Dark Seeds are missable collectible items you can acquire during your travels that can be given to the Creepy Guy in the Hut (Northmarket Slums) in exchange for rewards. This page details the Dark Seed locations and rewards.


Location Quest Missable
Manor Cistern (before you purchase maids). Hire Maids Yes
Distant Farm, where you find Penelope. Use the well before investing on the business. Yes
Orc Camp, top of the unmarked grave. Need a shovel, bonus scrolls of Dark Bolt too. Na Na Why Don't You Get A Job? Yes
Northmarket, go to the Church's graveyard and dig up Lavinia Whateley's plot. No
In the overworld map, walk down the path to Lumbermill and a cutscene should trigger. You'll receive a Dark Seed. No
Eastfort. Non-human district. There is one in a chest outside (bottom left corner). No
Eastfort. On the unconscious guy next to the church. Only available on rainy days. No
(x2) On the world map, walk on the road towards Westcastle and you will encounter a clown once per day who will sell you a "random" item for 1,000 sil each. The first and seventh items he sells are Dark Seeds. No
Southport. Second floor of the Townhouse, reward for the candle puzzle. No
The Mourning Wood after defeating the zombies; must have a shovel, dig 3 steps North and 1 step West of the Northwestern-most bridge. Night of the Raping Dead Yes
(x3) In the Bandit Fort during Finishing Unfinished Business. One is in the broken pot near the entrance. A second is in a chest after you go up the first pair of stairs and after the fight, go all the way left. A third one can be found in the basement in a large room hidden from view below a barrel.. Finishing Unfinished Business Yes
Giant's Path, (after fighting the first two Kellos Spearmen if you accepted the "Ain't No Party Like a Search Party" quest) take a right and head south on the ledge. There will be a chest on the right and at the bottom will be a stump, a log, and a dead tree. Search the tree. No
Giant's Path Caves, found on a skeleton after defeating the Ogre. No
Huntervale, 1st cabin to the left of the well, in a chest. No
Eastfort Officer's Barracks, second from the right bottom chest. Cannot be obtained if the officer involved in the quest is bribed. The Pusher's Lament Yes
(x3) Abandoned Farm on a rainy day. Defeat the Corrupted Mycon. No
In the HMS Sea Cucumber, take the lower left door, and on the other side of the room is a chest obscured by some boxes. It has a Dark Seed inside. It Came From Below The Equator Yes
In the chamber with three potions. Hero must be Hallucinating. Mushroom Samba Yes
(x2) In the Theatre of Westcastle. In the backstage area, go all the way back, enter the middle door, it's in a chest behind a piano. The other one is in the office, check the letter after the girl leaves. The Virgin Gynocides Yes
(x2) After completing the torch puzzle in Family Matters, two of the reward chests have Dark Seeds in them. Family Matters Yes
(x3) There is one Dark Seed in the second mausoleum you pass by, and another in the top left one. There is also one in the basement area, near the bottom part of the map. Looking for a Cure Yes
(x2) In the Ice Castle. On the second floor there is one down the right set of stairs. There is another in a hidden room, just check the walls after coming back up from the previous seed. Bewitchy Women Yes
Get Gargan to Neutral and (s)he gives you a key. Use this key to open a house near the top of the Northmarket Slums. There will be a number of chests, one has a Dark Seed in it. No
(x3) In Rurapenthe Towe. In the flame tower hallway, both blue portals lead to a seed. One in a chest, the other on a bookshelf. The last seed is in the first room past where the barrier that blocks you is, in the top right is a small chest on a desk. Research Materials Yes
(x3) The first one is in the town (house south of the Mayor's House). Once you reach the combat portion the second is buried near the altar, and in the top left is a number of chests. Beat the miniboss Ironfang who is guarding them and one of the chests holds a Dark Seed. All's Were That End's Were Yes
(x2) In the forest. One in a chest guarded by spikes, the other is behind the tent in the actual dungeon area. Stuck in the Middle With You Yes
The seed is in the basement. To reach where the seed is you need to have crossed a gap on the first floor and then go downstairs. Then go down to the bottom set of crates blocking a hallway and a chest is hidden behind them. Hall Monitor From Hell No
In Southport's Magic School, enter the main building[1]. Go to the room at the top left and check an urn for a seed. No
The seed is in the top of the Abandoned Fort (only if you revisit the building). No
(x2) The first seed is buried in the crop circle, the second is in a red chest in the maze. Sacrifices for Algernon. Yes
The seed is in a chest in the north part of the Dungeon. Cannibal Corps. Yes

This seed is buried on the first floor of the Dark Mines, it's in a small area that you can only access from the second floor, in this area is a chest, an elf, and this seed.

