.

Enemy Techniques :Edit

Cover :Edit

Cover is a skill used by enemies with high HP to protect members of their party that have low HP and it works like this : Let's say we have an enemy party of unit A,B,C . A and B have high HP and low damage and C has low HP but high damage , using cover here is optimal . units A and B can use it and protect C from all types of attacks directed towrds it , meaning when A and B use cover you are forced to kill both of them before you can target C . Luckily you can break cover by inflicting these status effects : Blind, Knockdown, Paralysis, Sleep , Stun, Grab, Pin and Stagger , and also using bombs on A and B.

Advancing TimeEdit

To get money from your investments and give more gifts to your harem, the player needs to make time pass. Done by completing quests and getting special scenes with your harem, you need to advance time to continue the game. The ways to advance time will not be listed here but on its own page.

Easy Mode :Edit

Easy mode is basically the same gameplay as normal but in addition , you get access to certain items and features that will make the game easier for you , such as :

  • Time turner : which allows you to advance time one day each use , advancing time will give you the benefits mentioned in the article right above this one.
  • Book of Hax : restores the party's HP infinitly.
  • Dehydrated Orgasm : gives you free satisfaction points which are used to upgrade the hero's skills or the item shop's collection or give you special items.
  • A huge amount of money and your party members will start with better equipment.
  • Better treasures in dungeons and extra hints for solving puzzles.


Most achievements are obtained by repeating an action enough time, like walking or making a certain type of attack. There's also relationship achievements, and some rare special RP-only achievements.


Happiness is how happy the player's friends are. While most characters with happiness stats are harem girls, some male characters, like Felix or Kevin also have it.


You can buy (or obtain through quests) furniture pieces which will build lifestyle happiness for your harem. Different characters have different reactions to some pieces of furniture.