Story InformationEdit

A wandering gunslinger searching for a murderer. Dark and mysterious past was a class prerequisite.

Shally's bounty hunter, who is forcibly recruited by the hero when he decides he needs another party member. Elaiya[1] willingly agreed to become a slave(as if you'd let it end any other way), provided the Hero lets her take care of some unfinished business in the future. She is initially at a very low level, which belies her reputation as a highly skilled bounty hunter. Suspicious...


She will join your party during the boss fight during One is the Loneliest Party if it isn't full yet. Afterwards Shally will give you her blessing to collar her (like you care) and Elaiya is fine with it so long as you help her kill someone in the near future. 


Skills given by Level:

  • Level 1
    • Stealth: Costs 10 Momentum. Personal, decreases threat and increases critical chance for 5 turns.
    • Barrage: Costs 20 Momentum. Launches two physical attacks to a random enemy.
  • Level 9
    • Aim Ready: Costs 4 Momentum. Physical attack to one enemy that reduces AGI and increases chance to critical (stacks with Stealth).
  • Level 18
    • Headshot: Costs 25 Momentum. Physical attack to one enemy that can kill instantly.

Skills given by Relationship

  • Triple Barrage[2]: 20 Momentum, Random enemy, launches three physical attacks.

Skills from Kellos trainer-

  • Prep Guns: Must be used before a battle. +50% critical chance, +40% momentum regeneration. Only for the first move.
    • After the Circle of Strife quest, there will be a guard near the top of Eastfort. He will want you to get him away from there. Go buy the tenement in Northmarket Slums(5.500 Sil) and then talk to the guard again. You will either fight him or put him to sleep if you have sleep powder. You will be teleported to the tenant house with the guard living there now. Talk to him with Elaiya in the party to get this move. It gives a free buff that does
  • Snapfire: Increased damage based on Attack and Luck stat. +12 Momentum gain.
    • To learn this skill he wants you to get him a Phrasebook, you might be able to find this in the Scroll shop at Southport University District.
  • Strike and Fade: Costs 15 Momentum. Increased damage based on Attack and Luck Stat. Automatically uses stealth after attack.
    • You have to pay him 10,000 Sil to get this skill.

Skills from Accessory:

  • Scattergun: Costs 15 Momentum. Physical attack on all enemies.

From Unity force:

  • Covering Fire: A strong attack with a chance of critical hit. Inflicts a 2 turn 'hide' status on Hero that reduces his threat generation by 90% and gives him an additional 5% critical chance. Is followed up by a strong attack from Hero.


Weapons: Twin Pistols





Elaiya is a physical fighter that boasts very high attack, agility and luck, and an ample set of techniques that make her extremely versatile and capable of dealing with just about any threat you find. Although she is fragile, she compensates it by being sneaky, and even if she takes damage she also generates momentum more quickly.

There are two skills that set Elaiya apart from the rest:

  • Triple barrage is one of the very rare instances in the game when one character gets a triple attack. Neither any other Harem girl, nor the Hero, can do it. Although you can't pick the target, it is extraordinarily useful in dealing with bosses or tough enemies.
  • If you equip her with the Scattergun (found inside the Pirate Ship in Sunnyshore Island), she becomes one of the only two physical fighters capable of dealing group damage (the other being the Hero, as long as he has learned Razor Falling Rain from Ser Brigandine).

Appart from those, she has a good set of defensive skills that make her less likely to be attacked, and offensive skills that will make it easier to snipe down your targets.

The main disadvantage with Elaiya is, although she becomes very powerful, she is one of those characters that requires a lot of time and investment to get there..

Overall, is very easy to build your party around her as the main damage dealer, as long as you bring a tank to cover for her. Keep in mind that is generally not a good idea to put her in armor as she should generate as little threat as possible. Also keep in mind that she relies heavily on momentum, so look for ways to keep her momentum as high as possible to make sure you use her potential to the fullest.



  • +4: Clockworke Amusemente
  • +2: Lovely Flowers, Pearl Necklace, Berry Gera, Porcelain Doll, Box of Chocolates, Slice of Cake, Rock Candy, Pocket Tome, Shiny Bits
  • -2: Sweet Perfume, Monster Fang


  • Initial relationship: 41


  • +150 max HP to Elaiya


  • +2 momentum a turn

Love Quest- Finishing Unfinished Business(Lvl 20)

  • Bonus- Triple Barrage skill.

Conversation & SexEdit


  • Chat
  • Gift
  • Sex
    • Be Nice
    • Be Rough
    • Enforce Discipline
    • Performance Review
  • Nothing

Sex scenes:

  • Let's Make a Deal- After recruiting, triggers automatically on quest completion.
  • Catharsis- Finish her love quest, Finishing Unfinished Business(Lvl 20).
  • Tainted Drink - Vacation Scene

Hidden stats Edit

The following are a list of stats/traits that are not made readily apparent about Hero on the status menu. Be warned that some of these might reveal spoilers about the character!

  • Takes 200% damage from anti-human attacks (becomes 150% after a certain achievement)
  • Has a natural 95% hit chance
  • Has a natural 7% evasion chance
  • Has a natural 10% critical chance
  • She is immune to the 'Mana Shock' and 'Blind' statuses

Trivia Edit

  • In the northwestern corner of the Northmarket slums there is an unnamed abandoned hovel. Having Elaiya in your party makes the hovel inaccessible (she will refuse to enter if you approach the door), hinting that might be her old home. Inside the hovel (besides the furniture) there is only a Berry Gera, which, although not her favorite gift, mean something important to her (gifting her one will produce a very particular remark, and, if you bring her along in Can't Handle it Cove, the item she likes is also a Berry Gera). However as of version 0.37.4 there is no other reference in the game to this hovel.
  • Finishing her love quest Finishing Unfinished Business changes her status from "The Relentless" to simply "Gunslinger".


  1. Nekochan was responsible for Elaiya's redesign.
  2. It substitutes Double Barrage skill.
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