This is all the information I have on the August build, just throwing up here for now, will disperse it into more pages in time.



Simple enough, talk to everyone once and the bartender twice

Pass out and wake up in sewer

Head south and search the bones for a Rusty Sword

Fight the challenging rat and talk to the Alchemist

Exit the town on the East side and then walk to the Northmarket (area just east of the Slums)

Enter the southwestern most house and talk with the Bolaf

Lord of the Manor

Your first quest! Don't you feel important?

Head back to the slums and get directed to the Tin Dog Inn, Southwestern building

Talk to Sally (behind the counter) and get new directions. You can ask for a room but you can sleep there anyways but since you have full health, and about to get a sweet manor why bother?

Head to the Bitch's Sixth Tit by finding the gap in the northern fence and talk with Therese

Walk inside and talk to the barkeep, use the password on the orc next to the door

Therese will ruin any element of surprise so get ready to fight

Head left and get told how to fight, the cabinet on the left has a potion

Whenever there's more than 2 enemies use Martyrdom and Assault, priorities are brawlers (2 hits) then thugs (can be killed in one hit when attack up)

Go north one room then east for 2 more fights and a chest

North a room for a large fight

Go to the cell room first for xp, no fight if you beat the boss first

Fight the boss, make sure to keep your HP high as he can stun, Assault is stackable btw

Kill and loot the cabinet, right side of his bed, and lower table for loot and key. Other objects have dialogue.

Head back to the cell room and Therese will depart for now. You'll see “much more” of her later

Get collars from the slaver and your first slave you horrible person

Finish dialogue and then check your new digs, your first quest is over! You get a CG as a prize.

Getting Started in the open world

Before doing any quests go to the red book on your desk and get the mysterious package (under instant gratification). The item it gets you will help locate hidden items throughout the game, there are several that if you miss the first time you will not get another chance. Just remember to open the box. Pick it up in the entrance hall. Then go to the cistern (right downward stairs) for a chest with a Dark Seed (see more below). Unless you're cheating, start looking to invest, it's worth a good amount of sil and improves the stores you visit. You can start and complete quests independent of each other, it's best to do what you can before combat sections for more money and girls. The shovel's a good but before you forget at the tool shop in the slums for 50.

One is the Loneliest Party (level 2)

The temple your looking for is in Northmarket

Talk to the nun up front and learn that Therese is being cloistered

Strike out and head back to the Tin Dog

Watch the conversation and speak with Shally

Head south on the map until you see a broken road heading east

Enter the tower map and grab the strange note on the western wall

Fight your way through and loot everything, you're not getting back in again

Kill the boss, get some background information to ignore

Collar and get yourself some satisfaction

Hire Maids (level 3)

Before you do this go to the cistern in your manor, there's a chest that will disappear once you buy your maids. Go there and get the Dark Seed

Then you can go to the slave pens in Northmarket and buy them for 750. It's worth putting off if you want to invest early. Worth 8 satisfaction and a new day. This might trigger the Mansion Invasion so be ready if it puts you to 7 or more slaves.

Na Na Why Don't You Get a Job (level 3)

Pay a visit tot he adventurer's guild in the Slums.

After a brief chat get the posting off the wall (you'll do this on your own later for other quests)

Talk to the merchant (Neiben) on the Southwest docks in the slums

Ask him about the encampment, then see the orc in Sixth Bitch Tits

Go to the tree (it stands out) in the forest west of Northmarket

Slaughter everything and loot all the boxes before the boss

Raiders are simple kills

Brutes can redirect attacks to them for reduced damage, have a bit more HP

Shamans cast spells and should die first

The boss will occasionally summon reinforcements, kill them or try to zerg him at your discression

Have sex over dead orc corpses and get yourself a slave and satisfaction

Go to the guild and get payed 1,500 sil.

Florine will now run the store and you get an income of 45 sil too.

A Forge too Far (level 5)

Head to the Slums to find the smithy

He'll complain that he's being foreclosed on and ask for your help

Go to the Northmarket bank and threaten the bankers

You get to go play collections on three people

Alim (Eastfort) – simply find him in Eastfort and he'll give you Doll

Borgen (Westcastle) – attend his show in Westcastle (50 sil) and he'll give you the money

Elvo (Southport) – is a prick and makes you play it the hard way.

