Amazing Old Man[1] can be purchased for 20 satisfaction once you have the Manor. He takes over the laboratory and in exchange will provide you with 1 gift a day. If you forget to visit, he will hold onto your gift until you do, but they don't accrue. That is, if you visited him on day 1 and day 5, then on day 5 you will receive the gift from day two. After receiving the Alien Life Form, the Amazing Old Man departs.


Day Item Name Use
1 Contained Singularity Combat Item
2 5x Radioactive Dust Combat Item
3 Uranium Bombs Combat Item
4 Perpetual Motion Device Vendor Trash (4499 Sil)

Useful during the Research Materials quest to get by the guards without fighting them

5 12x Nail Bomb Combat Item
6 12x Concussive Bomb Combat Item
7 12x Sticky Bomb Combat Item
8 6x Hallucinogen Bomb Combat Item
9 8x Deadly Neurotoxin Combat Item
10 6x Bottle O' Nanites Combat Item
11 Markerlight Combat Item
12 Alien Life Form Combat Item

Other itemsEdit

Given On Item Name Use
Manor Invasion 5x Nail Bomb Combat Item

References Edit

  1. This character is a reference/homage to Sengoku Rance.
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