Story InformationEdit

The Estate Broker's daughter. Please don't get into any actual fights with her.

Alina is the eldest (known) child and daughter of Balof Agart, the man you plan on buying the manor from. Her little brother's name is Pietr. She's not your biggest fan, finding you morally reprehensible but she warms up to you in time. She's also more of a forward thinker than you, probably more intelligent in general, keeping track of your finances and making sure you have an idea what to do. As it turns out, Alina was born out of Balof's second marriage, Therese out of his first.


After freeing her from the loan shark you collar her, to her disapproval, and she moves into the manor. Though not technically a party member, she will join your party in between the cut scene when you free her and until you step into your mansion, you can unequip her two items before getting there.


Not in Party.


Headgear: Headband

Body: Casual Dress


Not in Party.




  • Initial relationship: 21


  • Gift packages with various items are available on the table in the bedroom of the Manor.


  • Northmarket Bank Bonds investment (25 Sil a day)


  • The quality of her Gift Packages improves.

Love Quest A Debt to Pay

  • Alina will run your new criminal enterprise! (3.000 Sil a day!)

Exact Mechanics of Alina's Care PackagesEdit

The package contents are rolled when you pick up the package (you can save scum it at the table itself). The contents are based on a roll of between 1 to 6.

Care packages

Roll Basic Advanced
1 Lo-Potion
2 Lo-Potion
Potion of Barkskin
Potion of Barkskin,
Potion of Resist Cold
Potion of Resist Fire
3 Lo-Potion
3 * Meat Bun
2 * Sticky Bun
2 * Tasty Sausages
3 * Meat Bun
Slice of Cake
2 Plain ol' Brew
4 Red Ether Mid-Potion
Red Ether
5 Reinvigoration Potion Lo-Potion
Reinvigoration Potion
6 6 * Tin Dog Brew THE KRAKEN

Conversation & SexEdit


  • Chat
  • Gift
  • Sex
    • Be Nice (h-scene)
    • Be Rough (h-scene)
    • Enforce Discipline (h-scene)
    • Put on a Show (h-scene)
  • Household Income

Sex scenes:

  • Claiming Your Property - When first collared at the end of Lord of the Manor.
  • Salty Dessert - a random scene you can get when completing some quests.
  • Bullying Alina - Win Yamamaya's love quest for a threesome with her and Alina.
  • Discovering Doggystyle - Vacation scene
  • A Happier Memory - Love Quest
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