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What's with elves and archery? I mean, seriously. Try to stand out a little, would you?

The daughter of an Elven elder. She fights using a bow.


After saving her from some guardsmen near Westcastle, she teaches you Elvish[1]. She later joins after Stuck in the Middle With You.



Skills given by Level (except explicitly stated all the skills require 5 Momentum):

  • Level 1
    • Barbed Arrow: This arrow makes enemies bleed.
  • Level 5
    • Venom Arrow: Shoots an enemy with a poison tipped arrow.
  • Level 7
    • Pinning Arrow: Pins an enemy in place with a single arrow.
  • Level 12
    • Burning Pitch Arrow: This arrow is coated in pitch that sticks to foes.
  • Level 21
    • Steel Punch Arrow: 10 Momentum. This arrow penetrates armor.

By relationship:

  • Neutral:
    • Acid Bulb Arrow: This arrow is contains a bulb filled with acid.
  • Like:
    • Mana Shock Arrow: This arrow is enchanted with lightning.

By Accessory:

  • Spirit Bane Arrow: 5 Momentum. Debuff, reduces ATK. This arrow charged by spirits can exorcise demons.

By Unity force:

  • Supporting fire: 5 momentum: does a lot of damage, has a 66% chance to inflict pinning status, bleed, and poison as well as a 50% chance to remove all cover states (cover, stonewall, shield wall, guardian, and pack tactics). Followed up by a strong attack from Hero.


Weapon: Longbow (Starting)

Off Hand:

  • Non-equippable





Bronwyn seems to move fast (she has a very high innate AGI) and deal decent damage, but I mainly find use for her in stacking up damaging status effects, of which she has a wide variety to choose from. Her value is especially apparent in her recruitment quest, during which a single Venom Arrow takes care of the clown straight through until the boss battle. As such, consider her when planning for long fights against single-target foes (for instance this one). As long as you have a dedicated healer, there's no need to put her in casual gear - she shouldn't be the most threatening member of the party, but the occasional hit only gives her more momentum to work with. Not that she'll need it much; her skills take very little momentum in general. (An unregistered user contribution).

Throughout the game, Bronwyn shines in single target damage which helps you to take care of dangerous enemies in monster packs or deal with high health targets like bosses.

She is also one of the three party members who offers projectile damage, the others being Felix and Elaiya. Felix quickly falls behind on attack damage as he gains more magic and access to more spells, so if you want to add a range damage dealer into your party, the choice will be between Elaiya and Bronwyn. Both come with high agility which allows them to get the first hit, both work particullary well to snipe away priority targets before they become much of an issue.

Bronwyn's attack damage is only moderate compared to Elaiya or pure physical damage dealers, so her overpowering strength comes from her techniques. With the current patch, the momentum cost of all techniques has been raised considerably, so momentum management is now acutally a thing. With her low base attack damage, Bronwyn gets more useful in longer fights when she can build up momentum consistently and keep a high uptime on her debuffs. In short fights, you'll find yourself relying on Pinning Arrow most of the time. That being said, all of Bronwyn's other techniques still cost very little momentum and should be available to you through natural momentum generation through equipment or from the increasing amounts of group-based damage your party will take the further you progress in the game

Her Pinning Arrow skill now comes at a cost of 5 momentum and not only offers higher damage than her regular attack, but also applies the Pinned-debuff to a single target. This cripples the enemies agility by a great deal, making sure your party members can get their hits in first and cutting enemy evasion rate at the same time. Furthermore, if applied to an enemy with agility-based damage such as archers or all variaties of Kellos snipers, the Pinned-debuff also cuts the damage they can deal to your party to an almost neglectable number. Since Pinning Arrow is a technique, it will always hit even through effects like Daze or Blindness.

As mentioned above, Bronwyn has a multitude of abilities that apply numerous debuffs, so against single high-health enemies debuff-stacking is a very powerful tool. But all abilities can come in handy on their own in the right situation.

Barbed Arrow applies the Bleed-debuff. While the initial damage is not very high, bleeding causes the enemy to take damage at the end of each turn based on its maximal health, meaning you can deal large chunks of damage to bosses purely through this. That being said, many enemies are immune to bleeding.

Venom Arrow applies the Poisoned-debuff to enemies. This, like bleeding, deals damage at the end of each turn based on the target's health, but is reduced by the target's magic defense stat. The initial hit will also count as venom damage, meaning that the weakpoint-mechanic will trigger on vulnerable targets However, this does not increase the poison damage at the end of each turn. Like with Barbed Arrow, there are many enemies, including bosses, that are immune to being poisoned.

