After his great work in the original playthrough, he is back with renovated energies for another playthrough. For those interested in seeing the original forum thread please click here. Beyond this all words (not section titles as found in the table of contents) are that of Conash unless indicated otherwise.

Hello everyone! I've started to get a bit of time on my hand and been bored so I thought, hey why not do another playthrough of HC to get caught up on some of the content that's been added since.... Well since the experience system was reworked! I had originally been wanting to hold off a bit until the experience system gets reworked again, but I imagine that might be a bit off so no reason to really put this off I think. I'll try to hold off on repeating what I've done in the previous playthrough that way there's more unique content and all. Now then, as always some rules to try to make this as difficult for myself as possible!

  1. No grinding. I may step into the repeatable dungeons to get a feel for them (and maybe make some jokes) but I will not save afterwards.
  2. I cannot ever use the money-maker game (in this playthrough).
  3. No code advantages, this includes Cerulean and Wiki-tan.
  4. All difficult boss battles must maintain a 2/5 viability.
  5. Wiki usage must be kept to a minimum (chores will be excused).

The fourth rule is mainly for stuff like the corrupted mycon, as to prevent me from trying to 'force' a victory before I am really capable of handling things. The fifth rule is not only to try to keep the new content a bit more interesting but to also try to test just how well I can navigate the battles/puzzles as best as I can without basically a step by step walkthrough, though my memory is for the most part fair game (some exceptions will apply), I will be maintaining a large part of what I would call the 'wiki advantage'. Now then, I hope to be able to get you guys the first update tonight! After that I'm shooting for a M/W/F update schedule. Hopefully some of you at least will still find this entertaining!

Day 1Edit

Right, so after a bit of playing around and starting a new game, got the images ready! Let's begin. First I need a name that doesn't give me any code based benefits. Given how this is my playthrough I guess I should go with...


Next up the party. I do a little exploring to see if I have anything to say.


THEN JUST DON'T GET CAUGHT! I do not buy armor because there are many opportunities to get free armor LIKE THE KIND SITTING IN FRONT OF YOU! Bah! Let's commence with the drinking.


If you think that you're having trouble walking just wait until I'm done with you hehehe.


You know this little visual bug has been in the game for awhile now....


Interesting little 'bug', when you come out of the sewers if the little girl walking around gets in your way she can actually mess with the pathing for that scene. In my case I just didn't get to go to the left (I saw Hero turn and try to move but she was in the way), I wonder what would have happened if she blocked me from going up....


JOKES ON YOU, SHE'S GOING TO BE MY WIFE/SLAVE!... At least I assume so, she is the fifth princess so he might be talking about one of the other four...


Yes Therese, that's totally what happened.... Uh huh....


Another bug, the music didn't work properly for this scene, it started up but then the regular manor music came up after one or two dialogue boxes. If I had to guess how this bug came about.... I would imagine that NoMoshing teleports the player to the foot of the bed on the second floor when the H-Scene starts, which is obscured the the black screen/images, but that it was done after the music for the scene started, thus stopping it prematurely, but that's just my guess.

Now that we're past the tutorial into some of the more planning stuff! Now I'm not sure if all of you aware but when it comes to the pusher's lament quest, several of the items that you can get through the blackmail route have been removed. As a result, you now take a noticeable loss of money even if you don't pay the janitor from doing it, but as well you also don't get the nice armor, but it does lead me to make a small alternation to my day 1 strategy...


There's no point in getting the loan anymore I say. Since I like to get Doll on day 1 but don't like to finish her quest until several days later, I generally don't like taking the loan unless I pay it back basically immediately, and the only things that were worth getting were the shovel (which the pile of cash pays for) and the pusher's lament quest, however since the pusher's lament no longer pays for itself or give the nice armor I generally don't see the point in using the loan to complete it, so I say just grab the pile of cash and don't worry about the loan.


You know, it's kinda a bit ridiculous that I go around and dig up all the treasure on day 1... So I'm going to start having a new rule, when it comes to the 'overworld' dig spots (so not counting the ones in dungeons) I can only dig one of them a day, so now I have an incentive to tactfully choose which ones I get. I get the knights helmet on this day because equipment is what you're hurting for, and you can't sell the rubies until at least day 2 anyways, no point in digging them up today.

So next I go around exploring, making sure that I don't forget anything since I can't use the wiki to look things up and man am I surprised to find out...


In the Southport townhouse first floor (room next to NoMoshing/Nekochan) that there's this little chest. It's a nice armor upgrade for Felix for now, though I will admit I am rather tempted to look up on the wiki to see what resistances it has.... I think I'll do that after this update, knowing what my equipment can do is fair game, helps with strategies. Though you know, I follow what gets added to the wiki quite a bit and I don't think information about this chest was ever added.... But maybe I just forgot, who knows.


Okay this is also new, and I also don't recall this being added to the wiki, but then again maybe it's involved in one of the new quests... Oh well, teddy bear for some later slave! Oh, and anyone who wants to get Doll on day 1, keep an eye on Hero's experience, in at least this version of the game (December 2015 Public since I forgot to mention before) even if you fight all the enemies in the tutorial Hero will be 4 experience short of level 3, so getting a Lore boost before getting Doll will make sure she joins at level 2.


I do this quest because of how useful Flo is, plus with the iron armor removed from Pusher's lament, getting the chainmail in a chest in this quest is a very good idea for Doll, gives her heavy armor and a bit more defense, and Hero can have her old light armor. The music works fine for the scene here, and with this taken care of I am now ready to go and take on the Ogre and go around investing!