Common Enemies

Venom Imp – poison sucks really bad, kill

Mindbender Imp – uses mind glare which can lower Def

Frost Imp – surprisingly not vulnerable to fire, hard to hit, can lower Agi

Abominable Ooze – Meat shield, uses Cover, can hit pretty hard

Trapper Spider – Agility lowering attack and venom

Fight the first group and start looting every bookshelf (almost always something) including both sides

Start with the top right door and kill as you go

Take the stairs down in the room with the teddy bears for 2 chests and an imp

Fight or buy from him, your call, he's a simple kill in combat, you can buy then kill if you'd like, still get loot

Combat Pack: Scroll of Burning Hands, Bottled Smoke, Sleep Powder

Potion Pack: Lo-Potion x2, Potion of Resist Psychic

Porno Mag in the bathroom

Head upstairs, don't forget to loot, before entering his room

Hit the clock for an Elixir (06, 10, 50), Magazine in the same room

Fight him and Win!

Don't you feel better?

Of course he duped you, use the cabinet in the room with the clock to go upstairs for vengence

For the actual fight, set him on fire and kill the Epsilon since it has a heal

Return to the bank and fail the quest

The good news is you get to keep Doll and the blacksmith will move to your forge and make you weapons once you talk to him

Also get to victory bang Doll once you finish the quest by visiting the forge, +4 satisfaction too

Defend your Mansion

This will trigger once you reach 7 girls

Guards will attack and you have to defend the manor

Kill those in your room then save Felix in the study.

Focus the Clerics first as they'll heal their allies, then Archons

Move to the slave's wing to get Elaiya

Clear the rest of the rooms saving the chapel for last

The old man will defeat those in the lab automatically and give you some bombs

Chimei will auto win the slave quarters

Doll can be rescued or raped, avoiding the fight but she can't be used, saving her get +1 Relationship

Beat Therese in the chapel to throw her in the dungeon, return the nuns or sell them for 15,000 but the church may not be happy with you

Praise 2 girls for a +5 to relationship to each

Night of the Raping Dead (Level 7)

Take the add from the Slum's Adventurer's Guild

Before visiting Lumberhill for the quest buy a shovel

Do whatever you want before entering, once you do you're staying until you finish, I recommend you bring some Ether as it's a long dungeon and the Mana regen extends your healing

Talk to the Mayor in the bottom right corner of the inn

When you're ready talk to the mayor in the church

Walk around town battling zombies

They're not too hard until the boss

When fighting the boss keep him stunned or knocked down at all times, or he'll buff his dancers

Clear his trash mobs and keep him stunned to win, his Gloves will restore mana in/out of combat

Talk to the Mayor and then the priest for a free blessing

Enter the woods to the NW of the town and work your way clockwise destroying the purple orbs

Focus Spooks then possessed animals

Dark Seed 3 steps north and 1 step West of West bridge

Head inside the crypt and save

You can go straight to the boss West, North, North, South, Starting in NW corner go clockwise 3 times then West (you'll hear a click once it triggers)

Or you can intentionally fail a few times (once in each new room) for mini bosses and good loot chests the catch is the blessing will wear off before the boss

You get a new save point before the boss to heal up

As always try to stun/knock her down

Focus the specter and clean up meat shields while she's stunned

Collar her now and wipe personality or throw in dungeon, I suggest the later

Either case have some fun time with her and 5 satisfaction

Check Out My Package

Take the add from the Slum's Adventurer's Guild

Go to the Toy Store in SE Northmarket

Take the package and begin the stream of fights as you head to Eastfort

They're laughably easy, going down in one or two attacks

Get to Eastfort and the clock shop in the NW

Turn it in at the Slums Guild and get some relaxation +3 Satisfaction

Ain't No Party Like A Search Party (Level 9)

Am I still needing to help you out?

Speak with the guild leader in Eastfort and head north to the Giant's Path

Kill some animals and go north until you kill Kellos soldiers

Spearmen are tanks with Cover

Musketeers can do damage but have less life, they can still take a few hits though

Swordsmen are in the middle

Go east once you kill them to get a quest to do while exploring the area

Just go to town, explore every area before heading all the way up

Upper right corner of 2nd floor cave has a pile of gold

Complete the Smuggling quest and then fight the boss at the top and across the bridge

Honestly? Use Magic Missile to keep her stunned and she'll never attack

Did you really think it would be that easy though?

Assuming you're a good boy and went to loot the chest, climb back up and press on

There's a save point if you keep going straight after your boss battle, then fight your way down

Once in the camp be a ninja by not walking in front of them...

