If you have a save file from the start of the manor invasion that is just a black screen, please email your savefile to me at and I will fix it and send back a save file that works for 0.35.7 or higher editions of Harem Collector -2095conash

Current Build Release: 0.35.7 (August 2018)

The purpose of this page is simple, if you find a bug, you can check here to see if it's been encountered before. Really this is to try to help NoMosh by keeping the volume of reports down and so those who have RPG Maker Ace can look into bugs and give him better feedback so he spends less time bug fixing and more time adding new content. 

I've wiped a lot of the older ones, please be aware NoMosh looks at the forums more than he does here so try to utilize those first.

Formatting should be as follows for new reports;

 General description - Build

  • What the problem is, where it was found in game, any possible part of the game that you think may have contributed to it, and so forth.

For those with VX Ace, if you are adding a technical fix for NoMosh, please use the following example as a guideline;

Meline not auto-leveling - Nov Public

  • I completed a few quests and reached level 3; then I went to recruit Meline. I went through the bakery scene and the scene with the angel as normal but the next morning she was level 1 though she's supposed to be level 2. 
  • EV003 (Angel) in Manor Chapel 2 is missing the auto-level scripts, Control Variable: [0042:TempVar1] = [Ferdinand's Level];  Control Variable: [0042:TempVar1] -= 2; Change Level [Meline], + Variable [0042:TempVar1]                  DK2

Bewitchy Woman Quest can be bugged - Dec 2014 release

  • Quest completed prior to talking to NPCs that mention the Nymph.
  • NPCs talked to after completion pushing quest from complete to incomplete.
  • No way to actually complete the quest from this point + Getting "missing stage description" in quest summary.

Again, please do not erase bug reports unless you're NoMosh or myself (DK2) so we can streamline the development process, Thanks.

Game Freezing. Every time I defeat the first boss at the B****’s Sixth Tit place, whole game stops responding and this is the newest update this year. I just started playing and here I though decent game. But nope, every success I get on beating the Loan Shark guy boss, it says not responding. Sucks.

Common ComplaintsEdit

Insert Party Member no longer has X skill

  • If X is Magic Missile, Dark Blast, or Cure Light Wounds; it is not a bug. The Magic Handbook, Necronomicon, and Basic Prayerbook each add those Spells and Prayers to the character's skill list. If Felix loses Cure Light Wounds, then it's a bug as it's a class skill.

Insert Slave has no Sex chat option

  • They're in the works, just be patient

Insert building has no door, just blank space

  • The building isn't meant to entered yet due to lack of interior, give it time

I can't get [name] to join my harem

  • 1 Check for collars in your inventory
  • 2 Make sure they can actually join the harem and make sure you're going about it the right way

Characters and Party Members Edit

This bug is a bit weird; May fit in Dialogue as well.

Haremmettes have happiness at happy / very happy yet look sad or have sad / very sad yet look happy in the Menu / Followers tab, dialogue and in battles. Some are the way they should be though. Latest build.


At the end of the Lanelle quest, I selected the option to not collar her, yet she was collared. I restarted thrice and did the whole forest again, and it happened again each time. Latest build.

Maps Edit

Menus Edit


Lore typo - December 2014

  • Additionally "their" is misspelled twice on the second last dialogue box of the same book.

Equipment Edit


Penelope giving out too much cake - October 2014 public

  • Upon getting Penelope to a high enough affection level, she gives you 12 slices of cake. Another cake also appears on the table that gives you a further 6 slices daily including on the day you get Penelope's affection high enough. Which means you earn 18 slices on that day. Surely there's such a thing as too much cake!

Mycon cave enemies

  • Considering Mycon Cave enemies can all afflict the hallucination status, it seems strange that they would be vulnerable to it as well. Unfortunately, this is what is happening at the moment.

general game stutters (as in not responding) and game crashing if it doesn't respond for awhile - 0.35.8 and 0.35.9

whenever the game is loading into a new area or doing something sometimes i get a (not responding) message up on top of the program and if it stays there long enough the game entirely crashes I have no idea if its just my computer or if its actually a problem with others but regardless i just wanted to bring into attention thank you for reading my message and my username on here is DamnedX

When Trying to set the decorate in elvish house the game is force close and show the pic like this

Screenshot (45)
Option rain animation off
  • Even if you go to options and turn off the rain animation in the beginning you can still get rainy days.