.... Wait what? Seems the quest has been changed, after the orc battle you don't get an opportunity to run around spending your money, instead you get warped to your manor before you can even turn in the quest. I imagine this is to avoid various bugs that were caused if you left Flo waiting in the manor and did other things. Oh well. Though with this addition, it might not be a bad idea to get the bank loan to be able to make several investments.... Alternatively might also be a good idea to fight the Ogre without getting the chainmail so that you can have that money to invest in.... I'll do some math stuff sometime to try to figure out what is the 'optimal' way to go about this.

Anyways, while I COULD reload and change up my strategy, I figure that I'll probably be doing at least one other playthrough so I'll save getting the 'most' out of day 1 for then, for the time being I'll just roll with the punches. That concludes today's update!


Money: 1,158 on hand.

Day 2Edit

Time for another update! Let's see, I left off at the start of day 2 with no daily income, let's see if we can fix that shall we?


So first off, I'm going to be digging for rubies today, and I don't think that it's quite fair to magically divine where the rubies are located so I make sure to do this small fight before I dig them up. I'd do something similar with other dig locations but I'm fairly certain that there aren't any events related to the other dig spots, but I could be mistaken. Next to get even more capital to begin investing I take on a little friend of mine. He's probably sad because we were supposed to hang out on day 1 but I apparently lost track of time, and his name is-


MOUNTAIN OGRE! Very easy fight, Doll is the absolute ideal tank for early game when her regen is able to overcome almost all damage that she'd take, but once the damage begins to outpace her regen I tend to prefer the other tanks personally.

Now then, one thing that I was kinda sad about was that I couldn't burn the prosperous farms so I thought that I had missed out on getting the amazing old man on day 2, but while going over my previous playthrough to make sure that I wouldn't reuse any jokes I ended up stumbling on the fact that you don't need prosperous farms in order to get him on day 2 (heck, you could even get him on day 1 back in old versions that let you run around after rescuing Flo), so I decide to try to get him on day 2 relying on the 10 points from Alina and Flo, 9 from porn, and one from the Westcastle play. Speaking of it, there's a bit of an old joke still there.


Man I can hardly remember back when this joke was accurate.... I'm pretty sure that when I originally started playing years ago this was the case, but I do know that after taking a break from these sorts of games that when I came back to this one, Alina had her new face set. Anyways, moving on! Another issue that I faced was because in the previous playthrough, part of the 9 satisfaction from porn came from digging up the magazine over in Eastfort, however I do remember quite clearly one magazine that I never got around to getting my hands on in the previous playthrough....


Might not be the best use of my money, but the knights helm and 6,000 sil are more valuable to me than that 100 sil. Anyways, next up let's finally get around to pusher's lament! Now I don't quite remember how much money the new version of the quest gives you so let's keep track of that here shall we!


.... And that's it. You only get 28 sil now. This means that the absolute cheapest you can complete this quest is by spending 472 sil, but for a 75 sil dividend you're still looking at about a 15.88% return which is only beaten by the apple kid, but if you don't know where the fur suit is located that's going to raise to 972 (assuming the cost for the janitor hasn't been lowered) which while is better than the various 5% return businesses, the 10% returns are better, so if you guys want to bribe him probably best to invest in all businesses that cost less than 5,000 sil first. Now with all that out of the way!



Next off let's- What's this....


Whoops, forgot to collect my 1,500 sil reward! How embarrassing. Well hey, with that I can now manage to afford....


This should help get me some daily income. At this time I would like to note that while I COULD afford to invest in the cannery at this time, I'm choosing not to. Going to try to inflict a few more monetary based handicaps since I didn't exactly have an optimized day 1, hopefully I'll still be able to afford Chimei in time to see her on-demand scenes without using the time tuner, we'll see! Now then, for if any of you are curious, let's check to see what my daily income is now!


Nice, that'll give me a fair amount of money to work with. Now some of you might be curious how I'll end my day, well....


That's my girl!

Anyways I make use of basically all of my daily allowance to buy Meline chicken soup for the soul, leaving me with 50 sil.... So I decide to withdraw the 618 from my bank account to buy gifts for people and well...


I'm so poor.....

Right, so since I clearly can't afford Penelope, I guess the best choice is to get Eliaya and earn myself some money.


Firstly, I already did, secondly DON'T YOU TALK ABOUT MY SISTER/SLAVE LIKE THAT! Damn judgemental nuns, let's hope that you're one of the battle sisters that'll be paying me a visit in a few days hehe... Oh, I almost forgot to do some digging today!


Man do I love free equipment. It's also nice that I remember the exact spot that almost all the dig spots are.... Though I remember reading on the wiki sometime that there's a dig spot on the giant's path but I can never remember where.... Or even what it is, probably a consumable since I don't remember it too well.... Oh well! Back to getting myself Eliaya!


You know, something seems different about this fight but I can't quite put my finger on it.... I did play around with my equipment though so this fight was rather easy as everyone had rather high defenses. And tomorrow I get to sell all of those jars of slime for even MORE money! Mwahahahaha! He-hem, right, anyways, getting through days 2 and 3 should be enough for this session so I'll end things there.


Household income: 1,150.

Money: 2,325 on hand, 216 in the bank

Day 3Edit

So since it's now past midnight in my timezone, I can now give you guys a surprise Tuesday update! Wednesday update will still happen, but I had my reasons for doing this update which I'll explain later! Now then, let's go and get Penelope while enjoying that nice and sunny weath-


.... Oh. Well this messes with my plans some, however since there hasn't really been a great urgency to getting Elaiya/Penelope for quite some time now I don't mind pushing her back a day or two, the bigger question now becomes what to do with this day... Well the only other things that I do before the manor invasion are get Yamamaya, who I can't yet, and get Kevin, so I guess I'll do that. ONWARDS!