-Or if you're abusing the fact the Rhinestone gloves gives you unlimited heals... go Rambo

The left bottom tent is where you find who you need to rescue

Kill guards and shuffle party to start the vengence, for God's sake put Kyrie in your party, Level 17

Right tent has some loot (get the map), rape the maid for satisfaction

Murder them all and get treated to a footjob by Meline and 3 satisfaction

Everyday I'm Smuggling (Level 5)

Read the notes you get to find the other keys

The stairs up will lead to a skeleton with a key and note

Note 3 is second level of the caves

Beat the Ogre on the Upper level of the cave for a lot of loot and key #3

Once you beat the swordmistress the first time, check the skeleton and then head back to the lower lake after reading the note

A bag's magically arrived with a key

Loot the chest for your hard work and you'll enjoy the wealth selling this crap is worth

Another Word for Cat Girl

After you invest in the slavers, you'll eventually see one in your manor, talk with him and you'll get Yamamaya

Increase her relationship or find another way to get with her

Unmarked Quest

After Night of the Raping Dead you can enter a warehouse to overhear some guys talking about a buried chest

Feel free to kill them, loot their corpses and grab the chest in the SE corner of the room

Head to Lumbertown with the shovel to dig on the south side of the well for a few rubies

-Or- just go dig it up anyways because the chest is already there and feel free to kill them just cus

The Pusher's Lament

Talk to the shady guy NW Eastfort

Try to invest and he'll tell you to deal with a captain in the saloon

He's standing by the fireplace

You get the choice, Bribe for 1,500 or Blackmail?

75 Sil/day


+1 Porno Mag at the right foot of the gambling room bed

+5 After the first quest after banging Alina

+5 After getting Meline to move in

Porno mag in the abandoned tower in the book

Another mag in the orc encampment in a box

After investing in the Sixth Bitch's Tit talk to the waitress for +3 and a new day

+1 during the Forge Too Far Quest for attending the play

Porno Mag in Elvo's bathroom, ground floor another in the bookshelf by hidden door to ladder

+3 Check Out My Package

+3 Erotic Novel, Southport townhouse bottom right room on bookcase, just keep using

+3 Maid in the bottom right tent of the Kellos camp

+3 Completing Ain't No Party Like a Rescue Party

+5 Introduce yourself to the maid in the condo

+5 Meet the shop keep in your Eastfort store

You can use the red book on your desk in the manor to spend Satisfaction to upgrade your abilities and your manor

Personal improvement

Improve Assault (25) – Increases momentum gain

Encourage (5) – Restore a little HP and boost their def

Improve – Raise a fallen ally and restore more health

Blazing Aura (15) – restore mana to your slaves

Unity Force (30) – total elemental resistance, full stat boost, and HP regen

Estate Upgrades

Upgrade Alchemy Lab (20) – 

Upgrade Dungeon (5) – gives you Fuck machine, whip, and wedge in the dungeon

Convert Shed (15) – makes your shed useful giving you a fast travel option, only works to your townhome in Eastfort currently

Item Shop Upgrade

10 – more things in store

20 – more things in store

Instant Gratification

Obtain Priceless Artifact

Biotic Arm

Foxhead Medallion

Twin Dragon Rings

Knit Cap

Unlock Meline's True Power (15) – Meline joins your party as an Invoker

Recruit Amazing Old Man (20) – Crazy guy goes to your lab to build you weapons and items, leaves after a number of visitations

Contained Singularity

Radioactive Dust x5

DEpleated Uranium

Perpetual Motion Device

Nail Bomb x12

Concussive Bomb x12

Sticky Bomb x12

Hallucinogen Grenades x6

Deadly Nerotoxin x8

Bottle O' Nanites x6


Alien Life Form

*Nail Bomb x5 durring House Invasion

Items, Shops, Equipment

Slanting Soldier Saloon (Eastfort)

Plain Ol' Brew, 25 sil

Power Brew, 50 sil

Drug Dealer (eastfort)

Mushrooms, 50

Sobering Drink, 250

Sleep Powder, 100

Guild Armorer (Eastfort)

Studded Leather, 250

Iron Scalemail, 850

Leather Cap, 50

Bronze Cap, 175

Chain Mail, 550

Iron Armor, 1200

Chain Coif, 170

Iron Gauntlet, 125

Buckler, 50

Round Shield, 150

Wood Shield, 75

Iron Shield, 350

Guild Alchemist (Eastfort)

