Awiiabus are collectable items that can be found throughout the world, or purchased at the Awiiabu Shop in Westcastle. The Awiiabus that can be purchased in the shop is dependent on your progress in the game. These can be given to Serade's son, once she is recruited and the chat option is used, for various rewards. He can be found on the 2nd floor of your townhouse in Eastfort.


Awiiabu Series Location Quest
Iku 1 (PAL) 1/6
Kimiko 1 (PAL) 2/6 Gates of Eastfort, on guard's body Circle of Strife
Fumi & Hana 1 (PAL) 3/6 Bandit Fort

Finishing Unfinished Business

Masami 1 (PAL) 4/6 Westcastle Shop (Purchasable)
Rio 1 (PAL) 5/6 Coastburg, Southern House Can't Handle it Cove
Ai 1 (PAL) 6/6 Dig Spot at the War Memorial
Athena 2.0 2 (RS) 1/12

Westcastle Theater, Balcony Level

Westcastle Shop (Purchasable)

The Virgin Gynocides
Sill 2 (RS) 2/12 Sea Cucumber, Crew Quarters It Came From Below the Equator
Maria 2 (RS) 3/12 Westcastle Shop (Purchasable)
Shizuka 2 (RS) 4/12 Elvo's House, 1st Floor

A Forge Too Far

Senhime 2 (RS) 5/12
Kenshin 2 (RS) 6/12 Westcastle Arena, Lockerroom Tournament Fighter
Leila 2 (RS) 7/12 Ruined Tower, 1st Floor Send Newts
Kanami 2 (RS) 8/12
Rizna 2 (RS) 9/12 Northmarket Slums, Crowded Hovel
Magic 2 (RS) 10/12
Urza 2 (RS) 11/12 Southport Townhouse, 1st Floor
Suzume 2 (RS) 12/12 Kellos Camp, Top Right of Area with  tents Ain't No Party Like a Search Party
Alice 3 (MGQ) 1/6 Purchasable at GearCon A New Girl Just Like Clockwork
Ilias 3 (MGQ) 2/6 Sunnyshore Island, Volcanic Crater Vacation
Granberia 3 (MGQ) 3/6

buried as you walk through the wood 

around the camp

With Allies like these,

who needs Evaine

Tamamo 3 (MGQ) 4/6

Westcastle Shop (Purchasable)

Must be 3rd guild rank

Alma Elma 3 (MGQ) 5/6 Southport University, Men's Dorm
Erubetie 3 (MGQ) 6/6 Defeat Godfrey One is the Loneliest Party
Shia 4 (BB) 1/6 Doralice's Party, North Room Honey Trapper
Merill 4 (BB) 2/6 Bizarre Bazaar (10th Item Offered)
Forzelotte 4 (BB) 3/6 Purchasable at GearCon A New Girl Just Like Clockwork
Filliane 4 (BB) 4/6 Dig Spot at Faith's Bastion
Rakia 4 (BB) 5/6 Eastfort Officer's Barracks Pusher's Lament
Ekate 4 (BB) 6/6 Westcastle Shop (Purchasable)
Tower Mistress 5 (OW) 1/6 Southport Magical Waste Dump Get Dumped
Rubati 5 (OW) 2/6 Doralice's Manor Shipping Disaster
Nanshe 5 (OW) 3/6 Giant's Path, Ogre's Lair
Branda 5 (OW) 4/6 Westcastle Shop (Purchasable)
Audr 5 (OW) 5/6 Purchasable at GearCon A New Girl Just Like Clockwork
Ilmatar 5 (OW) 6/6 Elf Village, Elder's House
Yarra 6 (TLS) 1/6 Yeon's Hideout, 2nd Floor Hall Monitor From Hell
Robin 6 (TLS) 2/6
Aka 6 (TLS) 3/6
Qum 6 (TLS) 4/6 Westcastle Shop (Purchasable)
Megail 6 (TLS) 5/6 Eastfort Fortress Cannibal Corps, Part II
Janine 6 (TLS) 6/6 Ice Castle, Mickele's Cage Room Bewitchy Woman
Donna 7 (HbK) 1/6
Samantha 7 (HbK) 2/6 Westcastle Shop (Purchasable)
Sarah 7 (HbK) 3/6 Huntervale Forest, Ironfang's Cache All's Were that Ends Were
Terra 7 (HbK) 4/6 Dig Spot in the Coastburg Cemetary
Angelica 7 (HbK) 5/6 Florine's Item Shop Counter

(when Lilac is there cleaning)

Noemi 7 (HbK) 6/6 Within the Maze Sacrifices for Algernon
Genevieve 8 (ILTSDK) 1/X
Mephy 8 (ILTSDK) 2/X Tartufo Manor - Hidden Room A Debt to Pay

Rewards Edit

Number Needed Reward
8 Hero gains +5 Magic
15 Serade will leave a random item package on the desk in your Eastfort Bedroom each day
22 Friendship Bracelet accessory
29 Champion Armor Shard

Trivia Edit

Each series of Awiiabus features characters from other hentai games that can be found online:

  • Series 1 (PAL) features characters from Pervert Action: Legacy, by BBBen
  • Series 2 (RS) features characters from the Rance Series, by AliceSoft
  • Series 3 (MGQ) features characters from Monster Girl Quest, by Torotoro Resistance
  • Series 4 (BB) features characters from Bunny Black, by SofthouseChara
  • Series 5 (OW) features characters from Overwhored, by Cypress Zeta (Outbreak Games)
  • Series 6 (TLS) features characters from The Last Sovereign, by Sierra Lee
  • Series 7 (HbK) features characters from Harem, by Ker
  • Series 8 (ILTSDK) features characters from I Live To Serve Dungeon King!!