An important mechanic of the game is the time system. Certain events will cause a day to pass, which resets the daily counter on:

  • Gifts
  • Torture
  • Daily Quests
  • Investment Returns
  • Care Packages from certain slaves with a high enough affection.
  • Book skill progress. Having the right books on characters will let them learn new skills if they have the book on for enough days.

This is a list of what will pass time so to allow a player to plan out the order of how they want to do things. When a new day starts, there is a possibility of rain.


Most of these will pass time at completion or after the last h-scene. All quests not listed do not pass time.

Total: 34 days + Manor Assault day.

H-Scenes that are not from questsEdit

  • Recruit Penelope into the harem.
  • Recruit Meline and a day will pass.
  • Buy the item shop in Eastfort, go talk to Florine, then go into shop for an h-scene (+5 Satisfaction) and a new slave, and time will go by.
  • Buy the Eastfort Condo and go to its third floor. You get an H-Scene, Randi into the harem, and a night pass by.
  • H-Scene from getting both Lilac and Violet to trust.
  • H-scene by getting Chimei to trust.
  • Upgrade from Squire to Journeyman.
  • Recruit Renfeld. After beating Count Corgan in Looking for a Cure, let her out of the room you locked her in.
  • During the Banneret Ceremony talk to Shally when you wish to finish up the party with an H-scene

Total: 9 days.


  • Invest in the Bitch's Sixth Tit, and then go out and go back in. Talk to the bunny "girl" while you don't have the Ticking Box in inventory and you will gain +3 Satisfaction and time will advance.
  • Recruiting Yamamaya.

Total: 2 days.

So as of Version 0.29 there are an total of 47 days[6], not including any additional days from vacations.


  • Timeturner, a debug items used for testing advances a day when used.

Total: as many as you want/need. Be aware that the use of this device will probably generate bugs.

Aparently it's okay now?.

Quest Dependency Edit

Quest Dependencies FlowChart

For a more visual representation of what various quests or other interactions require what before they can be done, the following chart has been put together based on the version 0.35.9 release (note that love quests as well as quests that don't end the day are not included on it)

References Edit

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  4. But during this quest gifting and such is blocked, so all you can do is get money and praise two characters.
  5. Both solutions advance a day, and both can be done in a single run. So two days.
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