Lo-Potion, 300

Mid-Potion, 800

Red Ether, 600

Antidote, 60

Potion of Resist Cold, 200

Potion of Resist Fire, 200

Potion of Resist Necrotic, 200

Potion of Resist Psychic, 200

Potion of Greyskill, 150

Potion of Celerity, 150

Alchemist's Fire, 400

Shop of Vonex (eastfort)

Morningstar, 5000

Scattergun, 5000

Squeaky Hammer, 5000

Right Foot Forward (Lumbermill)

Cute Shoes (female), 50, +1 DEF, +6 AGI

Leather Boots, 50, +3 Def, +4 Agi

  • Sneaky Shoes, 750, 2 DEF, 8 AGI
  • Magic Sandals, 1000, 2 DEF, 4 AGI, boots magic dodge

Marisa Dalla (northmarket)

Casual Dress, 50, 1 DEF

Frilly Dress, 400, 5 DEF

Travel Dress, 800, 10 DEF

  • Layered Gown, 1800, 15 DEF
  • Evening Gloves, 60, 3 AGI, 3 LUK

Gift Shop Recettear (northmarket)

Berry Gera, 120

Porcelain Doll, 140

  • Clockworke Amusemente, 250

Delish Co. Candy (northmarket)

Rock Candy, 75

Slice of Cake, 120

Box of Chocolates, 100

Little Flower Girl (northmarket)

Pink Cat, 15

Moondrops, 15

Forkroot, 15

Your Shop (NM)

Red Ether, 500/300

  • Lo-Potion, 150
  • Antidote, 30
  • Reinvigorating Potion, 250
    • Mid-Potion, 400
    • Blue Ether, 700
    • Potion of Celerity, 75
    • Happy Fortune Tea, 75
    • Potion of Supercharge, 75
      • Hi-Potion, 900
      • Dispell Herb, 90
      • Potion of Greyskull, 75
      • Potion of Barkskin, 75
      • Potion of Warding, 75

Bitches' Sixth Tit (slum)

@Suspicious Brew, 10

  • Appletini, 60

Tin Dog Tavern (slum)

Tin Dog Brew, 50

Sausage Lady (slum)

@Sketchy Sausage, 5

  • Fresh roast sausage, 10

Gus' Tools (slum)

Shovel, 50

East End Bakery (slum)

Skicky Bun, 20

Meat Bun, 40

The Cunning Hat Shop (slum)

@Bandana, 50, 1 DEF

Leather Bandana, 350, 3 DEF

@Headband, 50, 1 DEF

Frilled Headband, 350, 3 DEF

  • Bowler Hat, 700, 6 DEF
  • Adventurer's Hat, 1500, 10 DEF
  • Cute Ribbon, 700, 6 DEF
  • Bunny Ears, 1500, 10 DEF

Guild Armorer (slums)

Studded Leather, 250

Iron Scalemail, 850

Leather Cap, 50

Bronze Cap, 175

Chain Mail, 550

Iron Armor, 1200

Chain Coif, 170

Iron Gauntlet, 125

Buckler, 50

Round Shield, 150

Wood Shield, 75

Iron Shield, 350

Guild Alchemist (slums)

Lo-Potion, 300

Mid-Potion, 800

Red Ether, 600

Antidote, 60

Potion of Resist Acid, 200

Potion of Resist Cold, 200

Potion of Resist Fire, 200

Potion of Resist Poison, 200

Potion of Brutality, 400

Contact Poison, 400

Potion of Barkskin, 150

Bottled Smoke, 240

Guild Bar (slums)

Plain Ol' Brew, 25

Page of Cups Tavern (Southport University)

Enhanced Brew, 75

Cryobrew, 95

Pyrobrew, 95

Southport U Student Store (Southport U)

Potion of Supercharge, 75

Potion of Warding, 75

Red Ether, 300

Magic School Uniform, 300, 4 DEF, 3 MDEF

Silvered Hairties, 400, 2 DEF, 1 MDEF

Mystic Orb, 400, 5 MDEF

Magical Handbook, 500

Defense Piece, 3000, 10 DEF, 10 MDEF

Agi's Scroll Shop (SU)

!CG kids goind it right bottom

Scroll of Acid Arrow, 120 (all scrolls 120)

Scroll of Burning Hands

Scroll of Dark Bolt

Scroll of Lightning Bolt

Scroll of Frost Ray

Scroll of Venom Fang'

Scroll of mind Glare

Scroll of Magic Missile

Scroll of Stormroar

Magical Handbook, 500

Misty Apiary Honey, 100

Distant Farm Blueberries, 5