I'm bringing Elaiya because since she's got those critical hit boosts I want to get a good feel for her, make sure that she doesn't feel like she's lagging behind or anything, as well as being able better figure out when to bring her or Yamamaya. Anyways with my team ready we're off!


Oh yeah, you know how to talk dirty to me don't you you litt- Er.... Doll, save such talk for the dungeon!


You know, the new sprites seemed a bit strange at first, especially when juxiposed to the background, but I actually like them. They're more likely than the blobs that come standard in RPG maker games, and they just seem more appropriate to this game that doesn't take itself super serious all the time. Also, Elaiya is feeling rather fair I think at least for now, stealth is noticeably increasing her critical hits (I don't think anyone but her got any off the entire dungeon, meanwhile she probably got around 5-15), but as well it's not so common that it feels stupidly overpowered, can't wait to see how it stacks with ready aim against enemies that last a bit longer, that said I'm having a hard time remembering why I like bringing Meline to this dungeon since Elaiya and Hero help clean up these enemies so quickly.


Obviously. Hey don't look at me like that, if he's going to presume that I killed him and took his stuff no matter what I do, I might as well get something out of such a judgement!


Oh right, THIS is why I like bringing Meline to this dungeon! Getting the beta homonculus dazed effectively makes them a non-threat allowing the player to have less to worry about. Still, fight wasn't that bad, after taking out the healer (with Felix burning her the first turn) we focused on the jellyfish since it managed to use strong attack 4 times in one turn before we killed the healer. After we took the jellyfish down, we just focused on Elvo, though I will say I kinda missed the little dialogue and stuff when you defeat Elvo without beating the other two bosses first.

Now then, after being treated to a free magical handbook I think that anyone who finds themselves in the same position that I am needs to ask themselves one question. Are. You. Crazy? Well I don't know about any of you, but when it comes to me? I can only answer with an honest and firm yes. Yes I am!





Er.... Maybe not. I tried 4 times and never managed to win once. The problem was that as soon as someone went down, well, I only had one revive item and it would barely give them any health, so the mycon would just knock them out again and well... I only had one. Though, even though I had a rule of making sure that I maintained at LEAST a 1/4 viability, I wanted to beat it at least for my own ego you know? Just to feel better. So then I checked out my items, turns out I had 8 dark seeds, and now I'm not sure if you all are as familiar with the dark seed rewards as I am, but I know that when you have 10 that you get some essential salts, so I figured I'd get some and try again. So I go to collect the only two dark seeds that I remember available outside specific quests.


I want to get this one either way since it's only available while it's raining.


I've got nothing better to dig up anyways now that I've gotten all the free equipment, the only other thing would possibly be the porn mag but since that'd only get me 4 I wouldn't have enough to get blazing aura even if I wanted to (and getting it would require not getting encourage). So now with all that taken care of, let's try again, just to prove to myself that I CAN beat the corrupted mycon this early.... Or at least let's see how it goes.


.... ARE YOU SERIOUS, ON THE FIRST F-ING TRY? Seriously, I got it the next try, those essential salts were absolutely VITAL to my victory! Don't believe me? Well I tried it again a few more tries, to see if I could get a better viability than 1/4, afterall if the essential salts manage to get me better than that they probably did change things up enough to make it fair game for me to keep. Want to guess how many times I won out of 5 attempts? Well I imagine that most of you will probably either guess higher or lower than what I got, but I managed to get a 3/5 viability (out of 5 attempts, 3 were successful).

Now I know that I've talked about strategies to deal with the corrupted mycon in my previous playthrough so I'll try to just give some quick tips. I probably advised against this before, but I think that saving Doll's MP for defender of life is a good idea, it helps draw a bit more aggro to her (and you want as much aggro away from Meline and Felix as possible), gives her some more regen, and it can actually be VERY useful for counting turns. See if you use defender of life on the same turn that the mycon uses blessing of the bone, then as long as you don't re-apply it or have Doll get high it'll run out on the turn that the Mycon will use blessing of the bone again, so it can be helpful to those of you who don't have a lot of experience with it or heck I even lose track on if it's the 4th or 5th turn sometimes, so if you're lucky you might be able to just look to see if Doll has defender of life. As well, dazed generally only lasts 2-3 turns on the Mycon, so you'll probably want to apply that fairly often, meanwhile you don't really need to worry about burn for about half of the fight (so about after the 4th or 5th blessing of bone) as it doesn't seem to use it's healing move for awhile in, and even if it does without being burned that's fine, the more important thing is staying alive so if you have to choose between inflicting dazed or burn ALWAYS go with dazed, that 60% miss chance saved my life several times. For healing try to rely on Hero and Doll, I mostly used items, while I did use encourage sometimes it was more often for minor things that I didn't want to waste a lo-potion on, generally when the mycon was knocked over or going to use blessing of bone so Hero had nothing to worry about with being hit.

Oh, and something interesting I noticed...


It says it gives 9,000 experience, I checked in the status menu for before and after the fight, Hero got 1,800 experience. Later on I went to fight bears and while it said I got 150 experience, I was only awarded 30.... I think the experience system might keep track of total party members now and not just the active party. If that's the case this will certainly get interesting....

Oh, and for anyone curious I kept track of the items that I used during my first victory against the corrupted Mycon, my other two victories were similar but I think a few less items. I used 7 lo-potions (started with 10), 4 mid-potions (started with 4), 1 hi-potion (started with 1), 1 cleanser (started with 1), 2 essential salts (started with 3), and 2 red ethers (started with 2). While I generally don't like using items, with how early I like to take on the corrupted Mycon it's the hardest enemy that I encounter in the game so as far as I'm concerned not only will I be getting more of those items, but if I don't use them here all they're good for is being sold for money. But anyways, let's see how I'm doing.


