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First Appears during the quest Honey Trapper, where Nicholas asks you to somehow get Doralice to cancel their marriage either through diplomacy or getting her caught having sex with someone besides Nicholas in 3 different ways. Currently Doralice isn't a harem character.

Conversation Edit

Completing this Honey Trapper revolves around two mechanics, how drunk Doralice is and how well you've seduced her. I'll start by detailing the social interactions and what impacts they have on how charmed she is (this is only relevant for routes 1 and 2).

  1. When 0- You will have to talk to her and introduce yourself and you'll get a natural +1. If you've got 45 or more fame you'll get an additional +1 due to how famous you are bringing you to a total of +2! There are no other options here.
  2. When 1- Without drinks you will have to go to the entrance where you began, there you'll find a girl in front of a white table with some flowers on it, talk to either the girl or the table to learn that Doralice is a riding champion. Go back to Doralice and ask her about her horse riding for +1 seduction, when she brings up dressage ask her about it for another +1 seduction to bring you to 3.
    • If Doralice has taken at least 2 glasses of wine you can ask her about her fiance for a little insight into how they're getting along as well as +1 seduction. This option will be available at 2 seduction without the need for her to be drunk but can be done now if she's had 2 glasses of wine.
    • If you ask Doralice for sex at this point she will get angry and stop talking to you for the rest of the quest, forcing you down route 3 or 4.
  3. When 2- If you ask her about her presents you will get +1 seduction for your frankness. You will alternatively be able to comment on the Earl instead of the presents, doing so will also earn +1 seduction.
    • Commenting about her beauty will ONLY earn +1 seduction if she's had 3 drinks
  4. When 3- Here you can ask her about her friends and then sympathize with her for +1 seduction. Alternatively you can ask her about the wine and she'll mention a Vineyard, if you have invested in it (Added as of version 0.24.5) you will gain +1 seduction.
    • If you ask her about her friends then call her on her bullshit she will refuse to talk to you, forcing you down route 3 or 4
    • If she has had 3 glasses of wine and you ask her for sex she will be upset with you and refuse to talk to you, forcing you down route 3 (route 4 is not possible at this point due to her hitting the drink maximum)
  5. When 4- At this point you can ask her to be alone to finish the quest. You can also ask about her fiance, if she has not had anything to drink she will willingly break off the engagement, if she has had something to drink she will say that she needs time to think on where the Hero will then ask her if she'd like the two of them to be alone.

In regards to getting her drunk, you can get several glasses of wine for free from the Butler behind the bar (north of the entrance, near where Alina hangs out). No matter what you do Doralice will refuse any wine you offer her, if you ask Alina why this is she'll explain that it's because you're a stranger. To get Doralice to drink you must instead head to the kitchen and talk to Nicholas' butler (near the entrance to the kitchen) and ask him to deliver the wine for you. Once Doralice has had 3 drinks she will refuse anymore offered to her.

Sex Edit

Route 1- Diplomacy (Talk things out) Edit

As mentioned above, to accomplish this you must get Doralice to seduction level 4 WITHOUT her drinking any wine. If she has even one glass this route will become impossible and attempting to convince her to break off the engagement will instead result in a route 2 completion. Do note that This is the only route that will not offer a sex scene.

Route 2- A Difficult Position (Seduce Doralice) Edit

This route is very similar to the above route, except you have the option of getting Doralice drunk to open up a few possibilities (described in the bullet points) not available in the diplomacy route to make it a bit easier (as well attempting diplomacy after she's had any wine will default to this route). The sex scene here is normal compared to the others.

Route 3- Playing For the Other Team (Have Alina seduce Doralice) Edit

In this route, Alina is the one who seduces Doralice instead, you can talk to Alina and tell her to do it whenever you so choose (with some different text based on if Doralice is still willing to talk to you or not) but she will not be able to until Doralice has had 3 glasses of wine. Once you've gotten enough alcohol in Doralice tell Alina to seduce her to finish the quest. The sex scene here currently doesn't have any images.

Route 4- Bound To Disappoint (Drug Doralice) Edit

As stated before we came to the party, if you intend to go this route make sure you either bought the drug before getting here or brought some money because, despite their wealth, Doralice doesn't have a bank in her house. If you didn't bring the drug, you're going to have to talk to the butler NEXT to the counter (not behind it) and he'll offer to sell you the Huxtable special needed for this quest. Once you've got it through either option, talk to the butler behind the counter to get a class of wine, you'll then be given the option of adding it to the wine, do so to create the fixed glass of wine. Give the 'Fixed glass of wine' to Nicholas' butler to drug Doralice (will not work if she has already had 3 regular glasses of wine), she'll fall unconscious and be taken to a servant's room as the maid standing next to where Doralice was will point out. Head to the rooms next to the kitchen and talk to the unconscious Doralice to finish this quest. The sex scene here has Doralice in bondage.

Don't Cream the Yandere

This will happened during the shipping incident quest.


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