The Alchemy system allows the player to create potions from various raw materials called Reagents. To unlock this system you need the following elements in your game:

  • You have to already have taken possession of the Westcastle Manor.
  • You should have invested in both the Apple Kid's research AND in Orange Kid's research (you need 150,200 Sil to do so). Also, you have to talk with any of them once more to trigger the quest The Hero Baker and the Philosopher's Stone.
  • By any means available[1], you should have a Philosopher Stone in your inventory and visit the Alchemy center to recruit both alchemists.

Now you can talk to the Orange Kid to start the process:



These are various raw materials that you collect/buy during the game. As of December 2015 update, there are six, divided in two different groups:


  • Kingsfoil: it produces a status restoring item.
  • Forkroot: it produces a mana restoring item.
  • Asphodel: it produces a life restoring item.


  • Quartz Crystal: it produces a health restore item.
  • Slime Fluid: it produces a elemental resistance item.
  • Eldritch Vapours: it produces a combat item.

The processEdit

You choose one ingredient[4] and you have to wait a variable amount of time to get a Potion. The amount of time[5] and the number of batches depends of your relation with the Apple Kid and the quality of the final product depends on your relation with the Orange Kid.

Reagent Potion Tier
Kingsfoil You get one of the following status restoring potions: Cleanser, Dispeller or Exorciser 1
You get two of the following status restoring potions: Cleanser, Dispeller or Exorciser 2
You get them all. 3
Forkroot Red Ether 1
Blue Ether 2
Purple Ether 3
Asphodel Reinvigoration Potion 1
Resurrection Potion 2
Resurrection Potion and Lo-Potion 3
Quartz crystal Lo-Potion 1
Mid-Potion 2
Hi-Potion 3
Slime fluid Potion of Resist Physic 1
Potion of Resist Bio 2
Potion of Resist All 3
Eldritch Vapors Alchemy Bomb 1
Mind Bomb 2
Spirit Bomb 3

References Edit

  1. The most straight one is during the Kyrie's recruitment quest. If you don't get it, you can buy from a thug In Westcastle for 125,000 Sil.
  2. They can be bought from the Little Flower Girl.
  3. They are dropped by various monsters in the dungeon areas.
  4. As opposed as the initial information regarding Apple Kid's RP bonus, only one ingredient is necessary to get results.
  5. The default value are three days, if you count the actual one. The period is reduced to two days when your relationship with the Apple Kid reaches the Trust level.