And I'm less than 1,000 sil away from being at 6,000 (where I can buy another 5% investment), and I won't be fighting anything between now and when I recruit Yamamaya.... I decide to kill 3 bears and sell their pelts to the guy in huntervale so that I could afford the investment, afterall it's not like that 55 experience I could have saved by saving the bears for later is realistically going to make a difference in the long run, that 900 sil will go a lot farther than 55 experience I think. Now then let's check on our good old friend, Kevin!


Let me guess, the clouds blocking out the sun mirror the darkness surrounding your heart as the pouring rain symbolizes your tears? God am I glad that when I tried to write 'dark' poetry as a teenage I had good enough standards to realize that most of that stuff is bullcrap... Anyways, now that Kevin is done being a whiny prick I think it's a good place to stop!


Household income: 1,450 Money: 1,450 on hand, 80 in the bank

Oh and the reason for this Tuesday update is that when I went to check the bank for the Monday update I saw that it was raining and I got REALLY excited to take on the corrupted Mycon at an even earlier level than before... And I forgot to start the bewitchy woman quest, damnit! Oh well it'll probably rain again before I'll want to complete it so I can start it then. Next update Wednesday!

Day 4Edit

Update time!


Well now, seems like I'm not the only one taking slaves around here!


Hey! He gives us gifts! I'd call him crazy Santa if anything. Still, these gun upgrades should give Elaiya a bit more of a kick. Now time for the daily digging!


Not really much of anything else that's too useful. Now then, some of you may not have known but I've been doing a little research for something this playthrough and well...



Right so I have been running up and down this road every day in the game to try to see what the requirements are to get the scene, as if memory serves we don't know the requirements for it. The most likely possibility is that the event requires it to be at least the 5th day, the only other possibilities that I can guess are either that it's based on the number of quests completed (as 'A forge too far' was my sixth quest completed, so if you discount the tutorial that would mean 5 quests completed) or that it's based on your level when you begin the day (however that seems a bit too tedious/complex for NoMoshing to put in so I personally discount that possibility myself). I'll try testing using my previous playthroughs files sometime to confirm as got Penelope instead of doing 'A forge too far' so day 5 on that so it should be able to confirm fully between those two possibilities.


Haha! Man, NoMoshing, the humor in this game is top-notch, thanks for putting all the effort that you have into that! Wait what's this?


Strange, I don't remember starting this quest. If I recall correctly knowing how to speak Elvish helps with this quest.... Or maybe it's Cannibal Corps.... Or Sacrifices for Algernon, but regardless if it is this quest then it seems like learning Elvish affects the quest progress regardless as to if the quest has been started or not. Bit of a bug I'd say, but details.


Man I wish all the slaves where this easy to get! Just exploit the fact that they're poor and their parents are struggling to get by and they offer themselves into the servitude of a complete stranger for a rather meager pile of cash! Certainly no moral quandaries here!


Haha, man that used to be so fun. I remember that when I was young I would try to find all the glue bottles and obsessively peel off the glue of each of them that way I wouldn't be wasting glue but still get to peel it off, and there was ALWAYS dried glue on the glue bottles. Also yay, caster's spark! Oh right how could I almost forget!


Daily dig. The only other thing that I could remember were the old bones, but given how this could actually be useful and I'm about the do the manor invasion. Oh right I guess there's also the permanent attack up item, but I don't like using consumables so I'm saving that for last. Now let's end this day!


Alone and starving? Yamamaya? That's quite interesting, I personally never picked her the type to have trouble hunting especially if she was say living alone for awhile.... I can't help but feel like there might be some back story to this that we probably won't find out about until HC3. Anyways, onwards!


Welp, he did say that. While it means that I'll miss out on 8 sil by not having the 400 sill in the bank for two days, I'd rather have the 10 satisfaction before getting Larelle that way I can safely get either blazing aura or improved encourage, not sure which yet.


He first got Energy principals on day 2 and it's now day 6, which means that it took 5 day end events to learn this spell. This is the case for.... almost all the spells at least. Books that give two spells might only take 4 days for the second spell depending on the order of operations that things are done. Since Meline got chicken soup for the soul on day 3 she should have mastered cleanse body by the end of the manor invasion.




I have a sneaking suspicion they aren't here to welcome me to the neighborhood.... Anyways after a quick fight I think that it's time to take a break, I'll do the manor invasion next week. Stats below are based off of what they would be after the above fight.


Household income: 2,030 Money: 2,154 on hand, 4,961 in the bank

Day 5Edit

So sorry that this update is rather late into the day, I got the pictures done and was taking a bit of a break when.... Well lots of stuff happened, and after that needed to rest up because I was just emotionally drained. But I'm ready to post now! Right so where did we leave off?


LIES AND SLANDER! I HAVE NOT ACQUIRED A SINGLE SLAVE THROUGH ANYTHING BUT THE MOST LAWFUL OF METHODS!.... On an unrelated note, Meline would you please go and hide Alina in a closet somewhere until these nice men leave?


Invincible except for starvation, oh and probably poison, and as I soon find out....


Daze. It's a bitch. Let's maybe get Elaiya first, I mean she's also level 8 and I'll probably be using her instead of Yamamaya this entire play-through (to get a feel for how she functions in battle).