Burning Pitch Arrow deals fire damage with its initual hit, taking advantage of the weakpoint-mechanic once again. It applies the Burning Pitch-debuff to enemies which deals damage at the end of each turn. This damage seems to be based around Bronwyn's attack stat and is reduced by enemy magic defense stat, so the debuff-damage is lower than with Barbed Arrow or Venom Arrow. However, as with Meline's fire magic, Burning Pitch Arrow also has a chance to apply the Panic-debuff against beasts which will make them lose up to two turns. Also, the Burned-debuff can be applied which cuts enemy healing as well as natural health regeneration from undead enemies or werewolves by half, making this ability on par with Barbed Arrow and Venom Arrow.

The last ability Bronwyn learns naturally is Steel Punch Arrow. This skill deals pure projectile damage like Pinning Arrow, but ignores a portion of the enemy defense stat for a higher damage output. That being said, it does not apply any debuffs to the target and costs 10 momentum. This makes it the least efficient ability in Bronwyn's arsenal since the damage increase against Pinning Arrow is not that high, but you need to dedicate two regular attacks to build up enough momentum for it. You'll usually never use this technique unless you have all debuffs already applied to your targets, have enough momentum to refresh all those debuffs and still have momentum to waste.

Bronwyn also learns two abilities by leveling her relationship:

Mana Shock Arrow deals moderate damage and destroys a small percentage of its target's mana pool, so it can be very useful against enemy casters of all kinds. That being said, most casters tend to be very fragile, so you should keep in mind that using higher damaging skills and debuffs might take care of them more efficiently than only dealing moderate damage and only slightly decreasing their mana.

Acid Bulb Arrow applies the Sticky Acid-debuff to enemies which causes them to take damage at the end of each turn. This damage, like with Poision Arrow, is reduced by enemy magic defense stat. The initial hit is dealt as acid damage, which boost the value of this ability considerably. Next to Kyrie's acid spells, Acid Bulb Arrow is the only other source of acid damage that's avaiable to your party. That being said, there is a large number of enemies that are vulnerable to acid, especially in the current late game, making this ability to one of your most powerful damage sources.

Whenever you are using the main hero in warlord class, Bronwyn gains access to Supporting Fire if buffed with Unity Force. This ability deals high damage, has a ridiculously high chance to apply all mentioned debuffs at once (unless your target is immune to some) and sets up for a potentionally high critical hit from the main hero, making this one of the most powerful Unity Force moves overall, especially in long boss fights.

Bronwyn is a pure range damage dealer, which also comes with disadvantages. When she is hit with any debuffs that decrease her agility stat like Pinned or Staggerd, her direct damage output is severly crippled. Any debuffs she applies still deal the regular amount of damage, though. Because of the low cost of all her techniques, the risk of her getting starved on momentum is lower but still existent. That being said, this only effects her damage through debuffs, since you'll always have Pinning Arrow available at any point.

As a party member, Bronwyn is a pure damage dealer which you can very well build your team around with a dedicated healer and a tank. She also works very well in conjunction with several other party members, such as:

  • Elaiya and Yamamaya: Use Pinning Arrow to lower enemy agility and evasion to allow Elaiya and/or Yamamaya to hit more consistantly with their high-damage abilities; also helps them to build up momentum more consistantly.
  • Any caster setup around Kyrie, Larelle or Meline: Use Bronwyn to snipe down high priority enemies single target while your casters use group damage to decimate your foes
  • Gargan, Therese or Raina: Keep dangerous enemies in stun, knockdown or stagger while Bronwyn applies her debuffs and finishes her targets one by one.



  • +4: Sweet Perfume
  • +2: Lovely Flowers, Pearl Necklace, Berry Gera, Clockworke Amusemente, Porcelain Doll, Box of Chocolates, Rock Candy, Monster Fang, Pocket Tome
  • -2: Slice of Cake, Shiny Bits


  • Initial relationship.


  • Learns Acid Bulb Arrow.


  • Learns Mana Shock Arrow.


  • Now gains 2 Momentum each turn.

Love Quest (Not Implemented Yet)

  • Bonus

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  • Chat
  • Gift

Sex scenes:

Hidden stats Edit

The following are a list of stats/traits that are not made readily apparent about Hero on the status menu. Be warned that some of these might reveal spoilers about the character!

  • Has a natural 98% hit chance
  • Has a natural 10% evasion chance
  • Has a natural +6% critical chance
  • Has a natural 98% threat generation rate
  • She is immune to the 'Mana Shock' status
  • She is immune to 'Sleep' status
  • She is immune to 'Possession' status


  • Due to possibly copyright issues, Bronwyn's original face was removed as of the October 2015 public update. It can be seen below


  • The new version (seen at the top of the page) was added as of the December 2015 release/update. 

References Edit

  1. Which gives you access to the Elf Village and opens the Save the Elves arc.
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