(must be Journeyman to enter the mine)

After completing Na Na Na Why Don't You Get A Job? and getting at least one Strange Note if you head to the cave to the north of where the orc camp was you'll have an interesting encounter... If you re-enter the cave you'll be brought to Orc Town. In the upper right corner of orc town are a few tents, check behind the rightmost tent for a chest with a dark seed hidden away. No
In the Westcastle Wealthy district, all the way on the right side of the map between the fences of the mansion with the red roof and either mansion with a blue roof is a little alcove, follow it and head right to find an urn, the dark seed is in there. No
There is a seed inside the chest in Therese's Room Beyond Good and Evil Yes?
In East Feywoods, there is a fairy to the Northwest of the plant below the cliff that will walk randomly (and not chase you). If you talk to this fairy it ask for candy, and offer information to help with the quest for each unique piece of candy (Chocolates, cake, and rock candy) you give it. If you give it one of each candy type it will also give you a dark seed. A Manxome Foe Yes
In the second floor of the Coastburg cave, in the lower right corner is a chest. It's in there. Can't Handle It Cove Yes
(x3) In the Northwest (upper left) map there should be a chest on the middle level to the left of the stairs, two square south of the chest you can dig up the first dark seed. The other dark seed is in the Southeast (lower right) map, on the highest level there should be a chest near the end of the little path, one square south of the chest is the other dark seed. The last will be in the rewards chest you can find in your manor foyer the day after completing the quest. Get Dumped Yes
Found inside a chest within the Pirate Ship Dungeon during your Sunnyshore Island Vacation Vacation No
Found inside a chest within the Knight's of the Round base in Southport. Is the Elf Half Empty? Yes
Found on a soldier's body just above the Pub in Eastfort. The path is obscured by the building in front. Circle of Strife Yes
Found in a chest inside of the Wind Shrine Blow Job No
Found in one of the log piles outside of the Crossroads Inn No

There are currently 61 dark seeds listed here.


Seeds required Item Effects
5 Potion of the Dark Beast +100 MaxHP, +3 to Attack, Defense, and Agility.
10 Essential Salts (x3) Recovers ally from death and restores all of their HP.
15 Strange Shard When equipped grants +2 to Attack, Defense, Magic, Resist, Agility and Luck. Reduces some types of damage.
20 Potion of the Dark Mage +150 MaxMP, +4 to Magic and Resist.
25 Essential Salts (x3) Recovers ally from death and restores all of their HP.
30 Strange Object Can only be used in battle. Used there, it restores several status effects (including Yamamaya's various rages). As long as you have one of it in your inventory, you'll get one more of it each day.
35 Potion of the Dark Wanderer +80 MaxHP, +60 MaxMP, +5 to Agility and Luck.
40 Essential Salts (x2) Recovers ally from death and restores all of their HP.
45 Grinning Skull Grants access to a potion shop everywhere in exchange for 25 HP permanently.
50 Potion of the Dark Cataphract +100 Max HP, +4 Defense and Resist
55 Essential Salts (x2) Recovers ally from death and restores all of their HP.
60 'Darkseed' CD Plays a different song when used in the CD Player.
65 Potion of the Dark Crusader +100 MP, +4 ATK, +4 Magic
70 Essential Salts Recovers ally from death and restores all of their HP.
75 Patch of Dark Lace Hero Armor set piece


  1. If you don't have already recruited Ino, bear in mind that entering that building with Felix in your party means that you have to complete the Quest (and thus ends the day) and you can't leave the area.