Brilliant plan! After all it's not like she's got 2 guns and a huge hallway that she can back up in that has an area at the end for the slaves behind her to retreat into while the three of you try to not get shot by bullets at near point blank range. Then again my manor is in general filled with debris constantly getting in your way so not that unlikely that she'd trip while backing up.... Anyways, after an easy fight-


Let's try this one again!.... And it's super easy. Tip to myself, take out the floating lights first, they have the lowest health out of all the enemies here and they use smite so often that it really Fs you up when you're relying on melee for your damage, who cares if the cleric heals them, Elaiya can one-shot them! Moving on.


HANDS OFF THE DOLL! Also don't rape my slave, but seriously I paid 110 sil for that, hands off. Anyways, between the money, experience, and the relationship point who WOULDN'T intervene? Oh right, for the scene, still that's what the replay scene in the main menu is for!


Ooooh, this may be fun, hehehe... Also, in the fight I found something interesting out about barrage, see back in Elvo's mansion I had used barrage and it killed an enemy in the first hit, but nothing got hit by the second hit, so I assumed that was always the case, but during this fight when Elaiya used barrage the first hit killed the first paladin, but the second hit went after the other paladin, which suggests to me that if the first hit (or the second hit in triple barrage probably) kills an enemy, then all remaining hits may go to an enemy of the same type if alive, which is interesting to note I think, not that you can really control it but whatevs.


Strange, I don't remember the paladins joining my side as we worked together to kill Felix, though I'm sure quite a few people here would perhaps prefer a couple more paladins over healbot, I mean we do get Yeon later so it's not like he brings anything exclusive to the table anymore, aside from being male which these paladins clearly are. I'll name you paladin 1, and paladin 2!


HAHA YOU HEAR THA- wait what? You mean extortion to get families to sell their daughters into slavery is legal here?.... Wait a minute, yeah it is, I just remembered, if I recall extortion into slavery isn't even that uncommon here.... Man middle kingdom is weird man, I mean I know that we're kinda amoral in this game but seriously, that's just kinda fucked up.


Oh you know.... Totally from my days as an adventurer, and not at all from basically memorizing the wiki to such an extent that I know how to get oodles of cash on basically the first day and then further sat down and figured out how the math as to how best to stretch every sil, nope not at all.


You know, maybe I shouldn't have fought the corrupted mycon when I did, this fight was.... extremely easy. Like the battle sisters would go down in like 2-3 hits each. Heck I didn't even get a chance for Elaiya to stealth, ready aim, and barrage in this battle, had to mass guard when I was redoing this quest for some screenshots that I had missed. Even with stealth and ready aim you aren't guaranteed a critical, but from what I've seen of stealth it does raise the critical chance, haven't used ready aim enough to know about it, but any critical chance raised makes it worth it I think if followed by barrage (or even better, triple barrage), but yeah.


Yeah Flo, stop telling everyone who walks into the shop how I killed a bunch of orcs, got a blowjob from you, and then made you my slave! At LEAST mention that you're into that sorta thing, gawd!


Eh, I like returning them to the church personally, if I don't get to keep them then it's a bit more fun to figure out more creative ways to get my money.


Told you, days 3-7, and it works out because now that I've got those free basic prayer books she can work on cure light wounds. There's a reason why I only buy 2 of the 4 spell books you can. Oh speaking of spell books, I switched Felix to have the magical handbook instead of energy principals, magic missile is almost always useful, hoarfrost not so much.... Searing ash is really what you want from energy principals, that way even if you don't bring Meline you can reduce any healing/regen, and against some enemies you never want to leave home without an ability to cripple that.

Well with that, I'm sorry to say but I think I'll be calling an end to this update, the manor invasion really has a lot going on for it so it's generally hard to not have it consume a whole update, not to mention how I'd like Larelle's quest to not be limited in terms of images or split between updates, so yeah.


Household income: 2,030

Money: 5,228 on hand, 5,010 in the bank

Day 6Edit

I do apologize for this being so late, real life ate up far more of my time than I had intended it to. Now then, let's get to this!


Since I've managed to buy all the reasonably affordable investments aside from the Eastfort pub, and the reward from the quest I'm about to do will cover that, I figure it's about time to start getting through these items. Plus it also means that I'll be able to have 15 dark seeds for before I get Bronwyn, which will get me a nice accessory.


It never ceases to amaze me how that hole by the well always manages to fill itself right back up in time for a zombie attack but gets re-dug afterwards. Also the fact that it's still afternoon at the moment of this screenshot is probably more an issue on my end than with the game, my computer was getting REALLY laggy so I'm going to try cleaning it some tonight, but I'm confident that such lag is the reason for the delay in the weather change.


You know, Elaiya with the lucky hat and blessing is a real force to be dealt with, the lucky hat boosting her luck, stealth adding to her critical chance, and blessing starting with an already high critical chance. I ended up accidentally triggering both sets of reinforcements during the same turn because after I cleared out the starting minions we just absolutely laid into the boss. Elaiya never even got a chance to use the ready aim barrage combo because of how quick work we made of these chumps.

Now, I bet some of you are thinking that I might have forgotten to do my daily dig, well...


I decided to start counting digs in quests, I mean there's only like 2-3 left in the over world and only a select handful of quests have them so I figure it's not a problem. Took me two attempts to get the location of this dig spot correct, had some trouble remembering exactly how many steps up from the bridge it was, but I got it from memory alone still.


NICE! Round shield is decently rare drop from these guys! Doll's getting a shield upgrade right now!


This um.... It was also a very easy fight. The Mycon probably had a bit to do with that, but I managed to kill the Spectre so quickly that Larrelle took some of the attacks meant for it, I think she even took a magic missile that turn. She only ever managed to get off one spell before I took her down, a single target attack down on Felix, and thanks to magic missile she never got another opportunity. With both of the heavy hitters dealt with, I just tried to have Meline daze the meat shields to reduce what pitiful damage they could do to me, if I recall correctly they died before they got dazed. Oh but I did get barrage off, funny story the first hit of barrage was a critical and killed the first meat shield, the second meat shield then 'covered' the second hit and got killed by it. Based on what I've saw during this quest, barrage clearly doesn't work by targeting enemies of the same name if the original target is killed by the first hit, however I am curious to see if there might be a bug that enemies that can cover will always cover any remaining hits from barrage, or if it just comes down to luck if the remaining hits are wasted or not. Would be interesting to test...


You know, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to dig this spot, not because of my fuzzy memory, I'm determined enough to try a few places around to get it (took me 3 tries to get this), but I was concerned that it might not exist. In my last play-through I found it impossible to dig this up without the seekers stone, I tried just about EVERYTHING, but once I got the seekers stone and it sparkled (in a place I had tried to dig several times before) I was able to get it. Glad that it's possible now at least though.


Can't help but feel this is a missed opportunity for a Futurama reference...


I would hope not considering that you VOLUNTEERED for this life! Also while I haven't run the numbers on if gifting her is profitable since my previous play-through, with the addition of what? 5 more quests since the March 2015 version I imagine that it's gone from on the line between profitable/not profitable to for sure profitable.


Yeah, I imagine you have great respect for the female elves especially, namely when they're o-natural.




You know, I think the best strategy for this guy is, if you ignore all the previous fights through this level, would be Bronwyn, Felix, and Meline. Have Felix spam magic missile, Meline try to keep him dazed, and whenever he wasn't knocked over the turn before Bronwyn should be going for a pinning arrow, depending on your luck with magic missile you could potentially never have him take a turn, and if he does get to take a turn, well that 60% miss chance will be very helpful. I brought Felix and Meline on this quest because the cloaks aren't really too useful against enemies that are all physical attacks, so it was either bring those two to take advantage of my new strange shard and rhinestone glove accessories, or bring some other party member and only get the benefits of one of those.


YOU KNOW DAMN WELL THAT'S NOT WHAT I SAID! We don't love you in the way that you love us, and you've known that for YEARS, heck it's one of the things that you love about us! So don't shift the blame that you fell in love with someone you knew didn't feel the same about you!


That will be helpful since I plan to try to use her in my party a lot.

Anyways, I've hit 14 images so I'll just go and deposit my money in the bank then take the final im-


Doll confirmed non-human!

Haha, but seriously, going to call it for today, I know that it's mid-day but I'm not going to be doing anything too exciting to end my day, heck you'll probably see 3-4 days worth of content in my next update, see you then!


Household income: 2,680 Money: 1,000 on hand, 10,362 in the bank

Day 7Edit

Right, thanks Glacier, I know that I don't have to keep doing things but I like it when I say that I'll do something then don't do it. With that said though, I do have another update!


Goodbye money... I had about 10k saved up and now I'm spending half of it... Oh well, I'll manage to save up for Chimei eventually...


To be fair, there's a LOT that you can get as either quest rewards or as loot on quests. There's a reason I get by without buying any equipment.


Bronwyn, you've rushed to this condo basically before I even bought it, knowing that I was going to, this might be a bug but you really need to stop trying to argue that position when it happens.


My computer's very bad, not having to run across the map will make things a lot easier, besides I'll be able to get enough satisfaction for Blazing Aura before I do anymore fighting.


Really? Because I don't know if you've noticed Penelope, but we're kinda living in a dump.... I should probably look into getting this place cleaned up soon....


  • Innocent whistling*


I bet if Larelle was asking you'd say yes...


Yeah, I only have to risk my life every day that I go out and try to make a livelihood, risking putting everyone I know and care about on the street if I slip up all so that we can have a decent meal on the table, but please, tell me the hardships of having to write on paper, it sounds SOOOO terrible.


I like where this is going...


And I'm sure that, just like everything that happens in middle kingdom, this had a happy ending, and not at all that your father kicked this person out on the street, hmmm? Then again, this was Westcastle, and Westcastle does seem to be the most 'stable' of the cities if you ask me (Northmarket having it's slums, Eastfort is heavily military, and Southport has magical worries along with shipping concerns, Westcastle is mainly just rich people laughing at less rich people from what I've seen).


There's definitely something to this.... Now maybe she was just sold into slavery at an EXTREMELY young age but I've always held the theory that perhaps she might not remember before then because she wasn't really 'alive' before she was first sold into slavery... But then again outside of these minor conversations I have no reason to believe that Doll is anything less than someone who just didn't exactly grow up in a nurturing environment.


Genius business advise, 'just open a franchise or something'. Don't take into consideration money, stock, personnel, competition, demand, suppliers, or even bother inspecting to building gosh forbid, just go and do it. I wonder why mom and pop stores never thought of this.


You know, it's always confused me whenever someone willingly puts on a collar like this and immediately tries to take it off? Is that normal that you immediately try to take off your work uniform the second you put it on WHILE ON THE JOB? I mean I get that she'd find out eventually and it's a good way to move the conversation along, but I always find it odd how not just in this game but in a lot of other media that I've seen, when someone is tricked into wearing something that can't be removed by ordinary means they immediately try to take it off...


Oh goodie, I've got a few books lying around that he's been meaning to learn spells from! I'll probably go with the Necronomicon next since I think Hoarfrost is the only other spell that I've got he could learn at the moment, but might be getting chain lightning soon so definitely want to work through what I've got.

And with that, I think we're done, sorry if it feels a bit short!


.... Not sure why I bothered getting an image for this, I literally did zero fighting this entire update...

Household income: 2,804 Money: 2,804 on hand, 7,449 in the bank

Day 8Edit

Right so, it's time for an update! And you know, my manor really is messy, I should probably do something about tha-


NOOOOOOOOOOO! Well looks like I'll have to go with plan B. But first!


Awwww *pats head* Isn't she cute?


Wow Bronwyn, not cool. I don't know what you talk about in elf culture but here talking about someone's dead child generally isn't that high up on the list of conversations people like to have. Seriously.


Interesting. Explains why 'Save the elves' will be involving a fair amount of pregnancy and all, because their birth rate is a serious issue... Who wants to bet that the answer is "Hero fucks all the women!"


*Sigh* Just.... Let's move on.


Um.... Hero, I think that maybe you should get your eyes checked because she doesn't look all that 'naked' to me...


I see.... Hey Larelle, I've got a favor to ask...


Hey Doll, can you tell me a bit more about yourself? In all seriousness, I've generally never known what this meant, maybe looking some stuff up in the university but as well having done the quest I don't quite get why it's needed, you go in and you kill stuff... Maybe it's talking about possible future Nymph encounters? Who knows.

And with that out of the way we should go and end the da- HEY WAIT A MINUTE.


Found another bug, Serade doesn't show up on the followers list until you talk to her at least once.... Though this does raise the question if there might be other girls like this that I hadn't noticed that with....

Anyways, with that covered, let's go and do 'plan B' shall we?


Well considering that you're already saying 'stupider' instead of 'dumber' I would imagine so, but aside from that I'd say that it's all about how you subjectively quantify intellect, after all this is actually one of the more thought out plans of Hero's.


To be fair, I'd say that it's his morals and sense of ethics rather than his youth that make it difficult for him to understand.


'Harem Collector, corrupting today's youth one quest at a time!'


Oh, right, I need to remember to keep these generic quest ends in mind in terms of relationship stuff.


She started learning the day after the manor invasion, finished this day... I think that I'll just let you guys know in the text when they learn new spells, I don't think there's much point for me to continue to use one of the images for it everytime this comes up.


Household income: 2,804

Money: 2,804 on hand, 8,493 in the bank

Man I only got through one day in this update? I'm going to try to get another HC update out this week to try to help speed things up some.

Day 9Edit

My this update is coming rather punctually for me! It's almost as if I did the gameplay on Sunday meaning for it to be an extra weekend update but things kept getting in the way until Tuesday, by which point I figured that I'd just make it the Wednesday update and try for an extra weekend update this weekend! But that's crazy talk, I'm just really dedicated to all of you! >.>


Gotta go with the classics. Maybe one time I'll go with Boss to see what it's like, but Meline plays the sister role.... more interestingly.


Wow Bronwyn, take this from someone who has aspergers, your social skills SUCK. At this rate I'M going to have to start teaching her how to interact with people properly....


THEN MAYBE YOU KEEP IT TO YOURSELF, HMMM? I mean it's one thing if you're telling Hero as to hopefully not be forced to be with her a lot, but seriously!


Oh, huh.... I misremembered the cost of these two and discovered a quest stage that I didn't even know existed. Neat. Guess this means talking to this guy starts the quest and buying them ends it, should fix that on the wiki....


A rather short day. Also for anyone interested, deciding whether to do this now or later (after getting the other party members) was actually a tough choice for me. Honestly if you were trying to get Yeon ASAP, what you might do instead after getting Larelle is get Ino and then either Randi or Bronwyn, then you rank up to Journeyman, then you get Yeon, then you can get Gargan afterwards, you could get Randi and Bronwyn before getting Journeyman if you wanted to start Meline's love quest (and thus have chain lightning) before doing Yeon's quest, but if you just care to have that before doing looking for the cure, then you can shorten the gap between Larelle and the other guild quests to just 2 days (as Yeon's quest will make up for it), but I chose to hold off on getting Yeon for a couple of days in order to get the maids and Serade because I felt that the marginal benefit of having Yeon 2 days earlier wasn't worth missing out on that sil or making it more difficult to get the extra day from the maids. That said I'm going to be holding off on the two days from Yamamaya until after I get at least Yeon and Gargan (maybe Kyrie too), which I know that some of you wouldn't do because of the 50k sil. I'm going to have to really sit down and think about a few different options to offer in what will be my new walkthrough in regards to all of this... Anyways, back to the game!


Like I said, I'd get it before doing any fighting. Not to mention I didn't even need to use the magazines that I had gotten!.... Hmm... I should probably start considering getting the alchemy lab upgrades soon, after improved blazing aura there's nothing else on this list that would be useful for my purposes (equipment makes it difficult to get good strategies, and I don't use unity force enough to justify buying it).


You know Bronwyn, you and Yamamaya aren't the only two in the party right now...


A rather healthy outlook on things... Then again considering who she's company to might not be the most.... accurate character assessment...


In Hero's defense Bronwyn, at least he doesn't insult people to their face or try to have a conversation with them about their dead children... Okay, yeah he insults people to their face, but at least he doesn't do the dead children thing!


Really? Because Therese, if you haven't noticed you're sorta stuck in a dungeon.... I might advise you to pray a little HARDER next time if you really think she's answering your prayers.


Sure hope that bug about Apple kid and Orange kid not being able to give you a bomb after you recruit them has been fixed, because otherwise I might get myself into a bit of a pickle here...


Wait.... I thought we could only have one instance of party banter a day? If that is the case, then either the locations evaluate things differently, or changing up your party can trick the game into thinking that you haven't done it yet....


.... Oh yeah she didn't! Well I guess you've got some company there Therese!


Now, here is where I would normally proceed to do the quest, but with that surprise second instance of banter, I've kinda run out of images soooo...



Household income: 2,804

Money: 0 on hand, 9,637 in the bank

Day 10Edit

So about a month after my last update I FINALLY get around to getting you guys another update... I do plan on getting you guys that update from two weeks ago that I was supposed to do, but don't have a time frame on when yet, but it is on my mind. Anyways, when we last left off I was about to murder and rape some werewolves!


.... Well, seems I'm not the ONLY one who wants in on that last one... Anyways, onto some battle notes in general!


So that weather thing where if it's raining the battle screen gets darker still seems to be a thing, blah. I actually rather enjoyed this quest, for those who don't know I brought Elaiya, Therese, and Meline and it seemed to work rather well since Therese could handle any necessary healing if Meline was busy with important debuffs. Also Elaiya definitely feels a lot more powerful with her various crit bonuses, while I want to say it seemed like her crits were doing more damage than they used to, I'm pretty sure that it was just that normally she does 500 damage per hit, with attack up 1 she does 1,000, and with attack up 2 she does 1,500 so if that's right then Yamaya's strong attack would probably follow a similar pattern, still she was getting crits regularly enough from stealth alone that she felt like a damager at least compared to my other party members, though Smite definitely did do a fair showing all things considered, though in shorter battles Yamamaya would probably feel a bit more useful because strong attack is easy to use and you can rely on Yamamaya's own stats while Elaiya takes some management to deal with her momentum, especially if you want to have stealth and ready aim on when you use barrage, but I could easily see Elaiya doing better than Yamamaya against drawn out single target boss fights, though I do have to wonder why all these werewolves are carrying a fair supply of silver on their persons... Heck maybe the reason they don't die at the end is because we steal all their silver off of them...


Now for the boss fight, and I think that I found what I think to be the biggest 'problem', if you want to call it that, with this fight. Unless my memory is mistaken the Howlpack Alpha has not only the same buffs but the same debuffs as the Silverpelt Werewolf, now this won't always be an issue but depending on how much the Alpha loves to buff/debuff it can REALLY drag out the fight. The Silverpelt is fine since even with buffs/debuffs you can quickly kill it, but with the Howlpack Alpha being a boss trying to kill it can become incredibly difficult if it doesn't stop buffing/debuffing. I've gotten to experience the difference between this myself, my previous playthrough the Alpha did a LOT of buffing/debuffing which turned the fight into a bit of a slog, whereas here I only ever saw him use one buff when I had already taken out 2-3 of the other enemies, at which point it's a non-issue. Then again I haven't done enough play-testing to know how often he likes to use those so perhaps I just had a really bad run before, or maybe a really good run this time, maybe you can easily get around this by bringing a higher DPS group like I did allowing you to take out as many enemies as you can before you have any concerns with that stuff, all that I know is that the Alpha's buffing/debuffing habits can make the difference between this fight being a bit of a grind just to finish, or fairly run of the mill for a boss fight (in terms of length)... And for all I know, maybe this fight has been nerfed some between March and December (of 2015 on both accounts). Just thought that I'd share my thoughts/experiences with this boss fight.




Haha, well that's fair enough to help remove this potential plot hole from things. I REALLY like how the game recognizes stuff like that, helps these sorta stories and all be more consistent with what the game lets you do. Now then, with that quest over, let's go and take care of some unfinished business before turning it in!


Since I was mistaken and finishing this quest won't get me the Ino scene, I decided to give her a gift to get ahold of the extra sil to bank now.


Solid logic, someone drops something so it must be useful! Well given that he's in a video game I suppose it's reasonable enough to assume. Now then let's turn in that ques-


What's this? If I'm not mistaken this appears to be a new farm that was added sometime after the March release! It's just a bit north of Southport, not sure if anyone's noticed this. Not really a lot to do here, just a wheat farm, you don't even get the option of trying to invest in this farm. Oh well. Let's finish up the day and see what the new day brings us!


Oh not much, some old wine, couple of porn magazines stashed away, a sweet accessory for Meline, oh and THE BEST MOTHERFUCKING SPELLBOOK CURRENTLY IN THE GAME! Seriously, I know neither of you could use magic back then but you probably could have sold that on the magical market for a fortune! Chain lightning is hella useful!


Eh, makes it easier on you not having to torture her everyday until she gives us her love quest.... Actually thinking about it, that would save me a lot of pocket tomes.... Can we reconsider this offer?


I see Bronwyn isn't the only one who could learn some manners.


Oh Yamamaya, summoning the undead to kill all your friends and family in some fleeting phase of teenage rebellion that has overstayed it's welcome is not what I would call 'play', Therese might call it an 'unholy abomination', Meline might call it 'Necrophilia', I just call it 'being an idiot', but I'm sure Larelle has her own way of referring to it.


That doesn't change the fact that you should be so used to the smell of rotting corpses that some bad breath should probably make you feel at home if anything. Now, with that out of the way, I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seats to figure out what quest I'm going to be doing this time.


Wow! Who would have thought that after doing the Werewolf quest I'd do the Virgin Gynocides! Certainly not anyone who watched my March 2015 playthrough! It's almost like I'm following a strict guide that I planned out that I believe to be the optimal order of doing these quests! Speaking of strict rules that I rare deviate from, this was the 14th image of this update sooooo....


Household income: 2,804 Money: 1,000 on hand, 17,910 in the bank

If you're wondering about that 1,000 sil, I haven't decided if I want to buy the copper necklace knowing that I can't sell it or not. Anyways, see you next time!